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KAÏUllDAY, JNOV. VI, ltíT'. Board mot putsuant to adjournmenfe Called to order by Clmirinan. Koll callcd, quorum present. Journal of yesterdny read ond ap- proved. Mr. Yockloy prosontcd thu following potiticm: To the Board of Supervisors of WcuhtnuHÓ County, Miehig We, tho freoholdera of Tpsilanti, potition you to vacato a territorial road descrilx'd by beginniiifj on tho west sido of tho Monroe road, at tho soulh line or Prench clftim 681 and running thencö BOuthwest to t)iu west Hnp of sectiori tvrenty and t-.vcnty-ono to the xöad ning cast mil west on tho north lino of the land of W. F. Olark. November 2, 1872. ISYAUD M..MARTIN", O. P. P0TTE1!., KU I). MARTIN, nnd 11 others, petitioneis. On motion óf Mr. LeBaron, th9 peti-í lion was accepted. IUr. Yeokdey oiïered the followirig rcs-1 olution : V,'n re,n, The Board of Supervisáis of tho County of Washtenaw, Michigan, has been petitipned by Bisteen resident fr 6 holdors of said county to discontinue a portion of a ccrtain Stato road describod in said petition ; and Whcraw, An error exista in the desoription of tho former potitlön, oti whieh thiij 1 had action ; now, thorefore, 'md, Tiint tho prayor of said p'etitioners bo granted, said road being described in said petition as n territorial roaJ, described as bcginning on thö west side oí tho Monroo road at the South lino of French claim G81, and running thenco BOuthwest to tho west line of scction, twenty, and thence south between sectiona twenty and twonty-ona to the road running cast and west on tho north lino of tho land of W. F. Olarko, that the said road as descxibed bo and is hereby disoontinued. That tho Clork of this Bonn! bo and is hereby inatructed to transmit to the Clerk of tho Township whoro said road ia nituatod a certitied copy of tliiï rOBolution for record in thu road book ot' aaid toivuship. The rreolution was adopted. Mr. ïliatcher, from Committeo ofl Criminal Claims, reportcd tho followin;; claims and reeoinmeiided thoir allowaw 1 at Bulas statod : Claimcci. A11J Í7J .1. liarvy IloOgkin, Jmor, 60 1 1 271 8. G. Rowley, ' 60 ut 275 Joseph Maltin, " 60 ;id 270 I). B. Dodgê, " to X) 27; licmy D. Marüa, " 60 : 273 KoloitionOütraiiclcr, ' 5J r,n 279 Olules Walker, Wit ín 2íju Charlea Wo ker, " 72 73 2iil Charlea i'. Daman " 5" 68 882 1). KellogK, Cm:table, 305 ;03 :-. 70' 283 Jortin B erin, Under üherift W2i nu 1'; Boyion, (instable, 43 s i 33 Boylan " 45 b, 41 s 286 W. Hoyt, juüicc, - Í8 On motion of Mr. Wynfcup, the report was accepted and adopted and the eluinia allowed at sums stattu. Mr. LeBaron, f'rora Committee on Small Pox Matters, reported a bilí of i'. 1'. lirtgardus, recommending its uilowanco. On motion of Mr. Yeckloy, tho repoi 1 was accepted. Af tor somo debate on th adoption of tho report, on motion of Ui Thatoher the claim was referred back itho eominittee. Mr, Wiléey, from the Committee r Civil Claims, reportod the following aii recouimcndcd their allowauce at suii statüd : ClnlmeA. AH' 1 '. Wol on Í 'o., statio! v, . 1 ;„ : :r, ; _ .1 .c Baxter, livcry Ly urdcr of ritr. 0 00 C 290 Oeo. B. Wheeler, postage aud statior.. , y, 81 15 32 i On motion of Mr. Forbes, tha repon was acoepted and ailoptcd and the cluims allowed as rocommended. Mr. Wilsey also rejorted bill of Alonzo Kaglo without recommendation. Un motion of Mr. Forbes the claim was allovud at $43.00. tl Aio j.mlof pvisonersnt YrsiMr. 'l'hatchor moved to take tho motion for the appointment of a County Drain Oomtoissioner from tho table. Agreed to. Mr. Yeckley moved that Charles Humor Cady bo appointed Couuty Drain Commifsioncr, which was agreed to by the .foilowing vote, the yoas and navs lniving been ealled for by Mr. Üleott: Yea - Messrs. Berdan, Cook, Forbfs, üregory, Krapf, Oieott, Pierco, üiiuvict, ltowc, Scott, iáhurtleff, Wilsey, Yuckhy and the Cbairman. JS'ays- Messrs. Annabil, Borcfa, Geef, Ilaiio, Jones, Lcüaion, Sage, Thaichcr. Tuoir.y and Wynkup.' Yoas, 1 1 ; Xays, 10. Mr. Thatchor moved that tho Gornity Drain Commissiofter receive two doihuá day for liis services. Mr. Shurtleff moved to lay on the t:;ble, which was not agreed to by tho tollowing voto.g the yeas and nay.s haviug been ealled for by Mr. Yeckley : Ymt - Messrs. Berdan, Cook, Grogoiy, Jones, Krapf, Olcott, Pierco.'Scott, ftftnrt- lofï, Wilsey, Yeckley and the ChainiK.n. Nys - Messrs. Annabil, Burch, Fori es, Geer, Haiio, LeBaron, Eenwick, Itovo, Sage, Tha;cher, Tuomy and Wynkup. Yeas, 12; Nays, 12. Mr. Yeckloy moved to amend by snying 3.00 per day. Tin: ametiduient was lost by the following voto : }',,(- Mossrs. Bordan, Cook, Gregory, Olcott, Piense, Kowe, Scott, Bhn-rtkbj Wilsey, Yeckley nul tho Chairtnan. Jfays - Messrs. Annabil, Burch, ForbtfSt Geer, Haire, Jones, LeBaron, Rt-uwiek, b, Thatoher, Tuomy mul Wynkup. Yeas, 12; Nays, 12. Mr. Wynkup moved to amond by m" 2.50 por day. Tho motion wss lost by'the following voto, tho Yoas umi Ns having been ealled for by Mr. : Yea - Messrs. Annabil, Burch, ForbeSy Ilairo, Jones, LeBaron, Een wiek, 8age, Thatcher, Tuomy md Wynkup. jfayi - Messrs. Berdan, Cook, I Knipt', Ulcott, Piorce, Eowe, Seott, fcShtrj ;- . leff, Wilsoy, Yeckley and the Chuirman. , 11; Nays, 12. On motion of Mr. Yeckley, tho Bo:ir. adjourued uutii Monday morning at U o'clock. Monday.Nov.II, 17-2 Board met pursuant to adjjraruuii n-. Called to order by the Chairman. i-v.l ealled, quorum present. Journal of yestorday roact and ;.: n - cd. On motion of Mr. LcBaron, the Board adjourncd until half-post ono P. M. APTBKKOON SliiSIOIÏ. Board mot pursuant to adjmf&t I to order by the Chairrnan. iiull callod, quorum present. Mr. Wilaey, trom Committeo on Civil Claims, reportedthefollowingand ï ■ uimended their allowanse at sams attrted : Olnimed. All'' . 385 Wiek & Molntyrc, snppliesforjailj W I 293 Joi-tin Fort . On lei sheriff, lfi-1 01 141 ■: wm, Deputy Sheriff, 13ó :.". 11 ia On rootion of Mr. LeBnron, the feórï :epted and adoptad and tlie ; allowed ai Bums sta Mr. Wilsey also roportcd, witl ominpiidiition, a bilí of Jortin Forijo, Bheriff, for board of prisoncrs and turnlicy's t'oos. On motion of Mr. Qeer, tho Uftwr Sheriff was allowod to withdraw hïs claim. Mr. Thatoher, from Committ.o on Criminal Claims, repoited tbo following commended tteir aüowaace : ird. Al'M. M KiTHii-1, Justice, $;;i;ii 2 . ■ ■ . . bal, i" ■ ■ On motion of Mr. Hairo, tho rep'Ol ftroa aocepted, the claims allowed (ttreoommen.: the ootainittee dl Oleott, from Coiamittee on Equaln, made --i report, which after ieadBr on motion of Mr. Shurtlc-n, cceptett, laid on tho talk and paflti the l ordor for "Wednesday next al two . :!. Mr. Tuoiny moved that thcDitcii I tnissioncr lio ordere 1 to re as; e s that part ot' tlio Holmes ditoh rhioh istmooagod upon the tuwni of öoio oï $lis.i. upou the town of Websrfor. Mr. Konwick movud to lay on tho tablo. Agreed to. Un motion of Mr. ïlaiiv, the motion wMs tiikod from tliu tablu and referred to a special coimnitteo ot' three. The Chairman appointed ;is such Coiumittoc Messrs. Piexoe, Shunloff and Renwiok, Mr. Wilsey moved that the bond of the County Drain Commissiunur bü fixed at the sum of $10,000. Agreed to. Mr, Wyukup offwed tho following : Hesoleed, That when this Board shal] fix and determine tliu per diera compen■ation of tle Coiuity Drain Conunissionfcr for tho present year, they b1ki.11 also fix niid determine the same 'per diem compeusatiou for the County Dndn Commissioner for the next two ycars. Mr. Thatchcr moved that tho County Drain Conimi?sionor be allowed &2.00 per day f or each d-tty actually spont in performing the duties of his office. Mr. Wynkup offered tho folüowing as a (substituto : Itatvlcm; That the compensation of the County Drain Comraissioner for the present yoar and tho compensation of tho County Drain Coininissionor for the next two years ba and is hcreby fixnd at the buui of three dollars for cach day for all tho time actually spent by him in tho performance of his dutios as such officer. The substituto was adopted by the following vote, the yoas and nsys having been callod for by Mr. Olcott : Yeas - Messrs. Berdan, Burch, Cook, Gregory, Jones, Krapf, Olcott, Pieroe, liowe, Scott, Shurtloff, Tuouiy, Walsh, Wilsoy, Wynkup and the Chairman. Ifayi - Messrs. Annabil, Forbos,. Geer, Hairo, LeBaron, Renwick, Sago and Thatcher_ TTeas, 1(; nays, 8. Ou motion of Mr. Jono-5, tho Board adjburuod until to-morrow niorniug at halfpast nino o'clock. Tuesday, Nov. 12, 1872. Board met pursuant to adjournmout. Called to order by the Chairman. Roll ealled, quorum present. Jouraal of yosterday read and approved. Mr. Cook, from Committee on Criminal Claims, reported the following and recomiuendetl its allowance : S'JT A. M. Nobli;, liwtj ly order of Prosecuting Attomoy Citatard. AUow. Adopted. Mr. Cook moved tliat Mr. Forbes, uuder Sheriff, be invited toroake statements and e.xplanations in relation to his bill against tho County for board of prisoners and turnkey's tws. The motion was agreed to. After Mr. Forbes' explanation,. ou ïuotion of Mr. Haite, the of Mr. Forbes was relferred'back to the Committee ou Civil Claims. Mr. LeBaron.frcm Committeo on Stnallpox matters, reportod tho claim of F. P. Bogardus.tmd reoommendod itsallowance, oxcept the itom charged for Pest House. Oh motion of Mr. Haire, the rerort was accopted and adopted, and the claim allowod as rocominunded : . 21 F r ÜBKarctuB, cash paiiï,in Smiill-pox cases, ClaiiiR'd. Ml'd $537 42 63i 12 On moti'öi"of Mr. Forbes, that part of tlie report of the Committee relating to tho Pest House and not recommended to bo allowed by the committee, was laid on the table. Mr. I-eBnrortv frnra samo Committoo, reported the following and rscommended itg allowance. 299 Dr. V. Woodruff," inalicnl BCrvicc in pmnll-pox cuses Clnimcd. All'd On motion the report was accepted and adoptod and the claim allowcd as recommended. Ou motion of Mr, Forbes, the Board adjourned until to-inorrow nioming at 9 o'clock. Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1872. Board1 met pursuant to adjuurnment. Gulled to order by tho Chairman. Roll oallt d, jwresent. Mr. Pieroe,. whom was referred the ditch matttrs in controversy between tho townships of Webster and Scio recommended the ditch tax to remain assessed to the township of. Scio, as reported by tile Drain Gommissioner. On. motion, tho repout was accepted and adoptod. Mr. LeBaron, from the Committeo on Small-pox matters, reported tho following claims, recommending their allowance at sunis stated : Clnimed. All'd. 80(1 AliBülom Tidd , service in f?mnllso on SOI Dr? Wm".-Lcwctt " " " 35 00 M 00 u2 Abwiluiu i'u d, " " " -"l0 -"u" 3L3 T. O'liliiin 4: li. U. Conlin, .'T 5 SaiJ "On motion of" Mr. Forbes, the report was accepted and adopted, and the claims allowcd at suins stated. On motion of Mr. Forbea, claim of F. P. Bogardus for Pest Hot se was taken firom the table, On motion, the claim was allowed as claimed. Claimed. All'd 304 F. T. Boeardus, exriinded for Pctt House. $105 00 $105 00 Mr. Wynkup moved that Georgo AtkinBon and John II. Davis be allowed $2,00 oach per. day, for their services as janitors Agreed to. On motion of Mr Annabil, tho rejected tax list for Stuwen was roferred back to the comraiUea on rejected taxos. Mr. Thatcher offered tho following resolution : liesoked, That the County Superintendentspf ihsPoor Ie directed totako charge oL the Pest House iu Ypsilanti and dispose of it to the best advantage, aud pay the moneys arising therefrom into the poor fund. The resolution wat adopted Cta motion of Mr. Tatcher the Board adjourned natil l}- o'clock P. M. AFÏEIWd&N SESSIOX.. Ucard met pursuant to adjournraent. Called to order by the Chuirwan. Roll ealled, presont a quorum. Mr. LeJÏaron moved that tho Supervisor from Bridgewater bo instruated to levy the ditch tax on tho proper description. Agreed to. .... Mr. Krapf moved the tollowing : Whcreas, The laws of 1KG9, Vol. 1, page 3-tO, Sec. 36, fixes the compensation of very Supervisor (excqpt tbo city of Defcoit) at two dollars per day tor the time nec,essaiüy employed lor taking tlu assessïnc.ut, therefore, Retolvtd, That the Committeo on Compeusation bo and is horeby discharged, and oach. Supervisor receivo his componsatiou, from his towa or district, as the law proviíWsi Ou motion of Mr, LeBaron, tho rcsolution was laid on tho tabln. Mr. Bowe, from Committeo on Itojectod Taxes, made the following refrt : Your Coinmittee on Kujected Tnxes, to hot was referred back the rejt;cted tax of the township of Sharon, respcctfully roport that tfeey have exaniined the returns uf Auditor General, and nnd thn amount of rojeeted tax assessed upon the ■wronp: description of land, towit : tho 6. part of the N. E. ouartor of N. W. quarter of Section 2-1 of said tovn. Said tax shoulil have asaessstd upoo tho follöwing describe! land to-wit: ?T. E. half of E. half of 8. W. quartcr of Beotion 13 of Baid towushig. Your Coinmittee would reccommond tho Supervisor to re-Maeaa tho amount upon the property last deseribed. QEO. HO WE, f J. AUSTIN SCOTT, } Committee, RICHAKD WALSH, ) The hour for tho special ordei having a:tived, on motion of Mr. BhnrtlefiBithe nport of tho. Coramittee on Equalization was tíiiiíen from tho tabló. Tho report is as follows : To the ifonorabU lloanl of Supervisor of WasJileiuiie Countif.. Gextlemex - Tour Gommittes on Bqualization, to whom was referred the assosgment i olls of the various towiiBhips and'otties in this oounty, raspeotfully ret)oPÓ Üiat thcy havo had the subject of Kciualisaüou fox tho year oí 1S72 under consideraron, and report the same to this Boud. Tliis sohodale shows tho amount of real and personal cstato as assessed in each tow nshipand Supervisor district, with thn equaliaed valuation thereof, asfollows, to-wit : ' 1 i 1 á_ _ h jjf Augusta. U196.OS0 r 33 840 =■.-';. i;:n iiR son A.A.lowu ! 491,490 M,W 491,870 430Y00 " City, lat Id 688,480 134,649 H20, i2s; no'ooo " ' Sil ít 4th StlR.575 87,054 4H5,l29 439'nOO " " 5lhí Otli 2I7,5BO 33,150 282,710 JJs'oOfl Briclxevuti r 3.17.7-15 44,180 381,92! '■;;'mut D.xtcv S68.SO0 88.1ÍS 801,488 2("(i Freedom 2'J4,280: 48,16(1 342,480 siíioOO Uña ' 323,320 58,0.i.V 3X1, .1! 8880 I) Lodi :373,020 H.8S0 4i'J,7-W 4;i'(.(i Lyndnn 184.81 0, S2.S30 217,730. 'no Uancwnter 448,08.'. 18Í.945 581,640 MS,ooo Northfleld 2H-2,t:U 31,040 318,638 280,000 Pittafleld' 4S5.670 71.880 667,000 493000 Sulami :170.11o :,i,:,:,v i2!i,i:i 390,000 Kri,, ' 88S.860 L4S.8 76,6Ol 612000 Superior 368,02 78,060 . 411,37-' 3s8,i uo Saltee . . M1.900 89,100 SOl.fOO .-,.-, , -, , Kvlvmi '■■■ ; 327,210 113,870 ' 421,080 3,;;'., 0 Sharon .". '.'.'.'.".■ 290,000 44,40 334.4S0 J37.O00 Webster '' 1 417,370 52,27'j; 41 019 8;H (iflo York 886,940 M.1S0 444,13! 33fi 'ooo Y0antifóim !.' ".9J! ".5 531,77.'.. 448,0111 CUylrtd 4M.1M MM 690,940 JoOCO " " 2d d -193215 87.(J8O 381,145 32",O00 'T"1"1 ■ f 10,000,000 J. D. OI,OOT, DANIEL LkMAIíON, CONHAI) KUAI'I', L. r PORBE8, QEOEGE BENWICK, NATUAN PIIÍUCE, ISAAC WYfíKUP, Committeo. Mr. Scott moved tho adoption of the report. Mr. Wilsoy moved to adjourn. Not agreod to. Mr. Thatcher moved to tako $20,000 from the township of Sylvan and add $10,000 oach to.tho townships of Sharon and Lima. Not agreed to, - yeas, 1; naye 21, yeas and nays having been called for by Mr. l'orbus. jl r. Tuomy moved to tako $.35,000 from the townsbip of Scio and add to tho first and sooond wards of Ann Arbor city. The motioB did nollprevaü, - yeas, 2: nave, 20. The qunstion reeurring on the adoption of the report on Equalization, the same was adopted by tho following voto : Yeas. - Messrs Annabil, Burch, Cook, Forbes, Gear, Gregory, Joños, Krpaf, LeBaron, Oloott, Pieice, Henwick, Rowe, Scott, Shurtleff, Walsh, Wynkup, and the Chairman. Nays. - Messrs. Haire, Thatcher.Tuomy, and Wilsey. On niotion the Board adjoorned until 9 1-2 o'clock to-morrow morning. Tiiürsday Nov. 14, 1872. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Called to order by the Chairmau. Eoll called, present a quorum. Journal of yesterday read and approved. Mr. LeBaron, from Committeo on Small-pox claims, reported the following, rocommending their allowanco at suuis statud : Claimcd. All'il. 35 Jolm Foher, services in Small-pox cisos. Í20 00 20 00 30fi Dr. W. B. Smith " " " ' 30 00 55 00 W l)r. Smitli, N'ortbBeia ' I10OO 1000 408 l'ctcrllill " " " 55 00 55 OH 309 Mr. Müronoy " " " 50 00 40 00 310 John Maroney ' " " " 40 00 40 00 311 'J'ownshipof Xnrtlifleld " " Ï4 ('0 74 00 312 P. WD 7 (!:vjs services " " 10 5D 10 i0 313 C F. Knppli, " " ' " 9 00 9 00 314 Geoiijo Sutton 5 " " l 7 50 7 50 315 Gairíro Kenvick, 5 " " " 7 so 7 51 816 P. 8. I'urtcll 7 " " ' 10 I 10 50 17 J. Wynkup 7 " " " 10 10 5l On motion of Mr. Olcott, tho report was accepted and adopted. Mr. Gregory, from Committee to settle with County Ofiicers, preseuted tho following : To the Jfonornhle Board of Suiernuors of Wanhteneio Ctninty. Your Cominitto to settle with County Officers report that they have cxamined the books and account of John J. Uobison, County Clerk, and find thcm as follows . JOHN .1 ROBI8ON, In account with "Wíuíhtoiíaw Coiïniy, Dr. J'o nmotint duc on settlement Nov. 1, 1871 $22 12 Reeeivcd from B.ileof oíd stovo, 2 50 Amouui of entry fecs, 282 00 " ' Jury " 39 00 ' " Iteporters " 43 io Total. $38a 12 Cr, By amonnt paúl fur express, freiplit. recordiu mul certiíytug biixhs, munageo nud dealha to Secretar; of State, and mnouut paid ior Ohuncery Index, $324 95 Pees iu criuiinul nia;te 157 50 Total M83 45 33 12 Biilimce duc the Clcik, J3 53 All of which is respcctfullv submittod. DatedNov. 13, 1872. ISAAC WYNKUP, ) ELIAS HAIRE, } Committoo. A. A. GKEGORY, ) Mr. LeBaron moved that a committeo of two cuiisisting of Supervisors Cook and Forbes, be appointed to ful certificates of Equalizatiou to the various assessmunt rolle. Agreed to. Mr. Shurtleff moved that t.he County Canvasseis bo allowed $3 00 each, per day, and one mileage at six coDts per niile. Agrucd to. Ihe following are said Canvassers : 3H Willinnl Uausingburg, 4 80 31i) J. G. Loland, P12 820 freo. F. Lutz 6 12 321 J. Peck 6 12 32í M. Eogera, C 11 818 A. larumond. f W 324 1' D. Woodruíf, G 12 .■i Jani.-s T: -a, 7 " 3J6 jacc.b Brefontag, 7 9- 397 F. A Howlett 0 irge Button, 6 6i 32;) lleuben Siuimoni, 4 44 3r,o o. Edwin BtaleB. 8 331 Williiim Tiimpkins, 4 2u 332 Charles 11. WbttniuD, 4 Mi 389 B. 1'. Alien, 7 50 334 A. Barnatd, 7 20 :;:: M. II. I.nyton, " -" 33ü CSurla BU AVoodruff. 7 2o Mr. Jones offered the following resolution : Wtmreaa, Ten years ago this county appropriatod monoy to obtain from the Surveyor General' ofBce the surveys of Washtenaw County ; and, Whereas, wo now lind that tho survey of the base line between the township of Dexter and Livingston county and the uorthern tier of seutions in said township, and also several lakes in the townships ef Dexter and Webster were not obtained, therofore, Ilesolted, That this Board appropriato $25 for the purposo of obtaining such record of survey. The reolution was not adopted. Mr. Cook moved that $10,25000 be raised for contingent expenses. Adopted. Mr. Tuomy offered tho following i lïemhed, That the rosolutiou paswed by the Board last Saturday olucting a County Drain Commissioner bo and is hereby rescinded. ün motion of Mr. WiUoy the rcsolution was laid ou the tablo, by the following voto : )-,,,. - Jlossrs. Burcb, Cook, Forbes, Olcott, Piercc,. Benwiok, ltowe, Sage, Scott, 8hurtlff, Walsli, Wilsey, and the Chairinan - l"í. Noy- Mogsra. Annabil, Berdan, Geer, Grogory, Haire, Jones, Krapf, LeBaron, Tuomy, and Wynkup. - 10 On motion, tho Board, adjourned until 1 l-'i o'clock P.M.. Al'THHNOOX SKSSIO. Board mot pursuant to adjonmmont. (Jaued to order Dy tiie uuaiinian. xvoii called, quoïtu present. Mr. Wilsey, froni on Civil Cluiius, reportad tbo following bilis and reccomruendod thoir allowauco at sums stated. . daiimed. All'd. 337 J &P. Donnelly, nundriis for jail, $0 SS BM 338 a! stafford ft Dodbg, Bucket '■ " 3no 300 889 1 tUttge Sutton. J. 1'.. Cor. lnqucst, 4 66 4 Gb SKI Lwdrr I'ryor. constable. f Ml AbtomBteOn, sening on inquest, 3 06 10; .I.' Tlinliüis iPown, " " ' 06 f? S44 N. K. Botton, " " " } ' Mti Jonus Krcmjilin, " " " 1 o 1 uo 4; & i=ku ütationcry for Clerk andPitfbate '' 107 4 ■S48 (jilinoie&i'iiltc, ntiitionery foSur pwintendent of Schuol, 6 VS B" " 31!) .1. Kuk tt ( 'u., sundries fur Court r,iniincl('li:rk' office M'M 511 910 P. McKtuimii. Jnstlce 'L3 .1 J41 1 1 Umore ie Fiikt, itetlonory for Phor■ iir,.)iii,3" 3 30 - 352 K.hv;u.l Duffi-y, onilries-for Sheriff, 1)5 04 Gu ()■ Un motiou of Mr. Wynkup, the repor was acceptcd and adoptod and the claim ullowud as recouiincuded. Hr. Wilsey, froni samo Committee, als . reported bill of Undor Shoriff for board o ■ piisoners, ifec, and askcd tbat thocoxuniit . tuo niigbt bo disobarged. On motion of Mr. Krapf, the bill was allowed ulaimcd. cinimod. A11M. 35 Jortiu Ftotnd boud of prisonrrs, l.fijr. ftG 1,826 'J6 On motion of Mr Olcott, the Oorumittoe on Civil Claims was discharged. Mr. Cook presentad a bill of E. W. Wallaoe Depnty SIutüF, and moved its allowánce. Agreod to. Claimed. AU'il. Ö54 E. W. Wallaoe, Deputy sheriff, $13 ia U IS Mr. Wilsey moved tho following: Ilïxulcetl, by tho Board of Supervisors of Wushtenaw County that wo rcqucst tho Representativos f rom tliis county to the State Legislatura, to uso their influence for the passage of an aot requiriag all claims aguinst the county to lio presented to tho Board of Supervisors boforo the fourth day of tho October session ; also roports of all oflicer8. Edward Duffy, from from tho Board of B uperin tinden ta of the Poor, prosontcd tho following : We, the undersigncd, Suporintendents of the l'oor of Washteimw County, in compliance with a resolution adoptcd by the llonorable Board of Supervisors of this County, requosting tho Board of Superintendent tó report to this Board at as oarly a day fts possiblo the best and cheupest mode of heating and ventilating tho County Poor ïïouse, do most respectfully make the following report : That having had tho matter under oonsideration for scvoral days, and having consultod with the various men ongaged in this line of business, we find that tho cost of erecting f urnaces suitablo for heating and ventilating that building, vcill bo about Beven huudied dollars. Wo find that by taking tho consuuiption of fuel as uscÜ by tilo present system of warming by stovcs, and comparing by tho estimated expense of warming by furnace tho saving to tho county in favor of tho furnaco would be about $300 to $350. All of which is respcctfully submitted. BENJ . W. WA1TE, EDWARD DUFFY, Supcrintcndents of Poor, Washtenaw County. Ou moticn of Mr. Geer, tho report was accopted, and on motion of Mr. Wynkup, the report was laid on tho table. Mr. Wynkup moved that the resolution of Mr. Tuomy rescindingtho appointment of County Drain Commissioner be taken from tho taWe. Agrced to. The quebtion recurring on Mr. Tuomy's resolution it was lost by tho following vote, the yeas and nays haviug boen called for by Mr. Olcott : Yinx - Messrs. Annabil, Burch, Forbes, Geer, Hairc, LcBaron, Sage, Tuomy and Walsh.- 9 Nayt - Messrs. Bordan, Cook, Gregory, Jones, Kr:pf, Olcott, Pierce, Eenwick, Soott, Wilsoy Wynkup, Chairmaii. - 13. Mr. Cook oft'ered the following : Resülred, That tho appointment of Charles II. Cody for County Drain Com missioner shall not tako effoct until the expiration of tho tiuio of tho present incumbent. The resolution was adopted. On motion of Mr, LeBaron, the Board adjourned until 9 1-2 ocock to-morrow moraiag.


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