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Commissïoïiers' Notico. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, nonnty of Wnahtenaw, 89. O The undersignsd, baving been appoiuted by the Probate Conri forsnid conuty, Commidsionera to reoetve. examine, nnd adjusf all clfiims and d manda of aUporsomi ogainat the estáte of James Lintion, luto of Baid county, decea ed, horeby givt notirethnt vtx monttai from date are allowed, by order of said l'robnto rionït, iororeditorsto present tneirolainu agai&At the estáte of sai 1 de i y v.ill mcot. at thcrc-tiileiipo of Fosepb Lmdon of Bndgewaml county, on s itnrday, thetwenty-fli thday of Jnmuiry, and 00 Mondi y, the I ■.■-'■:!' y-i-i rli t)i flay of April next,at lo o'olock a tí, of ead&ofsaïd claya te retvi Dated Octobcr á8th, A. D. 1872. I) Í.NIEL Lr.inRON, WILLIAM W'.J.'i D, líOOw-í CoxamirönneTS, Oommissioners1 Nti STATE OP MICHIGAN, Count] o Waal 'i'lio undersigned, hoving been appointed by tl; l'robiito Court fot siitil coonty, { ■■ to reoxnino and adjost :ill obiinm and Vm!mds of . ons againstthe Batato of J hn (i. ;! I i oounty leoc i u 4, hereby gfh six tuonths i'rom dato - ed. fc-, oivav of said Probate Court, their claims ; .io of sai l deoeased, an 1 'hut t,hey wil! meet at the shop of naid deoeaaed, in the villagoof Baüne, in said county, on Batnraay. the twentyHfth ay of Jrtimory, and on Mon Iny, fel ei v. olfib day of May. nexti at bén o'c'ock . m. of daya, to reoelvo, examine, and adjnsi said claims. Datod, November ntb, A. D. I OH RL1 ; BURER l 1101 Cominissioners' Notieo. STATE OF üiüAX, county of Waahtennw, as. TbO uttdersijyned, havingr been appointed by the Piobivtc Court for .s;ii-l ejrantr, C i to fflcoivo, tísnmine and ndjngf aUolaima and domando cf all persons against the estáte of Kachel Mcormick, late of sitid county, decoaaed, horeby tziva notiee tliat six mon tbs from date aroallowed, byorderof said Probate Court, for oreditors lo present fcheirolaimaagainst the estáte of soid fleceasi d, and tbat thej tlie reaidenofi of Jobn Hnrle, id oounty, on 3aturtlay, tbc twenty-tbird day of November, nnd Mosday, the tweniy-fom-th day ofMaroh nxt, at ten o'clock a. m. of eneh of said daj-, to i axainine, and n Ijnst Baid '-laims, Datcd. September S8d, A. D. 1872. WIT.l.TAM GEER, EDWIN ei'KTI-. 13i)!3w-i Commlswloitcf. Sheriff Salo. STATE OF MICniGAN, County of yTnaliten.-iw, Ba. By virtuo of a writ Of e( cutlon issued out of nnd unrtev the su;il uf Ihe Ciicuit Conrt forthe 'ounfy of Wa.titeniiw, :uid to me divooted and 1 ÜTerod, sgfdnBt the goods, ohutÜ60 lftnda hnd tonexnonts of Sèaij (o'idyi'ar. I lüd, on tbe tventx-tbiid day of ]■'. livuiuy, A : K 1832, seiaeftnd lovy uin all febe rr-'ht tiU and isteresl Ifunry Goodyoar luis in and to the Folluwing dewsribed propoiiy, tokwit : Lot two, exoi t'! two feel off of west sido, and ori.t two tbird.s of lot threo in bluok twenty-two, Keetion two; lot nine, ten, nnd elevon, except tyenty-fonr by forty feot in south eust corner; lot nine, in blck twi-uty-two, seetion twn. Also lot six in blorli aiTf, Motioa fcwo. AU o{ tbo above flBScribed prpjM jty ix-inii sitiuited in th vilïago of ManelKt'ir, (,'ounty "i WoabtóÓaWi EUkdStateof Ukshlgao, wM '' IAilIexposc for srilc nt publiojuiclion to the nighest tiiiTdcr at tlie south door of the Coort llouse, in the city of Ann Arbor, on the 30th dny of December, A. D. 1872, nt ton o'eloek, A. M. Datcd at Ann Arbor, Xovemlier 11, A. V. 1S72. HOOtd MYIi'iX WEBB, Sheriï. Sheriff Raio. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Oonntyof V:ihfeTinw, as. Uy virtuo of oneexeeution issued out of and undcr tho s'enl of the Circuit Court for tho Cminty of Washtennw, to medirected and ilclivcre 1, agaiatt tho foodn, ehatteltitindsaiidtuii-.'inentsitt'DnvidBrownell, by virlue of whieli I did OU the Mthdny of Angustí A. IJ. 1872, scize and levy Tipon all tbe nght, tillo nnd interest Daniel Brfljwitdtófte in unitothe followingdeBOribsd ri'.l ' lUkte, '■■ wit : The west half Of thesouth.-.rter of peetion six in t wn threosoutb of ran(?e six enst. being in the towiiBhlp of Pittefleld, County o Waahteniuv and State of Attobiiran ; which abovo descrihed real estntel ahal] iel] at tbeouter south door of the Couit ■■, in the city "f Ann Arbor. al public auction tothehigltest bidder, on the 28th lay of December, A. 1). 1872, at ten o'dook, A. M.,of said ' 'Wited. Xov. ISUi, A. TV : MYRON" WEBB. Sheriff. 1400 By Jubtih FoBSES, Under Sheriff. Sheriff Bale; CTATE OF MTCHKiAN'. Couiryof WasÜenaw, as. o By virtae of one exeention imued oui al and uuibrth'e seal of the Circuit Conrt fov tho County of Waahtenrw, to me dfrectcd and ñ nat tho gooda, battéln lamis and teaementfl of (tèorga Coly virtue of wliieli I did on tbe nintb August, A.l) 1872, eizs ana levy upou al! thonghi titlo and interest ueorae Colgrove fina in and to the (olloninK deserfbed real esta, to wit : Lol nnmber four in block ix, twelTO eat ; Baid raal eetAte neing sitnatodln the city of AnnAibor, County of Waantfoawand State of Micb'gan, abovo desciilcd real estáte I ahall nrll at theoutei south door of the Court Ebnuein theoity of Ann Arbor, onthe28tn day of December, A. D. 1S7-', al ten o'olook, A. M., of s;ii'd day, al public aürü, n to the highest bidder. Oatod, November 18U, 1872. MYRdN v!-i::í, Bharift 1400 ByJoiïTiy FoiuiKs, Under sheriff. STATE ÓF MICHIGAN, Foarth Judicial Circuit Tn Chana ry. . „ Snit pending in the Ci-ouit Conrt for tln County of Washtennw, InOhanceiy.whi rein Mnry . Rol erl on lacomploinnnt, and alexandi rRol ■ ■ndant, nt Ann Axbr, Ons 2U( 45 ol I lo - ber, 1872, and ffli ■ ■ Uiat t;„. .,!„- ertson, reddesoul of tbj3iitato, nnd i-cairlcsal Oa raric, n Ctook County, ïllinoia, andonmotion of Ft ■ lainant, it is ordered tba1 Baid defendanl eauM hi appearonce to be entered in Baid i ithin three months from tho date oi thii in,.] iu default '''l of oomplaint in said eaus" -■ takon aa oonfeased by fald dofei and 11 ia fnrther orderod tlüit wlthin twenty day said oomp'ainnnl oause ncopy of tU order tobe pubhsbed In the Hicaigcm Ar gut, a newspaiM-r printed and ir.ibUshed in thedty of Ann Afbor, In ■i:ii'l coiinty of Washtenaw, and tbat fd pnbliCftHpn be oontinned ,, ,..,,,], we, i; i eka. Dted,Ortobirt,WMLLABIBABBrpPi nkuacHiHom Cirfuit OoBrtOom. eompl't8oBmtOT. Washtenaw Co. Mich. INgwfl TyOTICE. Tb OEEMAN F.t:Ml'p s RCE lOïl-.lSV.i.i WnabUnow County, Mich., will hoU Ihelr annunl Dieeringln tbe School House, In near the (erman churcli. on the Hrsi MondayofDe :ember next, nt ten o'rlock A. M., to elect new oüiccrs md propoae otlier tilines. AT1Ü1 NUVÜmbCr 7UWÍ3 FBITZ, Sotfr. Mortfrago Halo. DKFAULT having boen made in the eondition of a mortgage executed by Henry Goodyear und BUaabeth Goodyear, his wife, to the undersined, Frederifk Hqbod, beaxiogdate the flrstday ufOctober, A. D. one thousand ewthi hnndred and nJxty-seven, and reoorded ia thcofflcoof the Jleisterof Deêdsof Washt naw County, In the Stat uf -iuhigan, iu Liber 36 of Mortgages, on page 581, on the lt day of Ociobcr, A. I. 1867, by whioh default tlio power of sale contained tnsaiu mortgage has beooino oporatire, and there is clainied by me to bo du. trtgage ut l!:e date of tM notice the ram oí font 1 housanu four hundred and fbrty-six dollars and aixty-seren cents principal and fntereet, and aleo the sum of fifty dollars as a reasonable Solicitor's orAttorney's fee on taking these I ïfort-closesaid Mortgage, as Lyprovided in tho samo, and nosuit orpro;it lav: or in ohanoery ha bc? institnted to recover the debt securtd by srrfd moripragc, orany p ut t in reof, notioe is thevetore hereby gïven that by virtue of the power of sale oontained in suid mortgage and of tho statu te in such cne made and pi e will be foreclosed by a sale of tho mort; ■ ■ ut: pnblie íiuction to the highest bklMonday, the 27th day oí january next, at ten o'dock in 'hi' forenoon of that day at the south door i 'ourt House in the City f Ann Arbor, County of Washteni . . ■ ■ . f holding the Circuit Coüri for said County of - The premisos so to be sold are desenbed ia follows, to-wit: All of the west half of the northwest quarler of seetiun twenty-öve, cast half of the northeast qunrterof seotöon twentysix, andthesoatheastquartox of sectíon fcireni all in Townahip threeBouth in Bange three cast. Also the nozthweet qunrter of the northeast quarter of section nineteen in Township three BOUth (f Ban 11 in tbo Couaty of Waahteaav and MiehJ pan. Datcd Ann Arbor, Michísran, Kovemorr 1 sf , 1 VJ2. FEÈDEBICK HTT8ON, Felch & Gbant, ilortg;i-rrf'. Attorneys for Mortgngee. ÏS98td Mortgago Sale. D haring been made in the condition of a eertain mortgage made and exeoyted by Ama& dn liuvbankno Densmore Crnroei bc-:iri: ■.:'■!; ■■' : the thirteenth day of 8ptnü)ef, A. 1). eightoen hunctred and seventy-one, and reeörderi in the oifice of the Register of Deedsfte the County of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, in Líber forty-tivu (45) of Mort. ■ :i page onc hundred and seventecn [Í17J at six and ono-fuurth P.M-, and the power of sale in said .v hiLving boeome opeialiu by reason of naid default, and tho som of one humlrcd nd t wenty-six dollars and eighty-two cents being daimed to bedue on said mortgage and the noto ueeompunyipy tbc saine at the date of thia notice; alw n attorneyV fee of forty dolían as prorided for in said mortgage. and do snit or procceding at Inw or in chancory Imving been iustituted to recover tho sume or any part thereof; Xoiifo is therofore hereby given that said m wilt be foroolosed by a sale of the mortgagedlanda and prembofl thei-ein deaorlbed and hereinafl er mentioned und set forth, orso much theraof aa wilt be ne (o satfefy said annunt, on Snturday, the twenty-flnt day of Deoember nest, at steven o'clock in the forenoon of srticl day, at the south door of the Goart ffooso, In the ('itv of Ann Arbor, that being theplace for hoMing tho Circuit Courfc for the County of wiiahtcnaw. Thesaid Dremiflfif to be aold by vsrtae of the power of BalftfnaaM morteme'aredescrfteá in said mortgage as foílows : All fchose trücts or jvircel! of land known and described ns Lots numlwr ï-wu, ("2,) Thre ■, (8.) and Fonr, (ÍJ in .T. I). Baldvtn Eos tem Addition to the City of Ann Arbor, in the County of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, Dated, Ann Arbor, Sept. SS, 1873. DENSMORE CRAMER, 1393td Mortgagee. Mortgago Salct DETTAUTiT having been made in the conditon of a certain mortcTige, made and exocuted by Nelson JI. Schoif and mxih th Schoff to Conutock F. Hill, hearing dato tho flrst day of March, a. d. eightceu hnndred and sevonty-one, and rocordtd Ín the olUce of tho Register of Deeds of Wnshtenaw County, in, in Liber three of mortgaifes. on pago four hundred and twenty-flve, on tlie ilfteen,th day of 1 ari'h, a. D. eighteen lïundréd and seventy-one, at ten and ftjurth o'clock , i.; and the powor of sale contoincd in said mortgage having bccomo operative by reason of Bnoh default, and tho sum of eight hnndñ d and twelve dollars and Qfty oonts boing claimed to be due on said mortgage at the date of this notico, and the bond nccompanying tlie same, also an attorney's fee of thirty dollars, aaprovided lor in said mortgiige, und nosnit or procceding atlaw or iu chan cery having been instttoted to recover tho same or iiny part tlieroof : Notioe is therofore hereby given, that said mortgage will be forecloscd by a sale of the mortgaged lands and premisos thciein described and hereuiaftMf neoÜMiea, and set forth oz so inuch thereof as will bo neoSBSary to satisfy said amount, on Satur'lay, the .-cv-.T.tli dny of Uccember next, at eleven o'cloek in the forenoon of said day, at the south door of the Oonrt House in the city of Ann Arbor, that being theplace fot holding th6 Circuit ('ourt for the county of Washtcnnw; tho .said premisesj to bo sold by ■vixiuö of il2 powor of sale Ín said mortgage aro deserfbed m sara mortgage as follows: AU of the nt part of lot number ton (lö), being four i) roda wide by ninc (9) roda deop, in block nmnber live (j) south of r nge number six (G) cast, in tho Ann A rhor Land. OompanyB addition to the ci(y of Ann Arbor (formerly village), Washtenaw countyi Michigan. Dated un Albor. Scpt. U, 1 ( ( 'IC F. 1IILL, Mortgncrec. D. Obaicbb, for Mortgageo. 139ltd. Mortgñgo Salo. DB i'ATf.T hftving beon made in the oonditíoj cei'ta'.n inden) ure of mortoago made aml um na■ ■i;nii!'s 1 1 . ilark, in hla Ufe ti uu-, and Ifary E, Clark, his wiie, tn li. Louisa Suoket, beaiing date tho thst day of December, in theyear of oux Lord one thoosnnd eight hundred and sixty-six, and recorded in th'' rliieo of tho Register of I)eeds of Waahtenair County and State of Michigan in Liber 86, of Morton page 235iQ& the 4th d.ay of December, 156H, c of líale oontained in said mortgagv iiuving boooioe operative by reason of suoh default - and . of eleven hundred and twenty-flve dollars, lüned to beduo upon said mortgage at tho dato of tbisnotjee, for piincipal and interest, beside tho sum of thirty dollars stípuláted thorelo nnareasonable attorney fee for the roreeJöenre thereof- and no soit or pro &w, nor in chanoery having i i he debt secnred I mortgage or any part thereof. Notice i-. therofore ■r.-t-n t iat said mortgage áU be foreoloeedtand be pover of acüe (tereio oontained, the premfees described in the mortgage and hereinófter ■ rorth, or some part thoreof, will bo sold by mi; at publio auotion, to the highest bidder, (o satisfy said mortgage andoosts, on Batunlay, the -tth day of Jauuiu y neact, al elew d o'clock In the förenoon ut thr soulh door of tho ( tourl ECoose, in the city ofAanAxbot tilkat-bemg the building in whieh the '. 'ii mi t Oourt fbr the County of Washtenav is held- the mortpagcd premises flre described as follows, towit : Lot number three Ini look Dumbi r one sonth of Hu ron wtroot, and rangi 6b ( n east, in tlsfci'y of Ann Arbor, uiohiffan, accordingto the recorded plut ui tho Ann Arbor Land Company Addition. ■ Ann Arbor, Qctoberïth, IST2. ;. ; 01X184 8A0K E. C. Sxasuv, -igcc. A tty for Mortgagee. rptiK PLACE TO tíIÍT YOt'K NEW STYLE8 OF ■L Diom Trirnmlngs, is at the Farmers1 ötorc.


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