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the governmem 01 öaxony, wiuuii, w m gretU ofience of its Protestant subject prohibits them from allowing the Ne Catholics to assemble for worship in tl Protestant churches. It is discountena eed also by the government of Prussi which, in this matter, listens to the cou y seis of Metternich. Mennwhile, t 'a want of ngreement in regard to points doctrine is, perhaps, an obstacle to t spread of the new sect. The Jesu rr know very well what they would ha among them there is no disagreeme ond their organization is most comple . The New Catholics, however, liave most as many varying creeds as cong : gations, some departing more and soi ' less from the standard of belief whicl acknowledged at Rome. They nu however, be said to agree in rejecting 'aD authority of the Pope, the celibacy of clergy, auricular confession, and the w ship of images." me „i, in i, n i i 'MTj T cotmwttttfcatfott. .... - ."" ,rg Fcr the Sigiml of LiderM Ur' THE MICHIGAN STATE 15AN1 sor Messrs. Bf.ckley & Foster: i'ho Gentlemen - U1V In the last number of the Sig an"d of Liberty, 1 noticed an article allud to the resuscitalion of the Michigan Si die. Bank, and the proceedings instituted ints the Attorney General againsl it, nnd list. pressing a hope tlmt it would be anni ,. lated, &c. ,f a Having been one of the eadiest s ,vho scribers to your resfeciable journal lose have observcd is course with much c Ihei and interest, and especially have udini its candor and independence. Thoi „ted occasionally conflicting wilh myr sJew views, it h'as ever given a reason foi inte staled opinions, which, at least commr tices ed attention and rexpect, though nat ir hich cases convictiori, The The paragraph above nlluded to h I the ever, to be a grafjitous assu rity-, tion. nnd indícales web neglect of f , the os induces me te offer a short statemer his the past history and preseut conditioi 3 the that institution.


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