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Personal.- 3. W. Miyinnl is now IU Vork, buylng soiüé prytty tliiiiga for Cliristmas ___ Vitfc'i Floral Gttidé fV 1873. The Guide is no-.v pnbltolied Qcartekly. 25 cents pays for ihcycar, foofnnmboTS, whtohia not half thi' rost. TIkwc w!io aftcrwanls i-end inoufy to tho ninount of O Miar or movu for Kecds my nlso jrder Twentv-f'vó Cents worth itrn-the price pald for the rïülde. ïho Ja miara XuMUr y 1oaUtful, ftiving plnns for mnliing Riiiái. noMES, Designa for DtRnfS DECónAiioN-s, WlSDoS? G.u:di:.ns, Sa., umi íontainins n iiiHs of nformütion invalunblc to íhu loTcr of govarg. One Ilundrwl an'1 pogfi n Bne (inted paper, otó.Five Hondred Bngrtiogaad a USD Tlate nnd CftsOKO Covr.ll;- Tlic First Editioaof TwolIuxDitED'J'iiorsAMi justprint: iiglisb and Sermón, and i ' "' JAJÍES ICK, Rochestcr, N. Y. ri. TV. r.LLlS & CO. would cali the attenttön of the owners bf horses to lino H SbrM Mclicines. M,l.lN"i..lni-s PÚrifyitá r-.r(ifi : the best Fqwder in ü's'c for Purifyingtbe Blood itnd Preventing Píáeasct Use WALLiKOTOK'S rectoral or ('otígli foíáer, - Uieyareinv! Cenaba and should M used at the lirtt synijitoíii of coiighing. AI1 ntlicr rf(li-inc!s osfi n tltG ,'nvailirif ITorse Epidemie aro kept by us.and sold atreaBonableprioos. Do not delay, or wait for your horso to e t;i!'.in sii-lr, butusethe Great Blood Pnrifler, WAI-tTNI.Td.XS Porlfying Powdar. A)l who liavc usedthemtcstify to reat worth as a Preventivo of Discase. (An ounce of Preventiva i worth a pound of Cure.) The best I.iniment to so on the P wollen Glande and Throat is to be found at our store. Taíce tlio liest. of cure of yom ' P thero wurm and do not cverwork them. Good care and plenty of rest. will go far toward decreasing tlie nnmbcr of sick horsfs.


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