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A FAt-SK REPORT! TH AT A. A. TERRY HASQONBOÜTOP TRADE HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS ALARGEANDCOMPLETESTOCK OF HATS & CAPS ! JUST THE STYLE, ANDAT PKICES TO SUIT THE TIMËd. ALSO AFULLLINEOF GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS! DON'T PURCHASE YOUR Fall and Winter OUTFITS UNTIL YOU GIYB IilM -A. J -A-L-Li. 15 South Main St.,Ann Aibci. mi-tf. MOTHERS! MOTHERSÜ MOTHEES ! Dois't fail t! procure u lts. his. I,OWS KOOTIIINJ SYRUP FOIt i!ii.iiii: Tij'niix;. Thle valuftble preparation has been sed with NEVER-PAUUINO SLCUES8 IN ÏH0U8ANIJS OF CA8K8. It iiot only rclievpstho clil ld from pain, bat invigoratee !he 8iomcli ni bowls. correcta acidity, and l'ívih tona and energy to the whole systein. Itwiil iilací Lii-isiitly rejleve Gripiíig ín tlic Itowels anl W ík! ('lio. VPebeMevc ItiheBEST iml 8ÜSB8T BBITBDT IN TUH WORLDi In H enees of DY8ENTERY íVN DIARRHÍEA [H CHILDKBN, whctb-r arlaiufífrom toetblnc or anv uther cjíím;. Tepeud upoii it muitiuru, ít will give reet toyourselves, and Relief and Health to Yoiir InTants. IU' suro aud cali for " Mis. Wlnslow'8 Soothing: Sj-rnp." ItavlBi; tta fc-imilc of "OUETISi PFRKI5.S" -,n ilu' oataid6 wntpitcr. Soltf by Urugits tbrouLhout tbc world. lL_ irsT RE()KIVET)AT THE FAKMKKS' STORE A i rery Urge stork ÍBonilot auü Sasb HiObuiis, HW St vlcs ud Cheaj), 29 20! 29 ! who will cxplain thie simple "Ign, Anrl teil us will tt pay to cali at the hm 2 '! What Dican those mj'atïc letters tbxce Over bran eew rocery- C.O-B.1 C for Credit and ü fjr a dun ? rhut'8 the wny business b olten done : Hut Umi' oi thii way to read tho sian Of L. COLUï, who sella groceries at 29. C Ie for Cash : for the gnoda he sella so chcap, 'Tls better to buy them there your moncy to keep. '. O. O.- Caskun Oelietry- thls is the wuy He is able to sell so luw and make it pny. He hae no bad debts to make him croas, Or tax i„ti mor.' to make np hit loss. So that's the plucr to buy your fmx), He will sell it cheap, and you willflud It fiood. At the C. O. I) Orocery you will nlwaya find bost of Codoe and Tets of all kinds, with sugnr, t"O, and freeh. ripe fruit, Orcanned.or dried, all Matei toeuil: O'iingc, l.i'iihM ■ Kies and Itnlian Pear, Allthecplcea Ikattrae orsbrub oftroplc bears, ali,ra3Sl■:p and various kiiuls "l Candy, Thatchildren love and mothera lluüao handy, To keep on bnnd t bidden torc, A " tick " of th8 wlllinovK them more Thas the old-hubloned "rod" ourfallu-ri useii, Wher, rbildren were plenty and often abuoed. lic luis uil kinds of Provbjlonf the palate to piense. Fíth. bacon , llour, bread, butler and cheese Cookies and crackers, cherrics, chocolate undeako, Thinfïs to boil, fry, roast, tow, btram or bake. IJ e bae paesin peanata, prunes ani pickle. To coaz tUe ajpctite, bo canrtcious and flckle. Hobn jilasswan-, crockory. umi vossels ofstono, French Lustral Soap- the best evor knowu ; Tobacco and cignra, both for chewlnc and smoking Anti never will frown if you shoald be jokinirAnd many other thlngí too numerotis lo mention. All of whicll to SCll chcaj) for cash is 1ÚB iutenlioll. Theo cme. R.ood poople, one asid all. And gfcretheO. O. D. grocery a cali C"me try ourpricej and try onr ware, Por in onr pronta the bnyer Hharcs. Yoa ]uy tkê !ish lor what you ;et, Wiih no tarlffon loases to "make you fret : Dim't vltfttT crctlü, thoush your a millionairc But buy yotirroceries for"cah m prfces fair. Oome from the. conntry and tlio'town, Prepared to buy and pay ctih ii-i. '■'■mi-, rich and poor, come black and whi'.o, You vA) llnd provipiona plenty and price rirïtt, Come.,frieDd8 of Ornut and frleoOc of Oreeley, Shake hand at 2 nnd trade t'. O. V, frc-]y. AETS WAHTEÜ FOR BOOKS NEEDED BY ALL FAEMER8. The best booka publisbed on the Hotkc and the 'o w. Liberal vioRtfy wuidtropUlig by A'iits aellillf these books. tiend ftr circular , POHiEK & COATES, a, l'a. TT IVE ÖBESE FEATHERS ioustantlyoiiUaud uu4foraal by BACI! _ A BEL , ri'iHEPLACKTOOETyOT'lï NEW STYT.KS OK ■l Drcsï Tiimnjlu:-;?, is at the Farnicra' BtOJS,


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