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H ATT ER ! IÍAS ftECEIVED IIIS pau i mm stock OF1 Hats and Cap3, IN LATEST SÏYLES, LADIES' FTin&, GE3TS' FDBMSHüfti fiOODS, ETf ., Wi;iCII lié I ROPO8E8 TO SKr.I. AT PHICES WHIi COWrETITK . 7 So-ath Main St., Ann Arbor, For Scroftila, ScrofjL iilons Iisen s e s of ..■:-., th Kyos, or Scrofu .■ la in iuïj' form. Jmf Any disenso or crupüon .. j of the Skin, disenso of tlie C ' J Livrr, Bheumalimn, Pim-(J ple.,OM Sores,UlcerR.Brok( V _ en-ilown Conslitu t i o n 3 , öjk Kvpliiüi", or 4nj (lisease de gLiiS pending on n (lepra ved conZS[h8k lition of the bloocl, Iry Ppr DR. CROOK'S r 3 syrüp of fit PORE ROOT. OfPpj0 It has the medicinal propEjí&L&! orty of l'okecombincu with JlJy aPreParation ofironwhich JL%7 goefl at once hito the blood, JS performin? tlie most rnpiu -4Fy awd wonderful tnirea. Ask your Druggiat for Dr. Orook's Comnound Syrup of Poke ïioot-take A and' be healcd. Eoal Eatate for Sftlo. STATK OS MICHIGAN, county of "Washtoiunr, ss. In th;1 iu;I.Ur of Ihoostato oí Cliristophcr i deoeasod : N otioo ia horeby given, thatin j; i of an order grantfecl to the undi rsiffned A-dnu of thee-i;i1eof said deeeaaed, bythe Hon. Juige of Probat tenaTTi on the rburteenjbhda; of Oclobur," A. D. 1872,therewiU K pubÜo vendue, o ttio highest biddor, :tt tl door of the (Jtiui t Houfte( i" tho county of Waahte. i d Toesöfvy, tito tifDth day of December, k, .'. ■'■■■2, -M I do'cL ck intlio 101 i thatday [subject to nll enOQUibranoee by mortgag or oüierwïae exinting at the time of thedeathof aai ■ ■'. (ilso anbject to Ü flower of hia widow (im tuin, the following dewaibi l real estate( to wil : Beii een in township two Bouth öf ra&g rtbedaa oommeuoloff at tho Bouthveet corner oi' Glark's farm on the norua ■ cth road runniiifrfroni tho AnnArboz and Whitmoro 1-nkc road lo McMïihon'M Mil], and running (1 on the noithline oi aortheutexly paralicl witt . eto MoMahon'snortli hu eastcxly on the Line I lino betw i d McMahut and Cl;irk to the plftcooffc 11. ils in wb' li frora tlie rt :r. n'a north 1 ,v leas, boina 1 1 i eyed by d Jamea MoMuhon to .- of Deed?, in Baid ( ounty, - DatedOctobci 14. 1 72, 8ffl LPP, Admini tate fot Bale. QTATKíV MICHIGAN, Connty of Wflphtenflw,8H. O In the nVitterol ir M. Mnnroo, Ei hereby gïven, thiit tn (mrsurtnco of nu or to the undori ■ I ihe estáte oi paiddeceawd by tho Hon hato for tho Oounl i aw, on th ■■ twentyflr.-t dJ Of Otl 1j:t. V. ! . 1 T-'. 1 tnTO will bo BalH at l)iiblic vciidne, to the highest bidder, al the dwi Hing i n ilis" pn i'■ Couuty "j' ■■,. naw, in of De■ ■ nooit of At i be lime oí the ■ ft) Uu1 folio? i - ■ - wit: part oi eecttOD uto In to1 puthof ranee ala east, in i fil the ■ cd by t)oci!i Pray to a. J. Close, nnd In the I IgUway rnnning frotn Aun Arlwr ; i more LaBrei tb ' ■ north ■ . i: ue al the i land, thenoe oortherly on .' 'i 1 Q.uarU.r line -1 ofl Btftke, thence wi . Hel wit h the üi'M nhoTO dcBcrlbed bonndary line abo ut tw i roda t ■; the centre of the blghwny, thence t ntnerly in tUe centro of said itbe place ofbcglu■ .ii thrce acres of land, more or 1 DatcdOctoberSlat. 1872. i.ri va. Mi -■ iitrii. Real Efltato for Bale, SE OF MICHIGAN, oountyoi Wasbtenawss. In ïti.n: late of An 1 A. EToloomb, . ;', (hat in jiuraunnoe . 'm ir.rv. on I D&bar, Ij. 1872, thcre will be boM at pubko . 1 ho KOutb ioor of ■ i i 'l hursday the 1 1 A. J. I ■( tltut r other. ■,:i'l nlso I he riffht of dower ■ , theandividi i half of tBe folioffinj? d ing :ii a stone plantint beanne BOnth nul a liiilfTin ...' weal talfoftí ' oiarterel neetiön twcnl n township fonr soul li of i ■ . utng thenoe Boutb o i e oí the high i ': ty-one I w, atj -i gh1 d gre a v. . i henee Bonth . ad tiii link , i four chaina and xl y-two I ioi üi ;i■ . iltio iu iroel and Uw center i;r the Saline river. Dated, Ootober 23d, A. D. JAM: f CE, 1397 Administratora. TUSTRECEIVEP AT XHB FARBTERS' 8T J vjy large ctock of Bonnet and Boel I cw Btykw and Ohcop. Mortffage Salo. XEFAUIT1jatíii - in the condition of a a ■ [yearand Eliz, Frederioiv If'. dííte the flratday of üctober, A. ind ri'lií hundí .■■! and I ■■- reoorded íq theoffioeof the Register of Deadsof waslw l ounty, in the Btato of Michigan, in : ui BXortgages, on page 581, on the lst day of Oclotar, '■ . 1'. 18Ö7, bv wluch default tho power ot' i tained in sniq opej atire, and ttiere is clfiixffed by ote to bc duo on said inortgngre nt ; 1 housana t m r ■ 1 :i!n forty-sii dottan au .-ncenw 1 and interest, andalso1 the sum of flfty dolisonable Solicitóos or Attorney's Icoon [inga to f oreelose soid Mort gage, as islyproVided in the samo, I orproratJawoffai chanoery ha i iastituted to recover the debt fieeuredby said mortgage, orany tioticeia therefore hereby given that by of sale containöd in laid mortgage and of the s ■ ■ made ondpro vroed, bc movt. ',ost bid27tli day fit' Januai j '■■ . on of that day fit tho south ïo.r i i thfi 'ify ui Ann Arbor, in .-.ail ing the i ürcuit Couri Lot --?;ud County of Vasi''%n:a'.'. The ]iivmi.je8 8o t be aold ure desonbed in sai'ï n . .. it: Al! of tho west half of the northweat qua-: n twenty-ihe, t &t half of t lic nor: ■Xion twenty quarter of sec( on twen all in Township thtee south in Range throo east Also th6 noi ' : t of the nori :■ r of section nineteen In Townehip threo eouth of Uuntro four '■ast; all in iho C'uunty of -"Wushtenaw and .Statu of Miohigan. ! Ann Arbor, Micluir.-m, JTovombrr Ist, I07Í. .'■;i;icic jirsoN, a & GaANT, Mortgncrco. Attomcy.H for Mortgagcc 1308td ftheriff Sale. Stity -r Waahtenaw. ñ. By '. rtue of a writ of executlon ïwaed out of ■and htuI' i the soal of the Oiiouit Court for the ('ountyof Washtenaw, and tome ctireoted and d aWainst the) . lande and tencmentsof Henry Goodyearyl did, on tlie twcnly-third dnyof t itle u" ' : . .ir lins ín and t, the . : bed property, to wit: Lot two, excopt two feet off of west side, And eaat two thirdsof lot l block twenty1 ■ . - cl ion two; lot nino, ten, and eleven, exoépt twenty-four by forty feet in souih eist coi ' . in block twenty-twO eection two. Also fd suc in ■)lfik eix, seciion two. All of tho ritnated tntheviUoge n Manchester, County of Washtenaw, and suilo of !Miel)'í"!.n, whioh abo' sball expom for s;i''1 af pubtio iiuetion to the hitrhoat bidder nt 1 'i door of the Oourt House, in tho oity of Axm . a thoSOtfa day of December, A. D. 1872, at ten o'clock, A. 5Í. Dated at Ann Aibor, November U, A. 1. l-.ü. MVi;ii. 0 ■ riff. Sheriff Sale. CTAï ., County of Waahtenaw, j bs. By Tirtue of out - :edout of and I of the Circnit Couii for the County of aaw, to me din cted and d . dnstthe Tood8tchftttelB.laTid8andteno[nentHofDanielBrowneU, 8 of which T dfd on the 28thdayaf Amrust, A. ■ nn 1 luvy npen all tho righfc, titlo and Daniel Brownellhaa in and totbe followingdeIfof ihnsouthLttw "f Kction sis in town tljrc-ü south of ranfre ai pjtót, being in the towihip of Pittsfleld, County and State ol MMiiirnn; whiolt above ■i real estáte I sïialï solí at tho ouit-r sothh the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, at pubheauction to the hifrhest bidder, on tho lïthdftyöl Jtinuary, A. D. 1873, ut ten o'clock, A. !L., of said day. Í)atcd, Nov. ISth, A. I). I87Í! anraoN wE&B.shtstis. 10% By Jobtzh Fobbes, UndcT blieriff. Shoriff Sale. QTATEOFlflCHlGAN, ÖóuntyofWaahtenaw,. O By virtue of one oxecution isaued out of nnd nnder the oealof the ('irenit Court for tlio County of ■ nrw, to me directed nnd di h red, a rainsithe goods, chattela londa And tenentents of Oeorge Colvbichl didon tho ninth day of August, A. I. 1872, Koizoandlovy upon ml the ripht titlo and interest George Colgrovo bas in and to the f ollowinpr dtsrribed real estáte, to wit : Lot nuniher foux in blook six, twelve east ; Bnid roal estáte .beíng situatedin the city of. Ann Arbor, County of ten aw and State of Michigan, which above described realeatatol fíhnll Bfillat theonter south door of the Conrt House in the oity of Ann Avbor, on thu 28 th day of December, A. D. 1872, at ten oV.ock. A. M.,of said day, nt publio auction to the highest bidder. Datod, November 13th, 1872. HYRON WETÏB, Shoriff. 1400 lj Jonxix ÏOBBXa, Under Sheriff. Oonnnissioïiers1 Notico. STATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washternw, sa. The undersigned. haring been appointed by the Probate Conrt foT said county, Commfssionera to reí rul claima and demanda of all persons againet the estáte of Jamóa Litidon. late of lid coun ty, deceased, hereby givo notioe.that ■is motkCbs fvoia dato ftre allowed, by order of soid Probate ■ ■ 11 bora topresenttneirolaiins against íli1 estáte of sai I deceasi d, and that thoy will ■ 1 he residí neo of Joa ph Endon of Bi Satiuday, t lic t went y-íú;li of Januai-y, erad on Monday, the twenty-cighth day of April ncxt, at 10 o'clock .. m. oJ e ifíh oJ said ájñ amine, and adjust said cl i Dated Ootober28th, A. D. 1872. DANIEL LElïAiytv, 140fwi ConuoiaraonexB, Coiarinissioncrs' JN"oticc. STATE OF MICHIOAN, county of WvshteiiAW, ss. Probat ■! couni y, Sommi ïsioners to rt;ceive, examine and adust allclaima and dei; ia;: rivo notice 1 1 montho Crom date arealloweu, by order of B ■' bate Court, for creditors to ] . (.. Jol nNi Gott, in the aty oí Ann Arhi r, in aid cou si --.i' y-:-. ■,.!;■ ! ■ Iil. sday, 1 b day of . i: m st, at ten o'clock a. u. of eachof eaid daySi to reoeivt exa mine, ondodjusl said claims Dated, November ïJst. A. D. 1872. JOHN N. GOTT, L. lí. 8LATS L402wl i I nors. Comiciseioners' Notice. STATE OF MI fflGAN, county of Waahtonaw, ss. Tlte u Probate Coui't foi said óounty, C and ad just all claims and demanda of ■ill ]. i ■ ttate of Chai les ' yer, ;. hereby givo ooi I six mouths from date ore Court for ■ i resent llu b aid ■'■■: .■!, nnd thaï they will of f-.:i'l dfftei . ' im, in said couni y , on Batuxday, the twenty-flfthdap of Jans ;li day of May m tt, ui at U ■ examine, aud atljtasl J)ak'd, November -óth, A. 1). l:i JOHN EOCH, RGB A.LTCEB, ■T-i oen Commissioncrs' Notico. QTATE OF MICH ti ; AX, Couni ■■ onw.M. i. The i . ■ i&ted by the rrobate Couri tor said oounty, i sfo retmine and adjust all claima oud doma ai! ; ;■ i Eoe tlint ix allowetf, by Lid PioUtoi a to i'ii Bent Ön iz - ogainjt tt) ■ ; hal they h itl ■ ■ í oeceased, in finid wtnnty, onSaturday, the Qfteenth day of Pebruary, . Monday, the niaeteeath dayoi attun _ oVlork A. M. oJ ■ id ilavH, toieceiye, exaxainöj and ■ Dated, NoYomber löth, " JAMES MORO X. 1 ! 'O wl nissionors. Kstato of Daniel S. Birch. STATE Oï UIGHI0AK, County of Waahteww, Mr i ■ ■. of Waahtenaw, madeon . ■ Ltors to . -.■ of Daniel of said county, deeeased, and thaï all ■ Probate ('.'int, ai the Probate Office, in thft City of Ann Arbor, for exnminatïon nnd il lo va nee, en orbefoxo the nineteenth day of Muy iii'xt, nnd thti - t'Oforo Court, on BatUTdoy. the flftoenthday f Fabruary, and tn Moi . !' da of May next, at 10 o'rlock in the foicnoon of erven of i hos Dated, Ann Arbor, Fovember 18th, A. D. 167Ï, HIEAM .1. BBAKE8,


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