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Rubbing The Firetongs

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A 6hild8 rot ud face in the tonpa : he is rubí injr th ■ bnUM bri bfc, "W.-ilc hkmtj old-fusbioned nursery sonjs rihe oivona u duliyht. Sho seu in 11 o glit terina sphere í'-t bvondeneo i ■ fuoe SmiÜní baok on itself -.viti a m rldlesa cheer, Aud lüling thü ytuuo-hkc f-pact. I-ittlo friciul, by my Dame 0006 known, I nm rtibblng the tonga to-duy ; Bul Ihe fnce that 1 fraze :i you wnuld not own, I 1 has lost your cliilOlook gay. Olí ! your woild w:ís golden nnd (ílnd , Your happy li' art enouffh, Thoufrh iliat and tliosunshine WW6 ftll you hnd, And earth ander toot wiu rough. But ose tbing I tearnod fiom you 1 hare not forgotten quito ; No nletksanter work can n mortal do Toan to koep one smull world bright. And, tliinlíiní? about you, drnr. 'I'lif face In the tongi haa Mniled ; ín ii drenm I went baek to your sliining sphcre, A mi played with mysclf, a child. - Our Totiitff Folktfor November,


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