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nn the lattér have tö charge theirs to e State. The Auditor General nml thti isca) Agent of the State werc both act.g Director óf the Stnte Bank at thW me of its failure, and for a long timo revious! Now to my apprehension, it would be_ -jcally just, were yoU to attr cl; a mor-' ham of good character and rredit, beuisè you knew a man, of the same a?ne, six years ago, who was a knave- here would be just as much relntion be,veen them, as between the State Bank f 1839, and the State Bank of 18-15. 1 know it is a favorite maxim with a ertain claas of politicians, that the only afegunrd to banks is to renderthe stocktolders personally lioble for the debts of he bank. Oa this subject, however, liere is a great diversity of opinión: - it v'ül certainly tend to limit the numberof toc-kholders, as in Khode lslandr to two ir three persons; - or it will throw the tock into, nomiiuil hutifln, who, in the vent of failure, will bc found irresponsi)le. The New England banks, without per;onnl liahility, (except in Rhode Islnnd,) .vithuut Safety Futid, (oxcept in VernoiH,) and without any security, cxceptng the limited number of cliarters grantd, have sustained themselves through the most disasirous periods of our history, and will compare, to great advantage, _ . 1. %.f IL Cl _ k .. 1. Jrt ..,- t i-tW


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