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- Tho President rccommcnds the modification of the franking priviligo " so as to correct its glaring and costly abuses : " meaaing wc sapposc tho franking of old and new clothes and tbegiving or sclling i to personal friends or poUtkal associates. His modificación will be as objectionable to Congressman as Postmastcr-Gpncral Crcssweirs recofnnTendations Dtire abolition. The franking teat is not to bo let go of. - The President is called upon to in'■ ibaraa alfairs. Keaüon : two Legislatures. What of it? Insuri and iuvasioH aro the two contitutional eiisss warninting the general Government to interiore with the &tate. Is there either in Alabama? - General CresweU TKgea Uongress to próvido at this session for the parchase oí' all the telegraph lines in tho country. T!io patronage of tlio Gfovermnenf sliould ba dimiinslied ïatlKjr than increasud. -- Boutvcll, Butler, Daies, Hoar, and we don't know liow inany moro aspiring and hu-ngry Eadioale, each and all Tvunt tho eeat Vics-Presidcnt-to-be NVilson is oate iu the tíenato on the lth oi ch. - Eev. Georgo McDonald novalist and lecturer, is " dick with a i'evor " at a í'iiunds residenoe near New Yotk, and his physician s;iys that it will be neces:sary for kim to cease lecturing for two or three weeks. - It is now charged that Mrs. ! D. Fair tricd to hirc a waitaP to poison Judgo Dwinnelle, to prevent him j)residing at her second trial, fthe promised to marry tho waiter in case of her ncquittal.■ - The National Banks of Michigan havo a circiilation of S7,0S2,943 ; tho cireulation of the State banks has been taxcd out of existence for tho benefit oí the "natic-nal" monopoliets - Bosli : Tho talk in somo of tho journals of Ibis State about tho stain of repudiation attaching to tho State bec;:i the rcjeclion of the railrotid aid amendment to the Constitution. - Thiershas taken "the sotior peennd thonsflit" and concluded not to rosign' f his Ministers wiil dnljessíst him in lioldinjr or.. Just iik(! :in American officeiiolil-r, Ihat's a fnct.- ITepworth ï)ix:on has obtained n verdict of one fartbing in a libel snit, fagainst the Paü Mali Cozette: a siïïall Ilastor for a IargS v.'oimil. - Tlio London Eronomisl can seo that "(ii). Grant will havo a chance of a third term Buotl as kis ])redeoeS3ors have nver eDJoj - A monument and ptntne to Gen. Meade is to be erected at Gettyeburg nnrlrr tho auspicesof the Gkittysbarg Battlefield Memorial Assoniation. - Five huDilrcd laborers were d'ised froni (ho Charlestown (Si Nayy Yard oh Satu-rday last. Ko more votinp: waiiteá'. , - Éight hundred men were ííacliarged froni the Brooklyn Navy Yard on :; doy ltïst. Ti; y Ttad uil votcd for Grant. - Tho balance in the State Trensury mber30th, at the closo of business 776,'599,89- Tho ComptroTler of the rnportsthe circulation of the National Banks 'IIT.ITD. - 6 ■'!- 1 cents : fhat is thn avcrapre cost per letter for delivery in New érleaOB. Hts - Xew York Cily and county pay 43 judges aggregate salaries of $537,500. - E;-Comptroller hns gono to Spain lo pass tho remaindor of bis days. -Woodhull and Claflin havo been roleascd on ';


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