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Rowdyism At Our Depot

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Thoso who have frequent occisión to be at our depot must luwe been annoyed at the stylc of conduct which prevails, especially in tho afternoon and at night' The passenger room fot gentlemen seem to be tho resort of town Jjoys and young men who use it for thcir frolics and indulgo in tho vilest language. It is bad onough to be in an atmosphero compounded of the odors of tobneco pipos and poOr cigars, without this additional annoyance. ïho timo has returned when passengors must oftcn be compolled to waitfor hours for trains out of time, aud at least they should have no more discomfort than is necessary. Tho M. C. E. E. has not particularly con&ulted the oemfort of Ann Arbor passengers and citizeus. We presume tho depot rooms, as public plaoes, ate undor the city authorities, and we would suggest that one of the polico should do soino duty thoro. Thero is no place in tho city whore we seo so much dowdyism. Tho railroad authorities havo made i regulation concevning hacks, evidcntly looking to tho comfort of pnasengers, but wo are not aware of' any provious discomfort from this sourco to be comparad with what wo now complain of. CITIZEN. In' AJTOTHEB column we givo place to " An Address by tho T7n itcd States Contennial Commissio0." Tho matter that thn commission has in charge appeals to tho patriotism aud pridc of every American citizen, and all classes and professions should unito in an effort to make the celobration of 1870 in evcry way worthy the nation. "We niay also say that a meeting of the Michigan branch of the Centennial Board of Financo was held recently at Detroit, at which the soveral National and State Banks weve designated as agent to roceive subscriptions of stock to the $10,000,000 fund estimated as noecssary to makc the celebration and oxhibition a succoss. - In this connection it may not be out of the way to ask of thoso in autliority if it is designod to run the Centennial Commission and its exhibition as mere pioces of political macbinery, and ix tho exclusive interest of out party. Thore may be a Domocrat or two in tbo Commission, but if so wo fail to recognize thmr names and should be plcased to have thom pointod out. Certain it is, that tho Commissioner and altérnate for this State, aswcllasthemembersof tho branch Board Finance are Republicana - we think without a single exception. This may be accidental, but if so such accidents should not bc pormittcd to occur again. John A. Bixouam, of Ohio, whose constituents failcd to givo him another term in Cengress, is reported as hankering after tho Eussian mission recently vacated by ex-Gov. CURTIN, but it is given out that there is a little constitutional obstado in the way, - tho saUry of that mission having been raised during the present Congress. Well, if that littlo obstado can not be overeóme - and we lavo yet to know of constitutional prohibiions standing in the way of a Republi" can administration - tho Russian teat will hrive to wait for Bin'GHAM until after the 4th of March, or Bijïgiiam wiU have to wait for tho toat until that timo. A World Washington paragraph iitimates ;h at he may wait and then bo consoled with the Italian tcat - for some kind of a teat he must have. To attempt to woan lim vrould be the death of him. - Tho Cleveland Leader recommends Tlon. M. E.Waito, of Toledo, 'latí -counsel at Genova, as a fit man to bc exiled to Russia, whioh recoiBrüOüdation is indorsed by the Toledo Commercial. Butler wants to bo Senator: failing in that he might be inducod to accept the Speakcrship ; that denied he haa eye on the guberuatorial chair of his own Massachusetts : and in any event he will mako it livcly for his Eopublican friends who oppose his promotion. It will not bo surprJsïKg if he joins tho Cameronian raid on the civil sorvico reform notions of the President.


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