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The Little Mesmerist

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Gravo Unolc Xathan waa respoctcd 08 ono oí' tho ciost dignified and deeorouá uien in tho town. Keat to priinuess, not a strand of his long, straight luir was ovor displaced, nor a speek of dust Been on his glossy black coat : but íivo yenr oíd Gay, with hei winning ways, 6oon tumed bis stiff propriety into tho irregular linipncss of a Supple Jack. On Sunday cvcning, half an hour before church time, she climbcd upon his kneo and wovo her suft fiugers in and out among liis whtfkere, until the good man bowed hie head 011 his broast, and went to sleep, dreaming of angels. On tho corner of the mantel ncar which thoy Bat, and within reaching dist;inee, stood her "dolly's elothts-basket," full of ribbon sasfaea two or threo inches in length, of every color of tho luinbow. A brilliant idea vieitod her. Rcaching for tho basket, she took out the sashes and forthwith begau to sejiarate bunehes of her uncle'fi siuooth httir iato queer Htüo twists of taile, tying tbe end of each with a bit of ribbon, until his head looked as gorgeous aud variegated us a Holv stulip-bcd. The church bel! rang uut their last warning just U6 sho had oompleted bei labor and eonsecratcd it with a kisrt of purest lovo on his eyelid. "Tho bell is wingin' for church, uucle, and you look bo sweet," said the aduiiriug Gay. "Bless ino '. 111 bo late," said tho punctual deacon, seizing hishat, and clajjpiiig it on his head. "You ïiiesmcrized 14e, you little witch. Kow run off to Aunt Tacey," and kissing her tenderly, he was in auother instant on the streot. "I duess I did memri unelo, and ho looks splendid," soliloqnized üay as sho sought hor auiit, who wus La bed with a heudíiche. The organ was sending out the soft strains oi' a solemn volu:itary as Uncle Natban, hat in hand, walked solemnly up the long aisle. Tho liglit ends of the ribbons fluttered gently with every 1110tion of his body, and his head looked like a pyraruid of butterflies. Those who saw hun passing by stared after lii;n, amazed. Handkercbie& weto pressed U Ups which would laugh beoause "tíiey liad to." "Why, brother Baker whitt loa ail your head 't" said his pew chuni, in u low whisper, "Nothing, thank you ; I'm very weU, but my wife bus a severo hoadaohe." "He's going crazy," thought Mr. Wells. ■What shalll do? My deai friond, who iixed your hair'r" Porby this tiino tho attention of half that side of the church had been attracted. "My hair ! Nobody. TVllat does this menn '(" as rubbing his pate hurriedly, bit after bit of ribbon descended like snow flakes. Snntching his hat, hc vanished through tho side door like a shadinv, iiiid til;: iicxt morning the innocent little mesmerist waa sent home. - Wood's Magaiine. " Happy is tho country that has no history," as thn schoolboy said on being flogged the third time for uot knowing who was Henry the Sixth's wifo ■ - Punch. Wc should jiulgo men by their trotitinent of otlicrs rathcr than their treat1 inent to us.


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