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TEN REASONS WHY No Family skettld it without (I lotllc of J 'lilTTI.liSJY Ín tkt muse. I st. - It witl relieve the worst of SïliOUf Cholic.or Cholera Morbus in 15 minute 2d. h win cure thc mwt obstínate case 4 Dispepsia and Indigestión in a fe vecks. . 3d.- It is the best remedy in the world fol Gick Hendache, as thousarids can ustify,} t.ii.-n wheo the fust symptoms appear. . 4th. - It is the Lest diorctic ever put bcforf the public; curing those distrcs&ing coniplaints,' Diabetes and'Cravel and oihcr Urinary cl itTlcultles. 5th.- It is á most cxrellcnt EmmonaQOgue, nad to the Vount; Olrls. middle aüed.Womon, nndnt thcTurn of Lifeithis utable valuc. Oth.- It wUI remove wind from the liowrls, and henee a f;w drops in somc swcclencd water ltler than docn cordials to'. Keliovo and mako it Sloep. Contain10 ano clyne. 7th.- It is n luie Klief tor adults anrl cluldren .■inccieJ ivith Worma and Pin Wotme. It wil! bring awy thi %' 8th.- Itwill eure the PI los and Hemorrhocl lal difficultics; Oth.- It will eire Con nt I pntlon nnd l;cep the li It will alo cure thc worst Dysenteryroth It will cure Sour Stomèth, ntlmulate the Livor to hcalthy action. Re Novo Hoart-Burn r.ud act as á general Rogülator t.f the syslem. Wlien taken dilute thc dosc with Sugar and Water to :i Wlne-Classfull and you. Iiave aplear. nhttpnic. Whtktl ; ure) $r.oo per bottle% Whittlesey Agüe Cure 50c. per bottle. Whietlesey Ccuigh Granules -2-c. pexriotti?. Sold by all druggists and1 Warrantod. WUittlcsey Prop. Bed. Co., Toledo, O. AGËKTS WANTED FOR BOOKS NEEDED BY ALL Thc best hooke pnblrabïfl on the llorse and the Cv. Uberaltarni j by Agent tl Ing these txro',:?. Sentfvr cirei ER COATES, riLU6i).i:f. PnllaSelpbla, Tn Ji l'ALSK REPORT ! THAT A. A. TERRY HASGONEOUTtfF TRADK HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A I. AKGE ÁÑÍ) COM PLETESTOCK Of HATS & CAPS t JÜST THE STYLÈ,' AKD AT RICES TO SUIT TTIE TÍÍtfis'. ÁÍSÓ AFULLLINKOF GENTS' FURNISHIXG GÖfiBSl DÖN'T PÚRCÍIASE VOtTR Fall and Winter OUTFITS Xjiftit YÖÜ O-I"V"B I-imvC AOALL. 15 South Mi St., Ann Aiboi. ISil-ti. MÖTHERS! MOfHERSÜ M.ÜTHERS ! ! Don-t f AH to procure IltS. iviliálo A's soo'iinivo sii:p Í6k IIilT,DHEX TEETHIKC.' TV'is valnablê prepsfütion tuui been iyeñ with SH7ER-PAIUNQ SUCW.tS IN TllOUriANDS Jt not oiiiy relieves tb rhilVV froiW fraH', tf'rn IhtIíoratcetho Btoinich and b -m-1-. i.m 'v1'." itc1ïi nd :.. nnd enerci to the wlin.o cjciem It wlu Dstantlj reiicvè (iri)ins intlic Bowels and Wind C'olIcJ WbHeTA it thoUKSI' and 8UHK8T KKMKDY IN TUK WORLD, i" aU.eoa i DYSKNTKRY iN!i ]iai:him:a ÍN CHILDRBN, wJwtlur nri. ,,,..V,,„i teel . [llórense. liipouiimóUiera, il will giveresttoyonr. :inrt Relief nnd Health to Your Infants. Be sure ïml Cïlll for _ "Mis. AYiusloTY's Soofliiug Srnp." Ilivll' the facsimile of "CÜRTIS4 PFRK1KJ' .ui the ontfide rappor. Soldtv Drugü'sib inroBihonttti'orla.


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