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Narrow Escape For The Vice President

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row escapo irom a violent death about a wook ago at Andover, Ohij, the home of Mrs. Colfax"s uother. Mr. Colfax and his wife had just arrived and wcro met at tho depot by Mrs. Colfax's brotner. In getting their trunks into the light open wagon whioh the brother drove, Mr. Colfax assisted, and in 30 (loing stood in tho rear end of the wagon, when the loud scrcoch of a locomotivo near by causod the hoTRO to give a siidden start and Mr. Colfaxfell backward to thegreuud. The end board was firmly in its place, most fortunately which in sotuo degrce broko tho force of tho fall and causeil bim to striko on his shoulders iustead of his head. but for this circumstanco tho uccidont from which ho escaped with inconsiderablo bruises only would havo rosulted in hia scvere injury if not doath. Tho etatuo of tho late Chiof Jiisticfc Taney, erected by lus native State,, was unveilcd at Annapolis Tuesday. The statuo was executed by Rienhart, aid cast in tho lïoyal fonndry, at Munich, [t is of heroic size, represonting tho Chiof Justico in his robo of otfico, presiding in ;he Supremo Court. Official returns from Arkansns show tho elaotion of Baxter as Governor by a maority of :3,'2(i(5. Tho Ilspublicans h.-wo !0 State Senators and 52 Represontatives ; and tho Demócrata fivo Senators and 2G tcpresentatives, wlth. ono diítrlctl o hoar rom. ■


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