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_ Wcatlur mi UI. _ The Umvcrsity and public schools are ■In n fefcteltjÜ. _ Btelghlog for the last few days- but track wanfB greasiog. - That beuutiful Chromo, " Our VarUngr GW premHimWeture, can beseen nt the Aur.vs office. _ C. Mn.i.icx makes a bid in tliis week's Aiu:s' adverli.slng columns for a share of the holidny trade. - Next wok Btbvbbbom comes agnl", tlila time with Habrt Lihdb as star. Bil plays are favorltes. See ui. _ Judge Hioby and a jury h:ive been at work on 'the issues of fact Blnce Monday. The second jury case was on yesterday. _ The State tax to be eollected in this couuty this ycar is 0,619,10 greater tliau last year ; and the Oouttty tax $4,81S,0G ' __ Harry Bterfcr." That's how the Detroit Tribune Énglishes Uangsterfer. May wc repeat the somewhat stale Inquir.v, " what's in a name?" - IThe horie epidemie is abatlng in this vicinity. The city Stabiel are working all their horses, and more teams Irom the country appear on the streets. _ yiek't Floral UuUlefor 1873 is abeautiful speclmenof typograliv.and press-work besides being full of instnictiou lor the floralist or gardener. See card in Baslness Notlcc Cohüini. _ $4 50 wiü piüj for the Auoüs and üoWojf' Lady'i Kook for 1878, and the subscribcr wlll get in addition a beautiful (mouuted) oll Chromo, "Our Darling." Now is the time to subscribe. "TT The Bldcwalka have remalned covcred with ice and snow for several days, contrary to the provlsions of a certalo city ordinance. Atiesare belng deposiled In the streets- in violaüon of unother ordinance. _ John E. Owf.ns had a Une house on Thursday evenlng of last week- hls secoud nppearance, and nll were captivated by his Venderiiig-of his favorite charactai- "Boloo Bhlngle." In his line Mr. Owkss has uo superior. - The thlrd lecture In the John Knox 'commemoratlve course is to be delUx-red lu thé Presbyterlan Churcii, on Tuesday evenlng next, Dec. WHh, by Rev. BAXrtiET, W. Diiiiici.i). Subject: Mak'tix LuTnER. - The lecture of Hon. D. Bkthone DufFIKLD, at the Presbyterian clmrcli on TuesdayeveOlDg, was scholarly and nstruetive. lt was bïographlcal and laudntory of JOHM, but gave the peculiar rsllglous tenets pfthe subject-Calvinism-thc go by. - "The ftatlle Fields of Science ; tiiat is the subject of President SVííite's lecture, tobcgivcn to morrow evenlnx, at the M. E. Church, n the S. L. A. course. It is Raid to be one of hls best effurM, and to Ann Arbor pcople that Is saflng enough. A lalige andlence is si;re to greet him. - Tlie Supervisui-s held a special session on Tuesday: to niake a new contract ivith tlYe Detroit House of (Jorrection for the 'lïöard and keep of priBOBers. That being done they took a tilt at the at the proposed new Court House, aml ordered an elcction in the spring, providcd our City shoulders $33,000, as a gift. ■_ Wlio has not hlèa'rd or rena of that rnusical prpdlgy, "Rund Torn?" If we iiave such a reader we can say In brief that the stories toid of his mnslcal powera, of ïiis intuitlon and imitation.liis acute car and von.lerfii! executlÖD ure Indeed marvelous. He ïs annonnced for a concert at the Ope 'ra House on Tuesday evenlug next. The Unitarian Churcli, corner of Fiftli 'mul nu strects, caugliV r" on Tucsday 'evcnlng last, about 9 o.clock, irom the chlmncr whlCb the iurnacc plpc rnters. The alarm was promptly respoi'ded to by Ihe flre compjn'.cs, bot ddnslderable headWay was made by the fire beforothe ciiirin-s c'ould get water- a Very scarce nrticleeven feo near the business ccntci - and commence playing, such lieadway in f;ict tbat we have llttie donblthe building wonld have been )uriied down had not Andiikw Di:Fohkst beèa on hand with hlg portable enme. Taklng position upon the roof of the old Methodist parsonage Bdjolnlag, pails of vatcr were passed up to him and lic played n coiitimioiis stream upon the fire, keeping it in check. Fortunately there was but littleáVr stirring. The cost to til building by Ure and water is cstimated at $400. Inkui'ed in the Globe of London. - A second flre oectned on Friday eve nlng about 9 } o'clock, wlien a dwelllag vas burned on tlic hill la the third ward, at tlie norlh end af BrlüJ slreet There Was no water to be had, but the occupant, n. Mrs. Sii.k, was wakencd aOa got out unInjared, and most of contenta eaved. lnhured Í500 'n thï Oriënt of Hartford, and 5!2OO on contents. This fire also caught froni tiie chinmey. Moral: Look to your chunneys and vote lor Watcr-Worlíá. Á. Vocal and Instrumental Concert wil] iakc place at Hlll'g Opcra'House, Tuesday ëveriing, Dec. 17th, nnder the direction of Mrs. 0. D. Bliss, assisted by Monsieur S. Mazurette, ÚH eminent sol. pianist and composer of Detfólt ; -Mr. Üiciiahd Luden, also from Detroit, the teleWrateÜ violinist, wiio c inay well cali tlie Ole I5ull oí tUcblgan. Jlt-s. Bfuiñ lias also' sécored thf services of sonlc of the best taltnt of Eat Biglöaw and our city, and n-ill in ëvery Way endeávor to inake this a first(siáás entc-rtaifimetft ánd the bost iriusical treat tii the scasoi: We hope our magieloving Citizcns -tvill rtll bi out and show a jusí. apprefcialioh of ltóné falont. Tickets i"or sa'c at Gii.mohe& Fiskk's book Jloffi, and O. Ri,res'}ewelry store. For partlculars; scr; MltR The youiifj ladiesof the Germán Lnthef an Churcli of oflr city, Wlll hold a fair on Wedfaejddf , ThBrsday, Frlday ml Suiurflay, December iÍ,i5,l and the net proceeds of whlcli go towa'fd the outlit of the new Gfefmfan ctnrrch to bs built the toirilnf scason. They wlll híive Cor sale an Excellent (isSoftment of Fffdlfe'á1 hnnttiwork nt fair priecs. Qoocf müsie and irstcluss fefreshraenti. The generovs public are reApectlullj' invitcd to Skfviërs wlll be held in tbe' loWer room of the Unltarian ChOrcíf, ota Snnifay next, at 10:30 ie M., wlien the Pastor, ftet. Mr. ïiituniAM, w'Ill iVrcach on " The Lessons of tf the Ufe of Horaè'ê Gfreelêy." In the afíernoon, at a ffiíarter bcíore 3 o'clock, the (He sc-cond of a conree cf iêctnres on "The Hiver and Lakes of tlic Bóly Land " wlll bc given. There wlll be rellgload servlcee in the evenlng, hen a dlscourM of Coqit.hei,, tin; famous Freacli preacher, írJH be iv:nl. I To the Editor of the A.BOTJ: Iu an oíd book borrowed tor tlie Jinformallou from Prof. Sager, of Michigan Vníversity, wc flnd tlie original of tlic cabalistic ciiaracter on medical prcscrlplidns. SptMlltins of tlic süperStitlons connocted Wlth the hcaliug tít Id formar times, the wrltersays: " Indeed, sdfch was the supposed importance of planetary Intluence tuat it was usual to preilx to recipes -.i s.vmbol of the planet uniler whosc relgn tlic Ingredlents werc to bu collecte;!. Itis not, perhaps, generally knovnl Wat thc cliaracter which we at this day pluce at the liead of our prescrlptlons, and la understood and s'jpposcd to mean " Recipe," is a relie of the astrologlcal symbol oí Jlipiter, as mar be see:i in numy of the dlik-r Works on pharmacy, although it is at present so dlsgolsed by the addirion rif dOWO stroke, which convefU it into the letter 1, that were ít not for thc cloven foot ve mlght be led to question the fact of lts superStltlOUS origin."- l'age 24 Pliarmacol ogia, Johi Ayríou Pai;is, M. !., P. L. S.; H. R. I. From lust London edition.- Lockwbod, N. Y., lS2i We will venture a cdnjectürb, íiiuí invito any otlier opir.ions on this subject wliicli muy further elucídate: lí is the Latín abbreviation for Res, kingí nd it is poSStble tbat, added to the correctnew o( the statement wc hare qnoted, the prefix inay have meant an ihVocatión td Júpiter for thc success ol the mixed remedies directed. M. II. C. Auu Arbor, November 4. The December number of thé Ladies' lie pository has a very beautlfal eogravlng Boniton Lin, BcdtiaBdr and a portrait ol Kev. Joseph Holdich, D. D-. The tablc of contents covers a Vuié rsnge.aiui nchides: Famllar Gllmpses of old England, by Hw Ellzabeth S. Martin ; two moro ehapters of Mr. Rudd, the working man, by Ellzabeth llaywood ; The Frene!5 Church, by W. P. Moot-aS ; A Blrd-Nesting Expedítion In Northern África, lllus.,by Kev. H. B. trisüuüi ; Woman's Work- the %ite lira L. K. Thayev ; Tiie Theater and Ke llglon, by Kev. J. W. Carhart, D. D., Ralph Qregory'8 Wife, by Mw. Julia O Öorrj Itouud Dances ; Mlltou'a Hymn of the Nutiviry, Illas,: A Christmas Hymn ; Watchiug ttiè Chanccs,by Eiskine II. Hamlltou- a story uot ivithqut a moral ; Out of the Blghwaya In the talftèr land, in , by Kev. J.F. Horst; Blenore, poera, by Flora L. Best, wlth a fu!l editorial departmeiit in which Art, Llteratorc, etc, are discussed The liepository is ahvays pure and refloiog as wei! as interesting and Initfutetit and the lïqiosilory standard is not to be lowered the coming year. Now is the time to subscribe. $3 50 a year. IIitciicock & Wamjkx, Cincimiati. Froni thé same, we iiavc the December GoliknlIours,tJalU of good tliings lor the young iolks of the family, iDCludiug Chrlst mas stories and poema, muslc, charades, puzzles, Hurtiiöt'' gossip, &c. Thls magazine sims succcssfully at literaturc " to retino, inspire and elévate the young readers." $2 a year. The Oeerland Monthly for tiecember- the closlng number of the nlnth volume- has a very readab'lá and instructive list of papers, includlng: Isles of the Amazons, iv., poem, by Joaquín Mlller; TheNorth ern California Indiana; vi.; Lost, a story ; Legend of the Montecito grapovinc Anib Literature and LoveLore: Origin ofonr Antiquities, attrlbutlng the monada and forts for whom nelthertbe oldest Inbabl tlint nor the aborigines can aCCDOnt, to the Xorthmen ; Winning the Race, in a Dauble Scuse. a sapltal Btory wlth a genuino California (livor; Living Olaciers In California; Últrawái ín.,- Bay.. Coast ; The Building oí the Unlverslty ; Nol on Literature; Record ofMrtrtlagW and Deaths oothei'acítto Ooast- pecollarly an Ovet land fciitnre, &c. $4 a year. Joiin II. Cakmaky & Go., 409 WashlDgtÖd streit; San Francisco.


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