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BACH k ABEL 26 MAIN STREET, Buy kirgeiy of Manufacturera and Importers, and exclusively for cash, and invite the inspcetion of the closest cash tade. OUB, STOCK OF LADI1' MESS (JOODS Will he foun'd largo and attractive, embracing man y neVv styles - Black Silks and Lyona Poplins at very Low Pnces. BACK ft ABEL. FIFJTY PIECES BLACK ALPACAS Just t-i3'ceiVed We sliall make á SPECIALTY of these goods, and will make prices lower thaft ever oifered before in this cily. BACH & ABEL: 50 PiëcesWamsutta Bleach. Cot'tons 50 " Lbnêdale " " 30 "Hill's Som. Idem" At lower prices than tlity have been Bold For in the city ín ten yearS. BACn & ABFJ. Our Clotli Department Is very löinpl'etë, 'aWsis'ing of English, French, and Germán Coatings and Snitings, -with many of the best American brands. We give especial tliis branch of our l)U8ines8 and Invite an inspection of the goods. BACH & ABEL. S5 DOZEN" Feit and Eaibossed Skirts. We We the Qelebrated " Ponson " Cioaks, tód Ctëtl! (the Best ttriported.) 33 ACH & ABEL. AVe are agcnts in this city for the Lei.ebratod IIARR1S' &EÁHL1SS Wli GLOVES, 'And have in store h Full Assortment. BACH & ABEL. The Chciipest mul Hest Fire Department In the World. Oocr Olie Thoxisand Actual Fira Put Out WXXB IT, AïiD MOBS THA 8,000,000.00 Worth of Property Saved From thi Flamea. . TH E QÁ BCOCK les k. gP_-. % z 3 jai iffi& L?5: L 5 V iHN 8 j t: - 2 'tñ-iy, I g I f S 'I II FÏre extinguisheS Townstlial fcve boneW thom y twelye Extlnnalsberi miik n lire ilciiarfpoi t na ufBcient aud more avtllable iban n Bteam eñgiot, A.."', Hit liabcock 8elf ■ Aeting Fire .Engine. FOB (3ITT.T0WM AKÍ VILLAGEÜSE It ls more Active than the Stcam Firc Eul-íhi1 becanaall la Instantaoooort rí:nljr nnd throwo a powcrínl "f CarbOOlc cid fcfts nlid Wiit.r f"i nj lsDEtb T fimo, . . It is the beht nii'1 cheapVt Vire. Fn'uip in the world.nud tomes witbin the llnincrulabilitlesof every plACCi it dOM nt ri'ijnlro an ezpaoslve eystcm of wntí-r wnrlíH, niid fi never ou't ot' repair. Sendforthrir record. Bvery town In the 8tnte phonld have Ihcm befiwe tliedij' weathfflc "'is In, and prevent conflagraWMf. E.t.BABNÍ'W, f'W.Aecm. lis Wuudward Ave., Detroit. kfasafkctarar of Iron, Braf :ind C'oppcr Wire, tffjre í'lotli. Wlre Rftlllnc nnfl Pondtti Copper We;itlirf Vanea, and Wiie Wurk cenerally. Kus lyr Ko'öpson hand a first class stock OF CIG ARS, TOBACCO, ?IPB3, BKtTFÍ And all sinokcrs íírticlcs AT TIIE of.D STAND 2 doors west of Cook'd Hotel at the sign of the BIG INJUN ÏJitfir WATCHES, . CLOCK& JEWEL11Y, SOLID SILVEB AÏD PLATED WARE TABLE & POCKET CUTLÈBY, SPECTACLES. l'ANCYGOODS, ETC. C: Is k Si, No. USoutii Main St., HAVE JUST EECEIVED A SPI.ENDID ASSORTMENT OF THE ÁBOVE NAMED GOODS: NEW AND ELEGANT PATTERNS, A fine stock of Ladies' es and tUiaiüSj Fine Gold and Plated Sets, Rings, &c. tALL AND SEE US. OUR PRICES AEE AS LOW AS ANY ÍN THIS COUNTRY. EEPAIRING OF WATCHE8, CLOCKS; JEWELRY, Exocuted Neatlj and Promptly: 29! 29 ! who wlll explaln tb3 simple Ign, Au I loll us wil] t pay to cali :it the bin 29 1 Wliiit mean those mslic letters iltree, Ovet brau new gruccry- C. 7 C for Credit and D Dr n dun ? ThütV) Ihe way business Is ollen dono ; tat 's uk! the way to read the siuu Of L. i.'OLtii, who eclls jroceiles :it 29. C is for Cisii : for the goC hc eells so chcnp, ris better t ba; tbem tbere yom money to keep. C. O. B.-'Jash un Oeíiütry-thll is the way Ha is ai) to acll bo ]■ and make t psy. He has no bad dcfots tq nvike Ti iiti (rusa, Or tax vi( more to iñájp np At. jota So tliat'i the place1 to l..iy yónr fooSi lle willeoll it cheap, ami you wlil üud lt good. At tho C. O. T) droccry you v.i'l nlwnvs Anrt T i liustqf Coffee aivíTean oTiill kinds, Willi sngr.r. t"o. aud Ireeh, fruit, Or caimcd.or drierf, all tantes tosullj O-aiifccf, LemoDt PlgS ai! lliiliiii' P"iiri?, Al! tho bplcea thitiroc orshrnb ofttoplo beavs, Miits.r.iáiiií and vartoua kiitft? of Candy, Tliat chlldren love and nwtbtirs llnd o handy, To ke; on hand ■ hlrlded atoro, A "stick " of tuis wfllm v ■ ''u-m moro Than tlie old fashioncd ■■ruri" o'jr fathera used, Wh.-i. nhlldren wtn plenty umi oiteu abused. h.i; lm kind? ol Provisión' the pnbitc to pleasö. Kishs bacon , Door, bread, butler and cheees Oookiee and crackers, cherrics, chocolate and cake. Things to boil, fry. roast, rtew, (team r : ïTc bas pecana, peanata, pronea and pi' kle, Tj co:x ttic appetite, öo caprlclouii rnd lickle. Se bas Elaaiwar , crockerr, .".rui vesselsofstone, l''renrh Lustrsl Soap- tlji' best ever known ; robnecoacd c:urirs, lu'h forchowlng andsmoking And never will fri)yi if voii rhontd And mniiy fttïier ntfnffa too ni.meritnc to mentiou, All of wliichr ro ecllcieiji for cash is bia iutcution. Then G(mo. pooil pcoplc. ono and sl'i AnrfiliethoO.Ö. D. ocerj K cali Ciim(! trv onrprlö n and try n:ir'08, For In inir profttn buyer sbarei.' Ton pay ibe C'iah lor what you Ket, With n'o tiirtflTim Iquaea. tu mal i ynrf Trct : Dm'l otl; ■■■; credit, thpuzb. vmira irtilIinnnirP, Bnt btiy yo'tirgrocörlae for wb al prleea f.rr. Come from the íoántry nnd th tvi, Prepared tolmy nnd pay m domnj Cnme, rich and poor. come blackrand wnl'e. Ton wi'll fiml provlttona plenty and prlóe ii?lit, Ootn,frlend of Qranl and mWflg of rei I Shake hands at ''.) and (rade C'. O. I frccly. FlIiSlOOliniI FOTl SALE. HBXB-YGO' i ' EAR,of Sharoñ, huTingasaigocl iill hie property td ua fot the beneftt of lii et wc ñow 6ffei " punhnaexA. Thé lan tlir Btate. Over one thotuand ncrea "i improvcd land ui a body. Pertcms buying can nssume mortg a pari of the pure-, A il having cbiima agamfli thsaiq Qopdyear are quealed to iliorn lo the assigiaBee. Uata,SepWmberi6tfi,r: KtN. 53 McMAHOX.


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