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als in Detroit, Bufialo, nnd Cleveland; tt n 183G, under the provisions of its tl ?r, the stockholders voted thal its stock p ïould be raised to $500,000, and in r janee of this resolution, called in t 00 of the ncw stock, ar. it was called, p hich was principnlly subscribed by capalists iti the State of New York, who e aid in their money in good failh, but c om their position were unable '.o c ol its act ion. The State adopted it as n je depositary of its funda, crealed its t ashier Fiscal Agent of the Siate, who, t 1 conjunciion wilh thé State officers, c sndered it a mere engine of pnrty, and s might have Deen e.tpected, it fa i led in L ie winter of 1839, beíng then indcb;ed .s j the State more than S500,00Ó and a } irge amourit to private creditors. lfs t ssets consisted of advandes tó office j rs and political gamblers, and claims , gainst the Wildcat Banks for advances j lade at the express instance of the SUiíe ( xpc'utive to sustain them for party os es. A commission was created by ( he Legislatureof 1839 to settle with the iank, bul the terms required wcre such is it was wholly unable to cornply with, . ind an injunction was obtained ogaiósl t n July, 1839. In the winter of 1840, nother commission was created by the Legislature vith power to commutej if ihey deemed it expedient, and declaring that if the Bank should setüc with said oommissioners under that act, and should resume specie payments on or before the lsí day of April, 1841, then their charter should remain valid, and not liable to forfeiture for any thing done or sufFered ! before resumption. In May, 1840, (he Bank having laid before the commissioners a full statement of all their assets, real and personal, proposed to said officers, to assign to them „.,,-.1, o nnnlinn nf tKAÍl nSQRtS S5 shoilld


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