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The Delight Of Dancing

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Dancing is pcrhaps the oldost amuse ment in the world, and too natural not to outlive all opposition ; yet.while we oftcn hear it disparaged, wc scarcely ovor hoar it defencïedfor its extreme rcasonabieness A small book entitled "Dancing in a High Spirit," is the only attempt of the kind i have met with, but the author hasgreatli limitcd. hitnself by consideriug the question in one dircction only. Whilst very rightly and sensibly reminding lis how dancing was a religious pastime araong the Jows, and how it is nowhore forbidden, but ral her commended in the Bible, ho leaves untouched any consideration apart from the Bible ; yet much may bs said in favor of dancing from an artistic point of view.As beauty of color to the eye, as swcet sounds to the car, so it is the luxury of quick, easy motion, to the healthy frame. All young things delight to skip and dance. Whcn it hears miioK, lively music, tho child must dunce ; it is an irresistible, spontaneous instinct, as much as to use its young voice and shout and laugh and sing out its merriment. It is the first praise of tho child to its Creator. By enjoying the lifo he gives it the cbild unwittingly, unccni-eiously, iraises him in its biighii, swift motion, as iereaft( r it will do consciously in a ma;urer foTm by the life it will lead to his glory. So, in the childhood of monkind, men danced before God in the full joy of heir hearts. It was a kind of praise to xod from these children of tho earth's arlier days, nnd as much the right and natnral mode for thrni to express praise, as it is now the right and natnral mode 'or children to enjoy themselves. "VVhntrvcr givBa us highest enjoymentis most appropriately connected with religon ; aid as physioal enjoymynt oomes bebre mental, dancing formed a part of regious ceremonial before more recondite ituals or more abstract ideas superseBed t. When that time came, dancing slipioü out of the religious sphero. And not nly that, but in procesa of time a grim lieology, which would banish all chfer'ulness from life, did its best to condemn ancinpr, together with mnny other innoent and natural amsements, as sin. But such glooiny views of thinga are oo unnatuil to retain tin? world in their )ondage, so dancing is still an rnjoyment o thoLsands; and when nature's pre&mient right of guidance is more and more ecognized, dancing will again assuuie its lace amongst the arts which add beauty and juy to our lives, and, though no longer amongst tHe rites of religión, will, far from being consideTod hurtful to thn relie;ious sentimeut, be sean to Be a furtherance thereof in tlio same nianncr as ara üaintiner. mnsio. and all other branches of


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