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An Intruder

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fiübyhaabeei ms- Baby Anniu on t)ie wing- In my 1 í,lo lü'invy, Plundering and rereling. Anuid dear, the darling w il ■ lts- llut m haa a ■ ii:i she gets among my booka. Half the thi i : ' ttema Lesea lx Ing Uian ThcrfBgftin tcry, "M booka; Annii whata rogue you nro ! " 11 Nu. na " papa oriea in vain : l im n the d&snty folomes tomo; j'uj' i, here yon are no i i am que a u baby-dom, ■ iy Johnflon lioa iTi pviof belais; Ueine8 tbumbïug Thóokeray. Whittíer, O poet rare : ïhou luist nnuiy pagve h ]ln' ir' uil woro ffooe bul I hold and chann or blees. Baby witti the doublé crown, itei hauuted erOBj Papa's - ■■ ■■■■ um. polunl"trewa, is lu thee a ParadiflO. . ■■ thee when I feol ii and lipe upon me preajied Bweel sa ii, aben nir DIüwu iïoni harbofs of the biest. " rpH.!' aometntne whispèrs mo, " lieiterevöry Inden aheli itiAcl by lic-r baby hands Tiian the house uil to thyeelf.11 'or December


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