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Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Press. King's Yards, Monday, Not. 16. The arrivals tliis week aioount to 785 head oí cntl! 440 heepnnd 143 hogu. As UHual the market w.-vb over sunplied with n rliu of entile that indicittd the drovers had broiwht in the last scalawajfs they could tiltil . hm there were but few entilo which were tfood second cIbhs so far as fatnese concerned. Only one lond wa bought to t-hip Kast in these yards to-day. We quote a decline ot y centA per hundred on all grades. 'Diere were over 100 heud lef t over nut sold at the close of the market. BEEVES. First quality (3 5IV34 00 St1 ftnd'inalïty 3 O' f.t.t 25 Thirdtiuulity J 25@2 75 sniEP. 11 :.t atont !ut Wu.-k's $3 25.4 2i per bUl d :'lnoGs. Have dcclined 50 cenU por hun lred since last Monday. Thcy are Bcllmg at ,3.t2(s i.'J" per htiudred. nivrmiiT produce uahki:t. litcsKiuotation for leading articlet of country preduce- November 2sth, are as follows: Wheat- white, $1.00#l.G5 unbei, H.4.% Daui.ey- #1.40@1.60 per contal. Rïe - 05(tí7Oo per bu CO6S- 454'1c. Oats -33@3i. l'OTATOKH- 75@9O. OSIONS- 38"Oc. Hat- Í18(a2(. BüTTKR- 16iaj2e. Koe- 2(k47c. I,ard- 7(SKc. Hosr.ï-2?32c.


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