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The AtianlieMonifdy opens with.The Fight of a Maa with a Rallroad, by JohnJA. Coleman an arttcle which is belng quite generally coplecl by leadlng Jouruals, and wlth comments not at all favorable to rallroad management ot rathcr mlsmanagement ; followed by Common Ornament! by Charlea Akers ; Forest Plctnres, poem, by Paul H. Hayne: A Comedy ofTerrors, concluded, by James DeMUle; An Insplred LobbyUt( by J. W. DeForest ; Before the Wedding] poem,, by Marlan Douglas ; Jesults Mtsslon of Onondaga In 1654, by Francia Parkman ; The Saadow ot Doom, poem, by Celia Thuxtork;J Meeting of Jefferson and Hamllton, by James Parton, glvlng a com plcte and lnclslye analysis of Hamllton's character and views at the time Jeffereon wi'nt to Tïiw York to enter uoon the charge of bis duties as Becretary of State ; Einpty, a poera, by Edgar Fawcett ; Tbc Poet at the Breakfast Table, conclmliJ, by Ollver Wendell Holme : Sbater John, by Mrs. E. B. Raffensp erger; Reviews aud Notes oa Art, Muslc, Science and Politics. A new volume - thexxxi. - wlll comraencc wtth the next or January number wlth numerous attractlve features. Now Is tlie time to subscribe, f4 a tear; two cop es, $7. James R. Osoood & Co., Boston' The Arods and tin: Atlantic for $5. Fram the same we have Our Toung Folkt, capitally illustrated and gtufled wlth gooOhings. A Chance for Himself Isconcluded, but in the coming volume llr. Trowbrldge will carry the same characters through au. other serial,- "Domg Hl Best." Papa's Thanksglving Story, Sccnes in Slum, Our Llttle Womeu, The Story of a Star, but why enumérate, all arelgood. Subscribe for 1873. $2 a year. With the Abgcs, }3 50. - The opening article Ín Scnbner'i Monthly, New Ways in the oíd Dominion - The Chesapeake andOhio, by Jccl. Hotchkiss, Ib vcry rcadablc, and is made more interest, ing by 30 Uno illustrntiuiis of natural scene. ry along the "ncw way." Tlieu we have : A Peep at thc Bird Shops, be Emerson EllckStern3, with ülustratious; the seooinl chapter of Arthur Bonnlcastle, Dr. Hollaiul's ncw serial, whlch Ín style and substance Ís ful I of promise ; A Tramp with Tyndall, by C. ; One of Miss. Widgery's Evenings, by Miss IsabellaT. Hopklns; At His Gates, by Mrs. Oliphant, concluded; Stories of the Irisli Sinuifíflers, by James Anthony Fronde; The Demons o tha ShadOw, by Moncure D. Couway; and Mother Goose, Ilustra tod, by M. B. A. Also poems í Divprced, by Hose Terry ; A n Iritfuder, by Hlram Itich ; O'Murtugh, by Kotiert Bllchanán : " Finís Coronat Opus," by H. R' Bowker ; with the Topics of the Time, Oíd (Jubinet, Home and Society, Nature and Science Culture and Progress pages or departmeuts fllled wltli seasonable and well seasoned intiUcr.1 This Is gbod time to subscribe for Uie new year. $4 a year. Sckibnbr & Co., (Jö4 Broadway, New York. The Akgus and ücribner, f5. - iThe EcUÍctic I embdllslied wlh a por trait of Norman McLcoit, and hns among other papers : Present Pilase of Prehistorie Archajoloffy, BritUh Quarterly ; Thoughts u pon Government, by Arthur Helps, MnuUan'í.MagazÍ7ie' Legendsof Oíd America, Cornhill Magazine ; On the Aira and Instruments of Scientifl.c Tlionght, by Prof. W, K. Clitford, MacmtttHh't Magazine : Stranff Adveutures of a Phaiton, chap'. xxvu: xxix., by William Black Madame efe Lafuyette, Bbtckicood ; Art aml Morallty, byT. A Slmcox; News from the Stars, by lïichard Proctor : Poetry, Notes on Iiitera- ture, Science, Art, etc. The number closoe a brllliant volume - the 79th - alroost a IIbrary in Itself, Pinbodying the cfeam of fereign llteratnre fron1i year tó' year. No other montlily ivès such' a' ïèsume of foreign literature. In thc year to come it la promised that Increasod attention will bé pald to Science, while Essays, Ri;vlewá, Sketches, frrial and Short Storits will re, ceive due altvntion. Now is a fnvornb'le timo to subscribe, fo a year. E. R PkÍJton-, J08 Fnltoti strceL New. York. The Anocs nnd the EcUelie for $5 50. - The Vatholic World hn-i : The Spirit of Protcstantlsm, Flenranro, Dante's Purpi torio. Stinskrit and the Verin, The House that Jack Built, St. Petei's Hoinan.PqntiB c:te, The Progressionlsts, Christlan Art oí the Ciitacombs, Beatihí: thp Air, A Retrosfiect.The Ruian C'efsy.Tho Oross throngh ; Lovp nnd Lote tlirongli the Cross, sljn.s of the Tifrití. lesser anieles, nnd Reviews. $5 a year. Cntholie Pnblicntion Society, 9 Warren Strt-it, JTew York. Lawuknck Ivehoe, General Agent. - Arthnr's IJome Jfttgcilihf éoïlt&lns thc opening chapteis of a néw serial by vlward Garrett. Crooked Places ; A Story of Strngdies and Uopes," whlch promisos to be of srofU interest, and lts other coníents are of usual variety aifd excellence, For 1)478 Ihe marazlne is to bc cnlargi-d nd llltiHtrateri. T. S. Arthnr, Miss Vir-jlnla F. Townscnri, llosella Hice, and other favoritos will glvc it their best cfforts and .Miss Plpsisslway Potts, autlior of "Other Fcöple's Windows" will commence n now series of px;r,s with the iipw year f2 50 a year, with a Ijeautlful steel enprnvlng, "The Chrintlan Gntce" to each snbscrlbcr. T. S. Artiiuh & So, Philadelphla. , From the same pubUofcTs Jr. also have the cu-rent nnm'bcr of Tlie Childrerí TTour, a benntifiil masazlue and iustly a favor; te wir.hjill chilcfrcn. . $125 a .yenr; flve ro;iies, $5, and tliD "Chri'tlan Grvces" lo the uetter p of the club. Address as nbove. - The Nuraeri is heantlfiit In ptctjnre, print and p.ipoi nnrt deHRlitfli'l in contenta, suro ti tiinke tlié thri'p, foor and flve yearolfls clap tlieir hsnrls for joy. Amons lts (irti rlosnrc: Tlio Rook thnt Aiint Miirv;spnt, Tjlttle Ilonrr Acnontlip Mountnins, Chnr lev and Fi'lo. Mftnd nnrt the Cricket. Mnthr's Chrisnms Present, When Snnta Clans Cnmos. Pon't fail to ordpr lt lor 1873 for yonr yonnasfor. $1 50 a yenr. Jouk Xj. SnonEY,36 Rromdcld street, Boston. The Nunery and the Aitous for $3.


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