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Be Happy Now

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JTow oíd aro you i Twenty-fivo ? - Thir( y V Are yon happy today? Wero yon happy yesterduy 'i Aro you gen happy 'i It' so, you have n áson to judge that you will be happy by and by. Are. you so buay that you havo no timo to bo happy ? And aro you going to be happy when yon are ola and yoü have notso muoh to do ': "o, you wül not. You now havo a specimen of whatyou will be wheu you aro oíd. Look iu tho face of to day. a about the average. That wil! teil you what you ure goinr I i bs. What you are carrying along with you i-! wliat you will liavo by and hy. It' voor are so loting yourself that you have peaoe with God, and with your fellow m n, and with your faonlties, if every day you insist that your daty shall niaki' .-. and you take as imicli tin:o as is noedful for tho culture of your sccial faculties, you will not be exhaugting lifo, andit will bo continually rcpïon: E you aro Bi rytbing v.y till you get to I d not ! n ( any iaën llicro aro tvio und tri ma that tliuy might bc happy byand by, bnt who, when they get to be fifty orsixty oíd, had iiso.l up all tho enjoyablc nervo that was in thom. Durinpr thoii early lifu thoy oarriod toil, economy and irugality to tho excess of stinginess and when Ü)o time carao thnt thoy expectcd


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