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- The latest figures maleo Grant's maj rit.y on tho popular roto, 608,189. Will íonibody of a 'rithrnotical turn of mind liguro out tho per cent. tho Domocracy r opposition must gain to turn tho tables it tho next eleotion, tho aggregato vote boing 5,Hó6,821, with ton Rtates to definitely benr fromV Thatpor cent. problem ïlwnys has bothered us; whethcr flguring prospectivo political gains er on "biÜB paynble." - "Fimie is n vapor ; pnpulnrity an accident; riohos tafco wings ; the only earthly eertainty is oblivion ; no man can forpseo what a dny may bring forth ; whilo those who cheer to-day will of'ten ourBO to-inorrow." So wrote Horace Greoley in 0110 of bis ehapters of "ReoolIccüons of a Buny Life." And how trne have the words provod in bis own case ! - Tho Lansing Itcjmhliean Buggcst that tho rojeotcd constitutional amendments might havo been carried at a spring eleotion. A valuable suggestion considoring tlvat no ccnstitutioual amendment can bo votod upon at a spring elootion, it not being a general electin within the meaning ot the Constitución. - Tho two rival Legislatures of Alaba ma aro boeieging tho Government at Washington for recognition. What has tho President, tho Socretary of State, or any othor dopartment of the Government at Washington to do with the exclusively looal nffairs of Alabama? Just as mnch as with those ot Michigan : oxactly nothing ii t all. - Ward Ilunt, the newly appointcd Aseoomto Justice of the Supreme Court of tho Unitod States, tice Justice Nelson, rosigned, ifi 62 yeaTS old ; lives at Utica, N. Y. ; has been a judge of the Court of Appeals ; and is now one of the Commissioners of Appeals. - Schnylor Colfax hss been offored tho editorial chair of tho N. T. Tribune, or report is at fault again : another rumor snys that tho Harpers are uegotiatinjr for the parchase of the concern, Geo. W. Curtís to be the editor. Are both reports true ? - Judge Settle, failing to get upon the Supreme Court of the United States as a reward for his service in the Confedérate army and at Philadelpbia, hai been commiesionod by Gov. Caldwell as a Judge of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. - In a letter writton by Horaoe Greeley to his friend Magon W. Tnj.pan, of N. H., dated November 8th, he said : "I have been so bitterly assailed that I hardly know whether I was running for the Presidency or for the penitentiary." - In tho itemized report of the "Chief of the Bureaus of Electiona" for New York City, is $135 for 1 10 bibleg. Whether used by election officeis to taie the oath on or to learn the ten command ments from is not stated. - On Monday last John J. Patterson was elected United States Senator from South Carolina, and immediately after the same John J. Pattorson was arresttd on a charge of bribery. Ho is not a Democrat. - A bilí is pending in Congrcss entablishing or chartering a mammothnational bank, so called, with a capital of $100,000,000. Eemember the old Nicholas Biddle rag machine and stand from undor. - A bilí was introduced into the United States Senato on the 6th inst., providing for tho retiring the national banks circulation, supplying the place with United States notes ; that is with greenbacks. Ex-Gov. Orr, of South Carolina, has been appointed Minister to Kusbïu. And he "a head ceatei" among the late Rebels. But then he was made loyal by voting for Grant. -- Gen Banks has introduced a bilí into tho House, increasing the salary of the President to $50,000: whioh will probably restore him to administration favor. - Mr. G'reoley's daughters have boen offered $10,000 a share for their Tribune stock, which don't look as though fitiancial ruin impended over that journal. - Tho will of Mr. Greeloy, executed the dav of his doath, is being contested, though satisfactory to his daughters. Ono executed in 1871 is offered instead. - Ono Alabama Legislature has reelocted Senator Spencer ; and the other -the Capítol body- has elected F. W. Sykes, United States Senato. - The general interna! improvement scheme xuarked out and commended in the President's message, meets little or no commendation in any quarter. - Lotta.the little actress, writes from England that her reported deutb. ia not true : thivt is if she knows herself. - Tho Pittsburgh iron manufacturors liavo made a reduction of $12 per ton on iron, and 50 cents a keg on nails. - Wm. Carr has been sjspoihted United States Attorney for Utah, vice George C. Bates, removed. - The Tribune Association had an insuranco of $100,000, for ita benefit on the ifo of Horace Greeloy. - Tho Radicáis stole the Eloctoral vote of Louisiana by couTiling in the do'eated Grant Electora. Attorwey-General William3 has written a very serious letter to Postmaster Oenoral Creswell, giving bis opinon that said Creswell's subordinates ïavo m right detain or open letters leposited for transmiHsioa through the ïiails, even thongh they ma.j be supposed o contain obscene pictnrea 01 other obeetionablü matter. We shall next expect a letter from tho Attorney-General anïouncing that ho has como to the deliberato conclusión that tho Capítol polioo ïave no Legal right to piek tho peckots of unfortnaate citiaens wlio may venturo to nvudö tho precinta of tho natioual gasworks. It is not at all creditable to P. M. G. Creswell that ho has a subordínate 80 ignorant of bis duty or privileges s to mako it necossary. for the AttorneV-Goneral to givo the official opinión rcferred to. Anotiiek terrible galo is reported in Europe, sweoping over England and Franco, damaging Paris and London, destvoying shipping on the coast, etc. Two Legislatures and Stato Govornments claiur oxistence ia Louisiana, and great is the uommotion. - .f. Jlr. Gaston was re-elected Mayor of Boston Tuesduy by 3Ö2 mnjority over H. S. Pieroe. Gustou was tho candidate of the Democrats and citizens, and l'ieruo tho noiniaee of tho peoplo and labor rformers. Tho Coiuinou Council stands about 10 llcpublicaus to 2.i Democrats.


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