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Carbolic Acid And Poultry

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Of the many discoveruB whioh toiene has givon to tlio proont age, no articl has so mj)idly grown in favor as carboli acid, - a product of the distillation o eoul-tar, for tho production of naphth; benzine, eto. lts iheniical proporties ar numorous, ; it is aliku an antiaeptic am disinfectaut ; and, too, whenover anc wbcrever brought into contact with them it iscortuin death to all kinds ot insect To tliis point, in connection with poultr and poultry-houses, wc desiro to direct th atteulion of our readers. All arattteu and poultry brecders aro but too we awaro that parasites aro the pest of pon try-houses, more especially in towns BB( citiort where poultry aio kt pt in coniirir( liinits. Without, as the ownef think any real cause, tho íowls begin to droo and look sickly, and, after awhile, .one b ono die off. He then becomes alarmec oxaniineH them, and finds them covertc with parasites ; he looks into his fowl house and examine the cracks andehink in thü boards, and flnds them iilled wit insecte, - living insects ; he is sstonished he can not account for it, and Uien th qnestioB ariaes in his mind, " How can get nd of them '{ " fcores of times within the last few montha has this question been asked o un, and onr answer invariably has boen use carbolic acid. But how to uao it is matter of itnportance. There oan bs n doubt about ita etficacy, but it beoom cvery one to exercise care in handling it The acid is sold by all druggists in it crystalline and liquid forin. ín er j sta it dissolves in twenty times its weigbt i water, - that is, one ounce of the crystal rcqniree twenty onnces of water to dis solve them. Thus diseolred, it is ectirel, too strong for ordinary use. Dr. Emerson gives recipes for prepar ing this powder for disiniecting and oth er purposea. As a whitewash for walls, for protoction against iusects, bugs, etc, he saya : " Put three onncca of carbolic acid in 12 quarts of limo-water, and whitewash the walls of the poultry-hoase well with this wash, and no living parasite will then bu secn, - their death is inevitable. A weak solution may bo made to wah fowls in ; one part of the acid to aixty parts of warm water ; let it cool, and then dip the fowls in until tho i'eathers becoine thoroughly wet and the solution reaches every part of the body. Aftorward placo the fowls on clean dry straw, where the sun will reaeh them, until they are dry. " Another form in which it is recommended to use it i in soap. Theso soaps are for saleby varioias manufacturéis, and havo a high reputation for cleansing animáis and tho euro of skin diseases. A mode of rmiking this soap isasfollows: "Dissolvo three lbs. of common bar soap in hot water, add two or three onnces of carbolic acid, according to the strength desired. Allow to cool as usual in inakng hard soap. As these preparations may be bought ready prepared, and as ;he carbolic acid is by no ineans asafear:irie to keep about the house, we would adviso persons to buy ratner thau attempt :o make them, except in the case of whitewash, when they must tret the Dure


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