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CiMpSÍ PÍANOS IIAYE TAKEN TIÍ.E FIK3T PEEMIUM OVER ALL COMPETITION IN AMERICA, ENGÍíAÑDj AXl) FRANGE. These Itandard Instruments Are now offerod at Itoduced Bates oí. The One-Price System. 41,000 OF TfiESB Standard Piano IFortes Have Been made and acid sincc 1823, and Eiglity-OiiC First Premiums Have leen awardcd to our Firm OVBE AI. I, COH1 1 i ii(i j'i.'i PioniiS arestUl regnrded and iiniTsrsaU rüribcdcd lo be T1IK STANDJ B$ I V8TRUUEA VS OF Tin: WORLD, and are so prdnaaucca l.v nú ;.-p . ■ ■ ■ - , 'j. Franz Llszl saya: "I consider tlio rhiokenng Piano superior to uiiy made ín Bniopeor Amcricn, a:id iuiilully fonvintud lliiil they wen jiutfy üuLillud to tlie Fb& Eifii. ('liickerlhg & Siíiis' JÍJiníihotii Mntiiifüclory ís mbrc tilín rh-thirl ip.rper thsn fíñ 'otiioj' TianoMniiufactoiJ lii World. hí i=,.in every re■ moet complete ïif regarde mu bmery and the - foi doina the very bat elatt "J ucrk. Mesar, C. & Bonghnve.since the establishmenl pi tlim bttainew in ÍS2.1!, íade and aold 41,000 Ptnnos, ind tlusi: Standard ínstrumi ntoarenow offeíed at reduccd j :1 ■ a upon the " One Frioe Byátsni,' free from all d nnd ; and they are, 1'í'"imí all rr:i.i:ni tho very best aud very chciipest first-class I'uiu'jü how offered. ""n r.:ill especial atteníion to üfcfc UPRIGHT PIANOS, Wliioli ara, fn every onrtisnUr, finet inMruincnli. r Ik manunictiired, nndsecond onlyto thc Graad l'iapqj f"V whi H thejr tí n gooá subtiiuito. Et) l ' ■ j i . Huvralitcd forliTC rearn. CHICHERING & SOTÍ3, Í2 Ei lilh S'., Xew York. :}." l Wnsliiiiffton St., Boston; l400m2 XDO 3STOT EUY BLACK DRESSGDODS Until you havó seen tho richOït and most desirablo assortmont of Kew Mátenlas in óommon, medium, fine, and extra fino Grados, oífered at the lcwcst pricea by MACK & SCHMID. Thc venlici Öf ilV' pulslío is ÍA;t llroy keep tlië mu sí íiád Úesl line in the city J Q. A. SESSION8' ÏSöRAHffl AG1CY. THE Oí. RELIABI.E plWÏNIX INSURANCE CO., HAKÍFOHD, CONN. Boston Iodbcb do not excecd $500 000, which w!U be promutly paúl, as at Chicago. Net cash nsscts, ORE ÁND A HALF MILLIÓN8. c'tKoiSHiTl, Nov. 11.11:15 P. M., l-iTiifi rhor-ni.: of lïnriford will pny its Iïopton loeses projnptly.i ns t dW At Cblcftgo( aud continue to Berra the phbllc and wil. II. A', MAQ1I.L, Qen'l Asout. I T IVKHPOÓL & LONDON & GLOBE lNSURANilE COMPAY. CniC?3Ö, Nov. lStli, 1872: J. Q. Á. SESSION3, Esq., Agont. The lifsi's of thta OomplDy ly tlip Grcat Fircin lío ton. ccvorod by polínica amounting to $lr3y,0ü0 willbe puil Immedtfttely and ín f :ill by draft on the Liverpool OffloSi th AsB6ta }v in the Uuited States ($3,GÜO,()Ü !J will rtniain nntoïicticd. Yours very trnly, ti WM . WARREN , Gen. Agent. Policies (sïuwl at m office at Ho. 11, Eaet Huron Street, Aijïi ArDOr J. Q. A. SESSIOXS, Agent. HOOtf. Ño Peraoii cnn akc líese RiKcr according lo ciiroctiuna, antl rcinaln vn Onwell, provUlcü bonee are not destroyed bj mineral poison or. otlier means, and vital organs wasted beyond the point of repnif. , , DysiM-iisiii r IiiilirjmHon; noíiilachc. Paío Ín tlíc ShouldeM, Círaglis, Tlgptnesa óf (he Clicsf, Dlzzinesa Sonr BfnctatloM of the Btomach, liad Taste Id the Moath, Bllioas AttaatB, PalpltatloD of tho iipitn.' Fnnarairiatlon nr Che i.uncs. Paln in iho región or itie Kldneys, and a lmnilreil otlicr palnful pymploms, nrc thc )tr-sir'mirs of Dyapppsia. Ono bottlc wlll pravo a hettor puarantco of ita ments tliap a boglliy advcrtisonicnt. ... For Peníaltí Complniiits. in younc or Olcl, marrled or single, ai the dawn ol woiuanhood, or the turn of lífe, these Totiir lmtors display so dedded an tafluence iliat improvemcut is sooa perceptible For IKJHftíMitfWnr nn! Clroc Rlic-nín.-iiNin and Oout, Bfllooa, Kcmttieut and íntermlttent Fevers. Ulsüaseaof the ülood, Liver, Kilnovs nnd Bladder; these Jutter have no equal. Siích ii I '■' VlUated Bloód. Tliey are a ftentlf PuiRntlvc a wcll a n Tonloi pOBMaalnc Uie merlt of acting as a powerftil agent In rellerlng congestión or Inilammation of the l.ivcr and Visceral Orpans, oud In lüliotis Dlseases. For Slrin DiKMef, Enipiiona. Tetter, Saltniioiiin. BloocheB, Bpots, Pimples, Pustules, lioils, Carbancteft, RtOK-'wopns, s;Ul-Hcad, Sore Kycs, Eryalpelas. Iteh, Bcurfc, Discoloratlons of tho Skin. Humort and DIscaneBOf the skin of wliati-vrr name or nature, nv Hterally lus up ""' earrioti out nf the Byswra in a short time by the use of tliese Bitters. Grateful ThnnsaiKla prorïaim VnaWAB Hittkh.' the mo( Munderfiii invijrorant that ever Ined tKo sinkluii system. H. II. .MIKAI.D CO. Dragfflsts nnd uen. Agts., Han Francisco, Cal., tor ut Wiiahineton aivl Charlton Bts., N.V. ■ 601. ÖBCGGtSrS A PKAiilBBh


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