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FOURTH ANNUAL STATEMENT OIF T HE Of the United State of America JTILYSIst, 1872. A.SSEXS . Cash in Bank and Trust Companies, -----$ 21,171.1? Unitod States Bonds (market value) - - - - - 531,550.0o Dominion of Canada Bonds, (inarkot valuo) - 08,452.51 State and Municipal Bonds, " " ? - ■ - 57,574.00 Loans securod by First Mortgago (proporty worth moro than doublé' the loan) - 628,688.44 Loans on CoUaterals (Coljatorals worth $1,191,849) - - $11,749.41 Office Furniture, (50 per cent. of value) ----- 4,771.07 Accrued Interest 32,405.65Deferred Premiums on Policios in force ----- 86,355.36 Premiums in courae of collection, and all other Assots, - - 40,451.07 Assets, August Ist, 1872, ----- $2,313,168.6 Incroaso of Assots during tho year, ----$ 358,551,45 LIABILITIE6. Total present value of Policios in force, or amount required to safely reinsure all outetanding risks, loss thé present value of the reinsured Policios, - $1,194,609.00 Losses reported but not due, - ■ ■■ r r . - 28,527.35 Total Liabilities, Aug. l9t, 1872, ... - $1,223,136.35 Surplus, being Security in addition to the Hoinsuranco Fund, 1,090,032.34 Ratio of Assets to Liabilities, 189 to 100. For every $100 of Liabiüty the Company has 8189 of valuable and available Assots with which to meet it. CASH CAPITAL, $l,OOOsOOO, FUILY PAID. CHAETE11ED BY SPECIAL ACT OF CONGRESS- A STROUG STOCK COMPANY. SPECIAL FEATUliESSemriUj, Low Jlates, No Dividend Delusions. OFFICERS E. A. IïOLLIÏiS, President. JAY COOKE, Cjiaiuman Fixance and Executive Comiiittee. H. D. COOKE, Washington, Vice-Pkesident. E. W. PEET, Pliiladelpbia, Vice-Presidext axd Actuary. JOHN M. BUTLER, Secketary. F. G. SMITII. M. D., Medical Director. Brancli Office, Philadelphia, Pa., whore business of the Co. is transacted. W. W. Whedon, Agent, Ann Arbor. FOE LOCAL AGENCIES APPLY TO GEO. W. SNOVER. Gen. Agt., 156 Jefferson Ave-, Detroit1398lf


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