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Letters From Mr. Greeley

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From tho New York Trflrane. In reply to a lottcr written by Senator Palmer to M. öreeley after the Cincinnn ti Convention, in which Mr. Palmer alluded to tho l'act that he hud called upon Mr. Greoley in December, 1865, to persuado him not to publish the celebrad d article upon general amnesty and imp;rtial suifrage, because itg publication would prevent hia election tothe United Statee Öenate, and algo to otfier in6tances vlicn he was ín ttclvanco of public sentiment, Mr. Greeley wrote a fc'!ows: New YorkTiuiíun'E, May 21, 1871 My Fhiexd : Of course I threw away the Senatorship in 1806 - knowing wefl that I did ío - and I did myself great pecuniary harm in 1867 by bailing Jetf. Davis : but suppose I hadu't done eithor f Either God rule3 this world or he does not. I believe he tloet. Yours. HORACE GliEELEY. Hon. A. W. Talmer, Amenia, X. Y. From the Lexington, Ky., Obucrver iind Iloportcr. We hae been favored by Gen. Combs with the following correspondenoe betweon himself and Uorace Greeley. Soine of thcee are among tho last lettors ever written by Mr. Greeley, one probably the very last ho ever penned : New York, August 22, 1872. My Dear Sib : I havo yours of 20th this moment. I beg you, my old friend, not to borrow trouble about Blanton Duncan's Convention. If the Houth shalï see üt to re-elect Grant by fooling away votes on a Bourbon ticket, that will cast no shamo on you or me, any more than Clay' defeat in 1844 dld. Let us do our duty and leave consequences to thoso who cauio them. Yours truly, HOHACE GREELEY. To Gen. Leslio Comb, Lexingten Ky. New York, September 8, 1872. My Old Friend : I have yours of tho 6th inst. You seem to me to be disposed to tliink too ill of Buch men as . Never mind them. If they beat me let us remomber how Henry Clay was beaten in 1844, and say, "llaving endured tli.-it, nothing else can ever annoy us." We will do our duty, and trust tho AU wise Uisposer for the result. Yours, HORACE GREELEY. To Gen. Leslie Combs, Lexington Ky. New York, October 28, 1872-. Dear Friend : My wifo still lingers with us, but is very feeblo. Hho inay drop off any day. I winb. he were well and I lay where sbe does. Yonrs,. HORACE GREELEY. To Gen. Lealio Combs. Lexington, Ky. New Yoük, November 10, 1872. My Dear Oi.d Friknd : My sky is black. I may nover write you again. I thank you for your letter of the 4th, and pray that tho evening of your days may be bright and sunny, and that you may be biest in your friends and your fuinily. Yours, HORACE GREELEY. To Gen. Leslie Conibs, Lexington, Ky.


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