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Under The Ice

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1rnIer the ico the watera run ; Onder i be Ice our spirits lie ; TIn genial glow of the Bummer min Símil looeeu their felsen by and i y. Mojin :itul groiiD in thy prison c,M i; . ■ oJ lif rivera oi love; The wiüti-r ia growing irorti and old. The frol in leavinfi tl-'' tuelting mola, ■ And the sun tiliiiios briyht ibovt'. t'iulor tlio oft, uiidcr the mon', Uiti livi-s are bound in n oryatal ring; By ai:.: by will the south '. ii;tl blnw, Au 1 rosee blocim on tle binikfl of wpiin Mi d and (man in thj fettem itroogi Rlverof lite - livor of love; Tliu nightB RTOW short, tlio duys ffTOW long, "Wcttker aua weaker tho bond.- of wioat Ar. J tiie sun shiiieü bright i.Uvc. Under the ice our soula are hid : i tadex i ).'■ ice our gooá deodt row ; 3don but credit the wrongs we did, vt'r the thiti :'iy la low, i and frroon in thy priaou cold, EUverof life -livu-ut love; The winter ut" life is growina oíd, Tho fro.-t ih leuTing the meltlng uiold, ,' i ic bun shinot waim ubove. Coder tho ice we hit'o our wronff- i ador the 1' fchai bns ohilled us ihiough ; Oh 1 tlmi the frienda who have knewn us lonff Dare to doubt we are good and true ! Mo:m bnd grown in thy prlson cok', liiverof lite- rivrr 4j1' invu ; "s ínter ü romog woru nnd oíd, i' tstir in VK metting muid ; Wc ,Juill 1.0 known ;


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