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Address Of The Democratic Central Committee

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Tho National Democratie Committco have issued the following: Headquauteks oi' the National Demockatic Committee, New TOBE, December 3, 1872. Tho National Conveution did, in Ju!y, 1872, with unanimity unprecedonted in the history of thopaity.noininate as their candidato for the office of President of tho United States, Horace Greeley, of New York city. Bix States cast their electoral votes for hiiu at the late election, and millions of men in other States, where we failed, testified their appreciation of his noble eharactcr, and the great service he had rendercd the oonDtry by voting our electoral ticket. But Iloraco Greeley is dead, and tho splendor of the political victory achieved by his opponents is now diminished by tho sorrow which this sad event has cast upon the people whom ho loved, and who regarded him as one of the best, truest and bravest of men. Tho lessons of his puro and blaraeles3 lifc will long retnain impressed upon tho age in which he livcd. Every beat of his great hoart was in sympathy with huinauity ia its brottdest i'orm. He loved the Government, ho loved his fellow men, and the lftbors of his wholo life were to elévate tho condition of mankind. No strugglo for liberty, civil or religious, was ever made on the surface of the eavth, since his manhood began, with which ho did not affectionately syinpatliize, and to which he failed to give faithful and powerful aid. Evcry day of his life aboundcd with acts of kindness, oí charitj'. of forgiveness and of love. Not his stricken i'amily alone, but a stricken people. sorrow for a loss wholly inscrutablï and almostunparaUelot1 The Na'ional Democratie Committee, ia behalf of the great party who achieved honor by tli. ir l'uitht'ul effort to elect him the iiret officer in tho Government, will do all iu their power to honor his name and momory. AUGUSTUS SCHELL, Chairman of the National Domocjatio Committee.


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