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ion. Wethink, if somewhoro elsc, we COuld havo don ter. Tliis niun listons with delight to Wirt Dexter or Wendell l'hillips to say in tho depths of liis hcart "Oh ! if I only woro a public speaker," - and that woman grievea because sho has not been placed i:i thc position of a Mary Carpentor or a Mary Wells; and that man looka upen tho charities of Mr. Líenos or Mr. Astor to soy, "Oh! if I were only amillionaire;" and another reads of Oberlin or Madam Guión to say, "Oh ! if I only knew his practical suceoss or hor raptare of devotion." TÍiis is all dolusion. Itisnotthe gigantic temple ; it is not the gift upon tho alter ; it is tho spirit that sanotifiea the gift, altar and templo - qnality not qu.uúity. The temple h nothing, tho altar is nothing, tho gií't i.s nothing : bufc tho psalm that was sung when the gift was laid therp, or thc spirit of tho prayer which saiil "God help us," is eterna]. Have you in somo inidnight walk looked ainong a thousands atara above, and in the rap turo of tho stillnees, said : "I ara not alone; líe. U also here who hung them ín their spheres." That íuom companiori3hip raay givo you strongth for alifo of duty made sacred now to Him. Can you in the midst of to-morrow'scomínonplaoo, givo a now turn to sorao lifo to day voy droamy - now hopo to somo hcart, to-day breaking 'i Why, tliat auccesa is one of God's successos - infinite. In tho inoniont it is wrought, and. from that inomeat, God cóunts you amor archangels. Can you, because lie is, aiid you aro His child, put away this selíish purpose that, with puro lovo, you may stay and strengthen yonderbro; ed brother of yours, that his hfe may turn upwaid also, and hopo bo ronewed - why though you make this aaorifleo in tho depths of penuiy, as this widow did, vou you hare giren all y i . ahe givo -tho very Ufe; and tho lifo of God's child is tho iniinito blessing. How tnany people say that they do not foel sure that they have seen God, or that they have lieard of God but know notliing of Him. They have read thia oí' that hymn. Therc aro expresaiona in both which they know God i;si::!, but do they cateh the full torco of what St. John saya : "Every ono that liveth is born of th God." You, myfriends, w'no do not know that you are born af God, or, if you know Qod, do you know if you evor loved. when you had youv Babe child Ín your arma, and you were rocking her the night throngh, do yon know od herí Did yon love her with an infinito lova that woukl give your lifo to her Ufe? "Tes." Then in that perfection of lovo of your bal have enterad hito tho infinite lífe, and froni that monient also you :; (lií! infinite and eternal beings.


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