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The Prevalent Disease In Horses

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gfoltictgait fagos rythitiR ni. this nohjeot is of coiiTse of interest at the present timo, and out etlention is attraoted to the folloví tractfrom I :a Jfournai, cotnmnmcited to that paper by Dr. Law. the aoi vetorinarian of Cornéll i wVüraity: Thi ; i ' ithing ■■' ie tli;ui the opierlottio oatarrh or influenza of horses, whioh, at irregular interval?, sweeps over entire continent - ing the whole equine or lation. It is a speoiflo fover of :i low type, marked by a great nernona proBtration and weakness, and looalisngitoielf in the form of an inflammatíon, usnally of the mncorts membrane of bhe reopiratory passages, fant aiso ocoasionally of other organa. In the pipsont ppiglottie, the prostration and dehility is Ies8 extreme thftn is usual, and the dispose rnay thorcfore bo held to bo of a mild typo, rjsoally tnero aro the sitrna of soro throat. with ooldln the head : in the more severo syinptoms aro those of bronchitis ; the pulse is wrak and rapid, the ilanka loan, the nostrils flilated, and there is a lom! wheezing in tho chest ; in still other 0MO8, the luns substanco is involved, or fhere is investing membranos (the plura1) and disorders of the liverand bowelsevtn will superveno. Horse owners should. therofore, be very oaroful to watoh for theftrst symptoms of (Huesa, and to biy the patiënt off work at Onop, placo him ín a clean, airy, sweet stall, olear of cold draughts ; clothe him Warmly, and support well on warm mashea until in a fair way for reeovery. Sèffofit will usually acornó from stenmine: tho nostrils with warm water vapor, bnt medical treatment will bo more honored in th hreaoh than in tho observance, unloss ander skillful and judicionsdirection. In most (Mises demanding medicine it will requirió to be of a supporting and stimnlatins nature thronghout. It is gcnerally bolieved thak the causes ín influenza are to be sought in some inBcmtabTe condition of the atmospherp, but this time honorod doctrine must be received with somo resorvation in the Iight of fact-s. Veterinarians aro familiar witli tho faot that it often sproads in a stl)ío or town from a newly importod animal. It is quite common to tind two cities simultaneously or successivcly attackcd while one midway betwoen the two escapes. Bnffiilo, Lockport, Eoches1err Oarmwlaigua, Genova, Syraeuse, Boston: and New York are suffering, while Batavia, Aubnrn and Utica have till now eacaped. The morbific causo unqjiostionably spreads for somo distance on türe air, but, it usually proves more fatal in tho vicinity of sick animáis. Intomperate statos of the atmosphere, too, by favoring the development of diseases of the air passages, will precipítate itsoruption, though uncqual to genorating it anew ; and closo, filthy atables, exposure, overwork, &O., will not only favor its dovelopmcnt, bnt increase tho mortality. Again, tho disoase has often prored pangooüc, attacking all animáis crimiiiatcly. but in such cases tho herse lias generally boon the first sufferer. This wasnotorioosly thejease in 1776 and 1833. It is not impossible, therofore, that tho human family may have its turn, and attention to the health of both man and bcast is particularly desirablo


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