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A Demand From The Emperor Of Russia

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You say you desire a new bank anti not the revival of nn od onet Tnis is aew, exccpt in name- it has new stock hol . er?, Dew d'rcctors, new otTicers and new capital, it requires only a ncib name to' render it acceptable to you, and that its owners have no power to give it K. For the Signal tf" Liberty. REFLECTIONS ON THM FALL OF ANC1ENT KLNCÍDOMS. ïïiit O the ravages óf titr.c! Wiiere are the anoient nationá lied? 1 go upon Ihe wina of iraaginatiun. tili several leagues below I vvhere the Scarnander comes like a mighty ! sleed, -fosHimg and thunderin ihrough the awful cliasm, in the descent of mount 3arfjaros. I siand upon the plain where once j stood Troy. Troy's wallaseem to enclose me..-. Theshade? of Héctor snd his host páss swilïly by with a shüut. It is the s!ioiit of desperatïon. Tlie Greekf by frand havo pased the


Signal of Liberty
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