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toet. mm@É& - - _ JLT. XXt.oa. ld Á kJ In tho womlorful medicino to "wiilch tho afïlicted are above pointed for relief, tho dia coveror bolieveê ho liaa combluod in harmony Inoro of Nattiro'a most euvercign cnrativo properttca, wlilch God has ina'tllloit luto tho vagotftblo klngdom for hoaling tho iick, thaa woro ver boforo comblnod in ono modlcino. Tho rvMeneo of tlda fact i found in tho ([TOiit varieQ of most obstinatosdificaeos wlilch it has ben fonnd to conquer. In tho cnro of Bronrlitil.s, Wevrrc Couglis, Riid tho cari? etages 6f Coniïimjitlo, it has astontftiied tho modfc cnl facnlty. r.nd eminent physiotalLS prononnro it the greatest medical diftcovcry of tho agfi. "Wbilo it CUIT8 tho Boverest Congh, it stre-ngthena tho eyBtoin and uilflcs the blooti. By lts gieat and thoroagh blood inirifying propertics, it cures. &H Humor, from tho worst 5crofula to & comraon Blotch. Pimplo or Eruptlon. MercurlftV íiiseasf1. Mineral Poinona, and their eííecta ure eradicated, and vigorous hoalth and a aound conatitation catablisLod. Erylpela, SLiit Ulicum, Fcver Sorce, Scnly or Iiougti gktn, It cliort. all tho nnmerous dlsoaaea cannod by bad blcod. Aro conquered by thia poworl'ol, purifync ooci lETtgorating medicino.' ft j'ou fcei dull, i drowey, dobilitatd,'hav6 low color of skin, 'or ycllowlsli brown epota on faca or body, fi'c laetkt ncadache or dizziness, bad taste In mouth, jntcraal hoat or rhills, alternnted wlth hot flushes, low epirlta, ond gloomy forcbodin?8, lrroular appetite, and tongne cootcd, yon aro Baffsrlog from Tonld XItct op BlllonsiiPHS. Inmanycase8oí"I,ivcr Coinplaliit" ouly part of these aymptoma are xperlencsd. As a romedy for all such casca. Dr. Pierco'a GfolJon Medical Dlscovcry lias o eqaal, &3 it oITücU perfect cureo, leaving tho live- Btren7tbnod an;l hoalthy, For tho euro of Habitual Cíousti p:tlon of tho bowele it, is a never failin; remedy, and thosa wlio Lava useil it for lliia purpo3O are loud in itspraise. Tiie rroprietor ofera $1,000 reward for a medí, cine that will equal it for tho euro of all üio di. oases for whlch it ia recomraendod. 6old by dmegiets at $1 por bottlo. Preparcd ry RV Pitreo JT. D.,SoloT'rupriotor. at hisCherai. cl LabonUory. 1S3 Séneca struet. BuOilo, N. "K .' feadyuiiraddicsalorapauiplilut. . A I AJÍ N0W OPENING 1OO CASES MEN'S AND BOYS' Boots and Shoes ! Ladies', Misses)!land Children's BootSj Snoes and Slippers. These goods havo jtiet bce pnrehased of flrst hands, and as I have no expense of IUiNT, andgivo my eutiio personal fittentï i .11 to tho bueincas, I hope to Compete Successfully with all engaged In the A. D, SEYLER, No. O IVorth Uuin St. Ann Arbor, Anc 8, 1872. in80m3 FIRE! FIRE! ARE YOU INSURED? 1 Jon't for a Fíre, bnt seotire protr ction by proouring a Policx in ore of the following lrirtt C&H Compaaiea : Home Ins. Co., Now York, ASSETS, - - - $5,000,000. Continental Ins. Co. Now York, JÏS8ETS, - - - $2,000,000. Girard Ins. Co. Philadelphia, AHET3, - - - $050,000. Oriënt Ins. Co. Hartford, A88BT8, - - - $000,000. These Compani'S adjmt and pay losses promptly. c. II. :hii,i,f.iv. N. i.s.nrtiiii st,, ANN AHIiOR, MIOH. 1302- m3 LOVEJOY, TOBA00ONIST ! Deals in boih FINE CTJT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, StrafF, !Pipes, fec, AT O. V KAST HUEON STREKT, Ncxt to tlic Express Office, AKN Altnou, miOH. 1345tf VSriHT-HOKE LAKE. Haring reccntly refltted and farnlthed the CLIFTON HOUSE! I un now prepnred to r-ci-ivc nul entertain plcn?ari Bflhlng :. mi dancing parttoSt ;t on of tin: most iiidUcaltliy watering ilnceö in tii e vw My boats nrc ncw. larc;c aml commodloafl, and ij tedfor thoQse of ploaearo-sci Angfere will liuü u full and completeequlpmen) ind. I il atceotiop p;ivoö to tlio wants umi eoto fort of those who wihio spenda few woeku Ln ;. i roi tto idorisff tbewarmsnm&er mostluB. ..illlu: spared to make W Hl TM O RE AK in the futarc fta in the iaf-t, a f a vori U BUflQiaier resort, D. F. BMITH. THE BRIOHT SIDE AM) FAMILY OIRCLE w;'l pablliihed better and prettier tli;in ('Vt r, only Sl.ÓO pex y':r, iind n btautitul franted bveryvMen. Ubera] comi&isftioiis, hpltiidid Freiuiuins. Bi BBIGHT SIDK CO., UteSwlS hioogo, Illueto. TÏVE ÖÏÏESE FEATHHKK FXRBTQXrALIT"Y , CouetautljonUand and foi sal ib y B ACH ABEL, npHE FIRST NEW 6Q0LS IT MAHJiJi-J', AT Fi&LEY fc LEWSS' Finest, Largest and Mot Complete Stock of Fine Goods for Ladies, Misses ïuiil Cliildren, at ITMLEY and LEW-IS' BarPfl Fino Calí' Boots at Yinloiy & Leiris, and it i( OTHEIl '.Placo in Town. Tho Hcst Kip and Stoga Boots in Towi ut FINLEI & LEWTS'. The Bont lioys' Boots rttFINLEY Sa LEW IS'. Th Stock v iiii !i 11 bougbt for C APB ran bo old ut li.ttcr iriccB th:m these bouglitON TIMIC. Finley & Lewis BUY FOR O ASH ! nndcnnsell J-'A IKl'HICF.S. ]L B. GIDLET, Successor to COLOKOVE & 8ON. 1Ü8GISTA1C1W IN OOOK'S NliW 1I0TEL, Na 12 E. HUEOÏÏ STBEET, DEALER IN DBl'C-S, KElMflF.S, 6CRCICAL IKSTBCAEHTS, Pl'ttK WIÍES ASI) LIQIOAB, CFOR MEDICAL PUlíPOSES ONI.Y.) Fancy Goods, ?eriumery, PIIYSICIAS' PBESCBIPTIOÏS Cnrefully compoundcd at :ill Iionrs. I PBOPOSE NOT TO BE ÜWDERSOLD BY AKY FIRM IN TEE CITY . WHO FURNISH AS GOOD . AN AflïICLE. Bi b. giiï.i:y. IS6ttf ym. wagier 18 NOV' BEADY FOR THE FALL TRADE lift ving lïocoïved a Lnrgc Stock of FAll & WISTEB O-OODS, ÏNCLUDINS 0L0TH8, OA.88IMBEES, VB8TING8, &C. of thaflEST STYIE8 and QÜALITIES, WHICH HH WILI. mLk& U F AOTIXRS on tcrms to sult: AIso a full llue of rbady-madï: olothing AND Gents' FUENISÏÏING Goods BHST STYLE. ALSO LADIES1 AND QBNTS1 MOROCCO SATCHELS No.21 South Main Street,- EaetSiac: CALL AND SEE THEM. WIIHAM WACiHin. Ann Iriior, Octobcr let, 1ST2. pOTTtED LAGER, ALE ANI) POBTEB, Tut p in Pints and (Juaris l'or Family use. ALSO EY THE KEG. ;.'" Orders left at I.oili-r & Co. 's Sritg Store ill bc promptly fillcd. 11ILL & CHAPÍN. Aun Arlior, Msy 2S, IS;. WANTED. 500 Cords of Hickory Woed. 500 Oords of Hard kaple. 500 Oords of White Oak. llnlf seasonod and huif green, forwhiob c.i.vh willbe paid uu Uflivery. Inquiro ut tlic Wooil Yard, Corner of Hurón and L itiii Street. Ann Arbor, Öotober ;;uib, 1S72. 1398U A. II. nOJ.MES. HURRY UP l IJAUXIES iriBhiDg vvnii Paper, Cloth and Paper siuul' . HoHhuch, WíikIow Plztnres, Coide, ■J'.ikc1. A:r., i]l New Stvlcs, nr S;ilislnclorj Prices, by J, IC, AVe.bBtcr & Co., Book Ütois, near tho Bxpreis Office. X X HAVBVO1 8KKN THOSE NICH DRR8SG00DS at tho lirtnerb' Store! If net gv and ace rtioui


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