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Estáte of Valentino E. Bott, STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw.t. At a session of the l'robate Court for the County of WíimIií i-iiuw, holden at the Probate ' Hficc, in th city Wrvn AtW, Mt-'Tuesday, the twentysixth day of November, in the yeur one thounand eigli t hundred and seveuty-two. Present, llirain J. Iieukea, Judgeof Probate., In the matter of the estáte oí Valentino K. Bott.deceartctl. William K Wossells, Adminislrator of said catate, comes into court and represent that he is now prepured to remlcr bis flnnl iU-ut a auch Adminiatrator. Thereupon it is ordeved, that Monday, the twentythird day of December, next, ttt ten o'clock in the foronoon be auigned for exumining and allo w ing Biih account, und that the heirs at law ol tmid dewd ftiwl ül othf perron interwted in said eBtntc, ftV4 requirefl' to appear at a mísion of said Court, thun to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City Cf .Ann Arbor, in said C'ounty, and show caüsf , H any there be, why the tntfrï afeooTOt shmtfc] irefc be aTIowed : And it is further orVlered that said Administrator give soticc to the persons interested in snid catate, of the pendency of said account, and the hearl&g thereof, by CAuaing acopy of this order to 'be published in the Michigan Jkrgvt% a newupuper printed ind circulating in said County thrc? uccessive weeks previous tn aid day of hearing (Atfuecopy.) U1KAM J, lïKAKEN, 1402 Judgeof Probate. Estáte of Pfaiftf ïiding. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wanhtenaw, ss O At a acssión óf the Probate Court for the Countv o WtwhUmaw, holden ut the Probate Office, in the Citj of Ann Arbor, on Wedneaday, the twentieth doy o; November, in the year one thousand eight hundrtk and scvent y-tivo. Present lliram J. Bcaken, Judge of Probate. In thö matter of the estater of I'hilip Kiding, de ceied. óh re nl ing and flling the petition, duly verifled, o: JoHïi Keek, Admiijitntor, praymg that he may be licensctl to sell the real estáte whereof said decvusec died seied. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the thirtieth .dy?f .D-rombcr noxt, at ton o'clock in the forenoon -.'uci for' the hearing of wiidpctition.and that the betaal law ofKni(Wlece;iWd, iïtidullothcrpcTBonBiiiterested in said estáte, nre renuired to appeai a( a eession of said Court, then' to' be holden at the Prolmte Ottice, in the city 01 Ann Arbor and show cause, if ony there lie, why the piayerofthepetitionershouldnot bcgrantcd: And il is fúrther omered, that said petjtioner ffivenotice to tho pdÉBÖirtinteiïfcUa innurid ustíiteof the jícndencyof ritftrpgf itWftV and th hearing the-ee'f, by cn'ising a copyof'thi order V' be publishcd in the Michigan Argus, u nèwBpapcr printed and circulating in sai County, four sucefcssive. week previuus tosaid dn-y of henring. , ■ (A truecopy.) EÏRAM J. BEAKES, 1402 J.ílge oí Probate. Estafé of Samuel b! Wolcoti OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of AVashtenaw, sa 0 At a sf'.siHii of the Probate Court for the County of AVashtenaw, hdldun at the Probate OtRce, in the city of Ann A rbor, on Ntonday, the twenty-fifth day of November, in the year ono thousand eight hundred and scvonty-two. Present, TI ir un J. Bnakcs, Judgeof Probate. In the matter of theetateof Samuel B. Woloott, deceased. Amariah C'onklin, Adminintrator ol aid eetate, com#s intoCourtJindrepreBentsthat he, is now prepared to render hi EflnSwMOtint as such AfiTrrfuistrator. Thcrcnponit isordercd, that Monday, the twentythird day of December next, at tun o'clock in the forenoon, bc assigned tor cxnminingand allowing uuch aeaccount, and that the heirs at law of bhW deceaaed, and ;tll other persons intérested .in said 'estafe; uro requirrd to apienr rt session of F.iid Court, then to be holden at the lrobate OÜice, in tho City of Ann Arbor, in snid county, and show cauwo, if any thore be, why the suid accuut liOTild no( be allowod. And it is further ordered,1 thntnuid Adrnïni!itr:itorgivc'ittitothe'ptsona interestod Ín suidestateiof the pendency of said account andthe henring thereof, by causiug acopy of thi order to be publichcd !ti tho Michigan Argüí, a newspaper prlntl and circulating in soid Countyv thiee xicwive wcolta preyians trv said dav of Hearinr. l, (A trae. eopTJ HIRS MT J. BEAK Efl, HOT Judge of Probate'-' Sa Prvon cmi Inkr tlicBr Bitters acconïJnjr lo dlrcctlobs, and romuiri long uhwell. providoil thcir bonea nre not ilestroycd by mtnvrel poifton or ot!i:T meam, and vital orgaus astcil bevoml tlie pciint of repair. Dvpcpln or IixHscsflon. Hialarhi. Pap in thi SIloilMoi-x, (Xmglwi, TícIiIbím M the Chfo, Dtezhiess. Soiir Enictivísorií f fho Somsdi, fiad Taste In the Moutli. liiliuns AttackH, l'alpitatlon of the Ileart, lunaniniatiou nf the l.unï. I'ain in tlie región of tlie Kiilneys. and a liODdreil otlier painful ByroptomA, are the oir-spriiïrs of Dvspepsi. Ono bottlc'tiH prove s tutter suavautce of it-s mcrits i, tlun a Ictifiiliv adveitisenipnl For Kciinile in)lnliiii. in vmini? of'Mf. moiTICd ui' sinsrle, at the davn i womaliootl, or the turn of life. these Tonic Hitters lilsplay io 1 deeiiloM an mnuuce that iinprove.msnt u soou perpepfti'uK . Vm 'fiiflnniinntory nllrf Cliitrmfc Itlicnmatisiii unil (out. Hiliolis. Keniittent and Ínteriniticni Kever. Dlsëases 6f lic Blood, IjTcr, Kidni'.vii ninl Bladder, these Haier hve no ciiuiii. Su'ch iJtseascs are causeil hy Vltiated Klood. ' T!iey nvc. n geilde PurjrntlTc ns wcffl IT i Tonlc, pomesslnx the merll nf actiiiK as a yowrrful airent in rellevlBg CBugestlon or Innam' matioaof the Liver kjkI Vbceral Organs, and in BiliouDisrase-i. for Skin Ulstnaes Eimpüona. Tetter. S.-tliRheutn. Blotcbea, Spots, Pliuriles.' Pnstulrs, Hoils, CarlmnckM. Rlllg-wonna, Scald-Mea', 8ore Kyes. Krvsipélas. Itch. Setirfs. Diseninratioiis ofthe Skin, Rumor and Disensos of tlie Skin of whatever name er wirerf, are liirrally dus up and carried oot : ef the nl;uv ki a. shuit time. lij' the U8O of tlictw Iüttcrs Cían lul Tiionami)! proclaim Vinerar BcrTIM the most womlcrful Invigorant thal ever snstuincil the sinkinir systein. II. 11. MeDONAUD &. CO. Druppists amf Cen. AffCS-i Km Francisco, Cal., k cor. of Washington ana (Miarlton Sts., N.Y. 8OI-D HY All. lKL"C(iU-.!'S A HKALERS. THE"LIGHT RUNWIWff'ft- 'Domeitic" S, M. Co., 96 Chamicéis St. N. Y.. or 214 Jeffersou Ave. Detroit, Mich. 1395m3 C fn Í9I) per dnjl Apents wantod I An ffi lu ?' claimm of orklng people, of cithrr 8cx, younp or otL makc uiorc money at work for us in their spare moments or uil the time, than at anytlüiielye. Farticulors froe. Addxeaa J. Stiiuou tt Co IVriliunl. iluiue. WAL. WHERB ARK YOUGOIKO? DOWN TO the Farmers' Store where Ihey have jnitreceivcd Buch lots of New (Joods : why they are so ■heap yon can get as mnch for A0 ceiitB iiï I re- Ooods there ns yon sil gei for 51. CO at iuiy other tof a Ia thlicounly. rpHE LARGEST Í Most Elegant f AND . MU( II THE CHEAPESf Stock of First-Class Superb lïWfc M Coloré EYER EXHIBITED IN THIÍ MARKET IS Af MAC & SCHMIDI. A Rape Chance? TO LET. A large and modern new Grocery ?toreln Bachoc Block, Detro t Street. Vnd.ubtctllv ttacbeit kwtlsn in that part of the city for unid I ns'.neu. A tooi lnrge cellar an1 (new barn atlaehed lo the prrnim. The rent is'SiO) 'ytxttf, to bc taken in groterl lot my faimlv usè. , . Al" (Ine new Meat Markct, hH coTHTVet, jolnlt; mi block, with modern tmyrovenWnt, nitrbk uHf. &Í . , large ntw ()! hjjuac, Inrge brick clitern ui' cellar, new Itf.rti .vul all rfml?fr n9f "' IH family rooreá ulxwt. Store renta for $2 jeulj ; Uki-n in meat for .ij fatf.Tiy se. Alan a Mimll store iu uiy block, houiei, rooni,,' to let. , j,, FOK SALE.- Three g"od lárge cni([i or ftf. horsei, one flne new carriace, bugKiei(wagom,UfSilnc tooi. Also three stxl ÍBOW, Í4Otf Ingiin-eofL-KBeCHCt Justirc of the Peace, Onirfc nf ntw'Toiock, North of CourtHotfW' M6ney collectcikad prompily pnid ovn. nrèrtTRAüréE agkiít. . Trinmph,, 5HÍS Ilibcrnii, W." I have S'i acres of land of a mlíe frotf th W 'innts, flnely loented for frutt or garden pnrpoMi. .VöWsires. . , Afso W aerep, with h'mse and barn.tnJ11''1' streara of wkrrunnin:;'thr ugh the barn yrf60 a -fes; icük nal. 1 'wíl í el I un y or ni 1 Ibe aboc chep, or eiclUJi for city proporiy. A li.74 JArfKSMcSTAHOS. i tWí wMí3:geJoflerJ foronle. on reMonnlUtn1 1 Hiö Kesidence in this Cit Corner of División and LilxTty &' A mot deninible location, n3i!i or tïblt prop' He éftjR Enquire oh tho Premise. 1 i.itcil Aun Arbor, Octobcr 9th, 1975. DAVID HENNIS0' I.!9.1tS É F RE Í- ïh i Beatón has rauwl li!li'ilJ0!l.ïJ& sxrrAifc Cütnpnnie, and thosetlial wnnt, , l'uf line inauml in n Coinpany thnt doeun' "" iS? blit dweilen, lioniil ins-ito in the WATERTOWN COMPAM It ia a Firet-Clas Coinpunf nn.l' tnd biK " Iiuttirnnce I.itn. . . ,'-'■ Xfí the biKftiem portion of all the "".rb country may burn wp and thi Compnoy o'" ,WIy Aoled. It is one of the flnest Conipnnie re' : Cnll on C. II. ThompoD,iï1"' Arbor, . . P. S - Tn Cbmpnny tkc the bent nikü0 nrot rob Yvier to puy Paul. tt u% Office No. li, t A. A. Terry'nnftUtorf.ti" Strcot. HOW Real Estáte for Sale Tira voln b yciíat5humkstkaj. Near the northeast corner of the Cour "' b!c cquare. Thi pjnporty will be eold t 'e'rtiai, prices, in lots sultablc for a recidence. or i ne purposes. Also lots on Miller Aenaee TumV green house. Also a Farm of 160 Aerea, , Well watered and fênced,' wlth goi oKlIí,. tí fair buildings, w+thinamile of the Cnart B"" Bt.Johns, Michigan, andseveral ■"A-ilp ïiiie and oak timtwred laudsïn Sagmaw - ICIchiicuii Inauireof K.w.cBHrtOX lMOmfi C. A. CHAPÍN . NEWGRÖCERYSTOKETHE nndersigned ho opelied in SIcM'L, BLOCK, north eid el (ourt House 61U" ruil stock of G-roceries and Provisión Whiih irill b sold nt the lowt rITie higlicnt prirc pnid tor Country TrodueeAan Arbor, Ot. Kth, ïi. „t IMto GEORGKïH. TÑFAUT, I!1 VOB WISETOGET AHJ ti, 1 andget the worth of v"nr mency, r' „„j, to the h'armers1 Store where they se k cheapcr IU.


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