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Expelling Rats Without Poison

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We know of throo methods: Fr;t, the French. plan. This ís followed chiefty in Paris by men making it a special business. They take a deep tub, with water on tho bottom and a little elevution in tho middlo liko un island, on whioh is only place for just ono rat to sit on. The top is eovered, and has a largo balance valve opening downward. On tho ïuiddlo of tlu valvo a piece of fried pork or cheeso is plaoed, uud when tho rat walks on to gct tbc cheeso the valvo goes down, drops the rat into the water, and moves back into position. A road is made from tho rat-hole to the top of the tub by ineana of pieces of board rubbed with oheese, so as to mako tho walk attractive for the rat' . In tin; course of tho night, soino ten, twonty, or even moro rats go down, and if the island was not thoro t.hoy would bo found most all alive in the morning, qnietly swimming around ; but tho provisión of the little island saves tho trouble of killing theui, becauso their egotistic instinct for preservation causes .ttera to íight for tho exclusive possossion ■of tho island, on which, in tho morning, tho strongest rat is found in solitary positission, til the otliors being killed aud drowned around him. Second, tho New York plan, inventod by one of our friends. The floor near the rat-liole is covered with a thin layer of a most caustic potassa. When the rats walk on this, it makes tüeir feet sore ; these they Hek with their tonguos, which makes their mouths sore; and the result is that they shun this locality, - not alono, but appear to teil all the rats in the neigh borhood about it, and eventually the hnuse is entirely abandoned by them, notwithstanding the houses around may be full of rats. , Third, the Dutch method Tliis is said to bo usod suocessfully in Holland ; we ha- e, however, never tried it. A number of rT3 aro left to thomselves in a vory tkrge ttap or cage, withno food whatover. Their craving hufl,ger will cause them to fight, and tho we:ikest will be eaten by the strongest. After a short time the fight is renowed, and tho next weakest is the victiin. and so it goes on till ono strong rat is left. When this has eaten the last remuina ot'auy oí the othors, it is set loose. The animal has now acquired such a taste for rat Bbsh that ho is tho terror of ratdom, going around socking what rat ho may devour. In au incredibly short time tho premisos aro abandoued by all other i rats, which will not como back until the


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