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A new politícal era Is opening hefore tho country Tho netfro-cyclo of our politie bas rounded to its conclusión tbrough civil war, social violelice, Sndustrinl diaorder, and haa endediu givitiLi frecdom to four milllona of tho ncjro race, and the hallot to its tdult males. ': The o!d order changeth, yleldiug place to the new." The politics of thls new era will como homo to everyman'a business and boarm rs never heforc, being vital to private prosperity and the maintennce of a Democratie Republic. For not only are tho mnnifold oncroachments of Ferlcrftl dpon State powcre and of both upou the larj; lincrty of Amorican freeinrn ñow as tilwnya to be repelled with cea&eless viilance; not only ia h"ine rulo or local self-Kovcrnmorít now as ahvnys to be maintuinid for the b6lt i.;uurantee of civil Hb ui ty and of uulioual greatneüH, buibesides, the rlc torie of peace which aro lo jjivc eplendor to the new politlcal era must be won aainst evcry advantai.'í which even oneinies of free iustitution couid d utre o. possrs, A jj'amic Dfbt, which the honor of the country w pledgud to pay eucumbcrB all otir industrie with ]', opprenivo barden. Niverthelcas our sietemaof Municip&l and State Ttxation are crude, uneqtial, and defraud the poor to release the rich. NeverthtleKa our eyatcm of 1'V-dLTftl Taxfttion la such an in. famooa ma.sterpicce of uoracce and Intíflpadt y, put tothevile uaea oí monopolista and favorites aud and thioTeft, as never au where bas die,rraced modru civiiation bíucc J.ouis ÜV-t with his mtthoda of taxaliou rathtr ihan ita aniouut. paraly&ed the industries of France. And along with the Tarifr, which prohibite tho export of our manufactures, ab idgea ihnuniber of our industrie, cuta down the irofit upou tho exporta froraall on farmn, planlailona and minea; abuliahea our hlppin; from off tbc hii;h aca, aud filches fö from the peuple's pookti every lime it puta $1 iuto the.U. S. Treasory, - alontf with üiIb entine of oppreveinn, etnpidity and fraad zn-n & ctirreDcy of nuctttating value ai thu meftsuru of valuee iu every act ordometic exchauge. Whatcver parties may arlsu or faH, whatever their dcfíiats or triumph, and u hatuver thclr name, The Wosi.d üow and alwaya will reniain tn unillnchlug Champion of a Í.IIÍK5AI, PROGREsaiTE DIMOCRAOV, whereof Freedom.defeudetf and deflucd by Jn?tïce, U the i)(Jar star. As a V'hUU f .Vf'j, Tiu Voki-d wlll Fpare'no expenM, uo euerjiy, to malataln aud advuoce ite place id tüeflitraulc ol'ntctrotulitati joarnals. Ita frtrah, ftbuudant, varioua and wcu ate uews, comprfrf&g the wbnle eirclfl of curre ut iutellirence aud lnerature will bc diBCuufcfd & becfiUU't a 'i uttotn hf irgam 0 nt wiih cantior. with itekdy dcjotion to sound public and privt.te mórula, wlih ipaclal kuuwlee CortpocUü Uu-niC", and with viiríoii and wido reachIng spprbealon of Üie mauitold intorests of men and womt'ii in iheir houifis Llieir murkut placea, thcir workaUop, and tlicit' t.uuid. TIIË W5I1KLY WOBI.D isoTirRrcit edidon tWedDOBdaj) for the connfry.- it coutaine: 1. Ihk I.atist I'kioxh fteitKrfnphed Irum all tliu markels of the United Statraj of Live S':li, ouuiry Produce. Ooncral l'ruiluce of every kind, mdoi tfonej, Stock, and Prüighta in New York and Knrope. ï, Th Karmcrt' Page, with all tbe (loinga of the FAimer' Dub of ihe AmarlctUQ InBtltate. letten from practical foraen, and sciuntiflc dis uurioon n profltablo tvnaa%. 'A. a Page for the Family Circle of lireiy aud pure reaüiiiif. 4. All the Dtrwv iu conciae bummary. Nnmi or PaicK on Frimich to Clvb C'JI'IKÜ Tl AR Cül,l,EOT' R9 I SEPARATKI.Y DRÖLNMSO FOB VVKEki.y WOKL. { -'i i. '.■-: ,.. AM DAT. 1 s FT ö T World Aïmanac. 10 12 iWeekljf orlrl, lyear. 2O 20 Wt-ekly Wi.rld. lyear. oO 50 Beml-weekly orld,i jear.i IQO 100 j'Jttily World, I year. fX'KA PRIMUMS (1.) 5250 will be íriveu ti the ontlornxn frora whom we receivt; prfiTJnu to lee 3It f -Iarch next ino moncy at uur c)ub raiea for the laryest miiulwr (i:ot Jcsa ihau fre hnndredof abscrioer lor onu year to the keklt Wom.i'. (2 j ilö for the next large?t paid dub list oï not leJ than two handred and flfty copie. f3.) iT5each for the flve next lart pald club lista of iint hn than one huiidred and íiftyeoi-ie each. f4.; $" e:ch tor (he ten next larCft paid club list of not Icssthan one hun!rfd copies ftteh. ;3.j Itf each for the twfutr uext largebt paid club ÜBta of not lew ihan Öfty copie eacb, THE SETl-WKERï.Y contnina f Tusday nnd Fi idayj all the content of the A'eekly and the cream ol the l'aily. .Ncxbkk or.FKiCK o.ii Pbbmium to Club O.I'IESf i Vf MU, COLLECTOK8 BEPABAT'U BBailfl rOl Sï.MI-WttKLT WOII.D. A[I3K1 ANÏ AV. ï f. Í 2 tb ft 112 World ATmanac. 10 fW Sfini-vW-ckly Workl, 1 yr. ! &l _ $lJttj]iiily World, l year. The Datlt Vould- Price for one copy for one yror. fl, fincluditg ncday Edition, SlSj, beginning any day ; und at the name rate per munth for any part of a year. Tb World .Aireante for 1CT3 fready abont January 1, 1S7:ï)- One copy, poet paid, 5 cents ; íive copie. puat-púd, l, DTIïECTIONS.- Addltíons ïo Clobe maj be made at anj timo in the year at the above Cl0 ratea. Changen iu Club Liittu made otily oq repoèst ol persons rtcoiviDK Clab paekaa. stuting ditteof aubscriftion, ed tion, put office and bUte to which It ftas pieviQUAy been twnt. TüKMS - Uaah In advance Sfi1 poat-oftïce m on order, bank draft, or regffttered letter. Bill ■f-ntby mail will be at the ritk oí the eender. We have no travelin auents. pveimen copie, ptcrs, Ac., aent freo of ctiarire, wlierever Hiïd whcuuverdeslred. Addre all order aud leltera to && Fark Hou, New Vork. Estáte of Ilenry Mcrhillips. OTATE OF MICH1UAN, county of Washttnaw, bp. At a sr.H.-Mou oi the l'robnte Court for the coimty of Waant enaw, hnl'U-n at the Tiobate Office in the city of Ann Arbor,on Wodneatlay, the eleventh day oi iJecember, Ín llie year on tbouaaud eight hundred and seveuty-two. Present, Hiram J. Beakes, Judge of Probate. In the nwitLer of theetate oi ilenry Mcl'hülips, ddocaseda On reüdintf and filing tho pet it ion, diily verified, of M:rgnret Mei hillip, Adininintrntrix, prayin ihut she iwiy be licenaed to sell the real estáte whereof aaid dtïceased died wñed. it ia orderedr tbat Monday, the thirteenthdayof J:inuary next, M. ten o-'clock in theforenoon, be uigned for the beuring oï Mid petition, aud thnt the heiisat luw of aid deceaxed, and 11 othei pt-rni! intereatt-d in 9iúd eslate, artf Mquind boappvai at a waBÍon of ;iui C'owrt, then to be hokten, at the Probate Otiier, in the .'ity of Ann ArW, mtd how cause, if ny there be, why the pruyerof the petitfamex ahould not beranted: Aud it is furthfrardtTedtbiit suid petitioner give notice to the persons intereatcíl m said t-Htitte, of the pendency of s;iid peiition, una the hearing thereof, by cnusinff a copy of thin prder to bf pubUtihod in the Michtgun Argut. ■ aewspupex printod and circulating? in süid eouniy, f our nueceasive weeks previoiib to said day of hearing. (A trne copy.) HIRAM J. BKAKES, 1404 Judireof Probate. Es tïi te of Fredcrick J. Wanzeck. CTAÏK Ol MlCllIOAN, county of Wasbtonaw, sp. O At h sesión of the Probate Oeoitfov tlitt-.ninty of Washtvnnw, holden at the PiÜlfftte Offlo, in the city of Aan Arbor. &u Stttuidhy, tfae sevnnth áty of December, in th year oue thousund uight hundred und seventy two. Present, JLtiram J. Beakes, Jtidce of Probate. In the matter of the tíntate of l'rederiek J. Wanzeck, dtoconacd. On reiiding rtnd filioif thepotition, 3tily wrified, oí Ieouard Oruner. AdaanMralOt, prayinjf that he may belMeneed to aellthercnl eatate whereel vaö Üi esAed died st-i1-d, for the purpiine of dimtributing tho proct'pdn of such sale ainontf his hefin nt Ibw. Thereupon it ia ordored.thut Moiuïtiy.thetbirteentli day of January next, nt ten o'clock in the örenoitii, be assigned for the hearing of said petitkm, and that the lieirs at luw of auid deeeaeed and all otht-r pei-aon Ifttwfed in eaid catate, are rt1qnircdtouppearatKHR'jiimiof t]itdc9ut-, then tolw holden, at tfie Probate OrÜi?e, ia the cüy Of Ann Arbor, and ahow Qftiue, r any there be, whj t!. iy. i of the petitionep' should not be tfranted: Aml it is fui'ther ordered thoteaid petitiomrive notice to the penone interaated in aan estáte, oí tho pendency ol aaid petition, und the hearing thereof, by Oflusing r nopy of this order to be publiahed in líit; Michigan Arffus, i newnpnper printed and circulatin? insaid county, fourauccessivo wecka previuubto said day of hearing. (A truecopy.) HIRAM J. HKATCEF, 140-iJiwlgo of Probate. Estáte of William Hiscock. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ( ounty of Washtenaw, . At aaesnionof theProbatu Court for tlie County of Washttiiaw, liolilen ut the Probate Office, in tl. e City of Ann Albor, on Tuenday, th: untti duy of December, in the yeajc onu thousaud eight hundred and seventy-two. Present, Hiram J. Rcukcs, Judffe of Probate. In tho mattor of the estáte of Wühum Hiscock, dereased. Onreadinff anctfllirurthe petition, duiy vertnd, of Isiniia Hiseock, prayinx that it eertajn instrument iHi-.v "ii fit: in thii ('omí, ptirpotrtütg to be thrlast will nul testament of said ilcceused, may 1)0 uliuiucd to probfite, and tlmt lie may bo uppointed aolu Exccutor thoieof. Thereupon it is ordered, that Mondny, the sixth (Iny. of Jiiuuitry ncxt, rit ten o'clock in tb.5! ii?eDOOD, he ivsHigncd for tho heftring of said petifion, and that the legjitee, devipeea aöd lieirs at In i isfl dffceíiíwd, uiid all othcr MiMUfl tbtereftted in snid eatate, are rcauired to BppMT fti a session of said Court, tneu to be holden, ftí ,he Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and sliow cauue, if any thore be, wJiy thu prayor of the wtitioner should not be Riantcd: And it is further udered, that sttid petitioner fjive iiotict' to the pconms ntorcstcd in eaid estati?, of the pnndency of uud pel iion, nd the hearing thereof, by oaniing aepyof his order to be pnbuafaed in thu Michiyan Argus, a ni;wBiper printeif and circiilutinfr in said Cowilty, hrcH ftiiroí-sive wt;tks previoiiK tosniit !ay (iflu'aring. [AtrueoopyJ Hl KAM .!. BEAKE8, L4N Jucleo of Probate. Sheriffs Sale. 3TATE OF MI CH1UAN. COUWTS ov Wasiitkn.wv, J ss. - Ry virtue of a writ of cxeciition iiwiud out of and undr tho sonl of tho ("irciiit Court for the Cminty of WaibtSI aw.nnil bo DU dktotvd and oVKveri ftgnifftt tio goixl, chattlen, lands and tentnv leorpe W. Frenm, and for the want Of modi KÜÜ i f.-. wtitty the snme, I did, on tho I8th tlny of Vovembcr, A. D. 1S72, scize ani levy upon all the ■iglit, tille and interest thut the naid OeorgQ W, 'riiin: ;ins in and to the fnllowinf iFesftribeil proiierty, o wit: 't'ho ■ouünnt qnaTter of Boatowesi uarter and the Muthwest qgoartet &t tho southcasi aarter of Bection number twrnty in tïi1 townilüp of ,oli, Oóunty and StfltO afomold, uNo all the right, i itli' nnd interest the Bftid QoOTgV W". Frej.rn httfl in l lid to the whent now RTOwing upon tho above deuribed lands, all of which above w soribfl ï propeity j r so inuch of it m wlll s:irisfy tile above muittonra t wnt of exerution, I shtüj espose for ;ilo at public : nulion to the highest bidder, :it the sonih door of the ( 'ouit IToiifie, in t)ie Oty of Ann Arbor, on ihe 1 rst iliy rf Januury, A. T). 1S7.Ï. at twelve oVIAok M. Datod, tl:i 13Thiny of Deoembcr, A. D, 17:2. L4M MVlíí'.v VvKI!P,Sh.'i-iLK Hayor's Proelamatioa. At a meeting of the Common Councli of the city of Ann A rbor, beid on the 3Öd day of November, lrtT2, the following resol u ÜOD8 were adoptcd : Rtíóhtdi Tbat the Mayor bc, aniï is horcby reqyested nul dlrected toeall -- matting of the electora of tho city of Arm Arbor :it u early a day aa is pr:ictir:ill', at vbich a vote ahaU bo taken bj baljpit on tliequetion uf the iflbue ol thtbondaol the city, payabio in twenty raui at 9 peí oent Interest, tor a rain not to ,l(ir the eirction find building oí Water Works and the puTGbaM ot nll necciwary real esteta sndiraterpowferför the saine, í"r the solo purpow ol siq 'lyiüii the eity and thu inhabitanta tlicrcct. viüi ROOQ i' water npoo tliu followinjf contlitioiiN, r. rulatioDB, mul reatrictiona, iz: . Tua C'ommon Conueil ■bal] ïmvc snthoriiy Uld it símil bc tht-ir duty to issue to a Boud uf Water CommiflaioDsza appoónted by the CoandLthe bonda of the city for :m amoant not exeeeding efghty tbounnd iloHfin on the oonditleña ;tnd tor the purpobe apeeUled in t ],c foregoins rosolution. '. For tbeexpf Dditure nf the prooerda of ruM bond in the croction of Watet Worka and theii labaequent control rtnd operation tbe Common Councüahali appoint ftvc Water Cununtaalonen! who slmll liold tu n offloea from onc to Üve year, na the C'ounci) may deahjnatet and shall therenitor, aunuully on the tl rat frlonday in Janaair in ench year, or assoon theteaftor as ahüUbe practicable, appoint one Comrai&aioner to Üll the vacjtney of tho Coiumissioncr wfaose teimof shall expire, irho shnll hold his office for tho perlod of flva yeon, Tho Commisetoxiffn fhall malve no pay tor éeri b et. Third. The Water CommSasfonen appoïnted by tho 'ouneil fthall have sole and esBolusive control of th procoedt and. salo of aaid bonda. and all funde derived (rom water ratea, except nn berein i jimwuhI Thty sj:ul have powei to prescribe the watez rateu and colli rt the ríame, and prescribe all needt'ul refijulatlonflfoi the proteetum of jrperty intheir charge. TheyahaD on tlie Bxst day ot Ootober oí esoh year, mak o :i report to thf? CVmnril of all reosipta and f xpcnditurrs and of the general oonoilton ot the property in their chaise. Furih. The Water ('oininis.sioin.-rs ;fter payingtbe expense of tho repairn and management of said worlts from the proeeeda of thu water ratea, b1h11 devote thu balance to: lat. Tbepaynent of the Interest on ihe IkuhJ.s. Zd. To the rratiun of n .inkinfr fund to bo apphed ti the paymeat ot tbn principal uit matar i, 'ttli. Bhould the sarpliu water ratea. after pnyinK the incidental expenses and repairs, be iiiantticient to pny the interest or principal oí the bonde, the Cotunon Council, on beingdnly notitie 1 by the iommiaaloiierB, Hliall otvón h tax to be lerii I and nolU'cted on all prop triy vituutcd not to ezeerd twwnfivt roifo in Ui Utvct from ffu water pipe or tirut maan stijficietU lo pay said inUreat nixl principal, Sixih. All thü:?e 1fT:o are in favor of the iss-io of 80,iWü of tho bonda of the city for the ITilrpoos abore prescribed, shall vot " Yea.f' All oppesed, " Nay." Novr, tberefore, Id obedleuce to the InBtracttoos contnineil iu the foregölog resotioiii, L hereby (irect nd appoint uu electlonio ïxï beid at the Codrt Ilouïe Id the city of Ann Arbor, 00 Mménj, iho iJd day of Oecembcr, 1S7'2, at which the question oí the issue of eis?hty thoosand ilolUra of the bonds of the city for the objectfl and upon the term and coodltlons expressed in the foregolng reso lotions, thail be submïtted to a vote of (be elector in the maonerset Torth in said resoIntloim. I aio direct the opening of the polls at 9 o'clock a. M., and closlog at 4 o'cloek i m. Ann Arbor, Dec. 2, 1872. ÖÏLA.S II. DOÜÖLA93, Mayor. I NAtüRE'S" BE'WËDïTN. ; JHE GREATrBLOOp PtJRlFlgR Viid i.'li.s i-, ii made i sclntivoi; irom the ju; e. -s of cnrcïlully Btlscted biukn. roots hikI hi'ibs. UDd po strfn;ly fonccutruted thatit will eíTccinally crarifcate hora the syntim everj tuint of BcrofnU, fcroftiIouh Hr.mnr, lmir.-. Crtnrir (■anc;ofl Humor, Srjsipttu, -ïilt Hhfiim. fyphMltlc Dlseáí . Cnnfcer, Puiatïiesi at thv Sloinach. and nll '.iiflc:ic8 that nic from imjiure hl-od, .-ciniir:i, [Bflrfematorj lind Chronic Khetiftiutim . Ncarjlii (Jout n:id Splnft] Ciiiiipliiiuls, CHUnly beeffcctujillycuretl throuti the blooa. Vor TTkor. r.iul Ernptive Disoascs of tbc skin, Pofl. tiilcs, Pfmplog, Blotcnes, Boll-, Tftler, Scalrthead and Rlnuwuim. VKQKTIÑB haBneycr laflcdto effect a permanent ture. For p lina in the b:ick. KWlney Cofnplainti, Dropfiy, Fem:ile Weakncss. Leacorrhoua, iruong i'rom inje'r nal alceratlon, and alarlne tiiö.-rtses and (pnernl Ue liility. 78aBriNSacte dlractly upon ih-; cm-"1 of theee complatnta. It Inrlgoratea and strengtbraa rhe whole -yt'm, jicts yè) A tile necresitè oríins. allays iiill ïmmation, tures.ulceration and ngnintvs the büwels. For Catarrb, J)yR?Fpm,FTab!taal ''ostlvrness. P.ilpitaiittn of tho Heart Ileadnche. Pil, KerfunMDe ■ and QuMiul prostrntion of the netvom Svstetn. uo medicine ha erer giren nieb perfect satkractlon as the VBGETIUK. It paríAei the blooa cleansecall of heorgnnft, and possejse a cotrtlli9j; power over the Ntrvuiw ystcm. T!n reniBTkableciaiea oW-cteti byVEGETINE hnve Intfooed mny pbjrstelaiu ami a]vtn(c.irirs whofl v kuuvr to picscribe and ie it iu tlu:ir own families. Pin fact, Vr.QKTINK is the beet renredy vet di - end ror the above dl enes, and is the onlj reliable Blood Pnnfler yet placed btforc the public. ï" lee 1.25. Sold by all I Tngjists. 14011 ËölïoörBÏrY" BLACK DRESS&OODS Uctil you liave seen the richest and most desirablo assortment o? Neiv Materila3 in eommoa, medium, fine, and extra fine Grade3;cffered at tho lowest prices by MAGK $c SCHÜSD. The verdict of the public is that the; keep the finest and best line tho city. ■I L-C.RISDON'S ADVERTISEMENT. , ! Xow ia the time to buy PARLOR k HEATÍXG SÏOYES. ! j I will sell them at C( ST until further IIOtlCL'. j So, 31 fy Xsxia Sf, Ana Arbcr. A Rare Chance TO LET. A larpe and modern nrw Orocery storc in Burhoz Bïock, Detro t ytrect. ünd abtedly thebï st loc&tion in Umi part f .In ri'y for aald iHutneaa. aLood largecellftfand oew bflrnattaebed to the preralses. The rent U &Ï00 yuurly, o be ta'&vu in grocoiiOa fot ra y fnmiïv nse. Abo a Ana nrw Mout Marïjei, il conjpfete.Jol&Ing mj hlork, wíth lAodern lhipr veiñenta, marbíá tal h Ac, isrjjt: new HDuke bouaa, utree bricfc clmorn and cellar, new h:irn and 11 roady for use, with three fiuiiily rooms above. Store renta l"r $-5 yniuly ; taken in ment tof inv fnmily ose. AUo n bruail store in iy bl. ck, howes, rooms, Ac, (o let. Kult SALE. - Three jfofl l.iro cnrriaire or fnrm Itrscone fine nrw caitiage, huríes, wagons, tarínIng loóla, AIso turec good cow - 14Otr Iiiquircof L. R. BCCIIOZ. WAL, WHEBN ARE TOUOOÏNO? DOWN TO tlif KiirintTH Store wRera ihcy hftTfl itiftrcceiredsocta löta of NewOoode; wny fei k cheni) you ca a get as mach ror 50 cents m ire QoodN Ihere na you can yut for $1.00 al ny o Uier tloft is thi-s county. f IVE GEESB PEATiljfitts"" PIRSTQITALITY , ionptantljonii.'imi and forsult by RACES; A BEL "i íft i9il rr'" dnyf Afrem1 wantod I An "" s?" elnmiu of wurking proplc, of cither sex, younp or oM. nuike iiiüre inoney at irork lor lis in thci spare moments or all tlie Urne, than at anythlng elt6. Parttoulara tree. Addresa G. Sliuscm & Co., .l'urlluuil, Muinu. rN FAC'T. IKYOU WI.smoOJBT ANY (JOODS and eet the worth of vour monev, yc? must ;o to tl Parnera1 Ston irben i!h-"íj!) all oodi cheapcT tuin J'null rlmn ever bcfore ti. W. UATS.Snperlntandeat. Estato of Selh Sinith. QTATEOF IUCHIOAK, c.miity of WtMbtaoaw, as. O Notwe ia hoeby given, tliat by nn order of t l'r.ilint'- Court fot the ('uiinty of ahtcimw, nuulc on .'li daj of J , A. D. UU, si montbi hom thftt data vers aUoifed tir orediton to-pnamt ■ 'm agaaaaC tbu estáte oí .ctli Sulth, Inte of 8:iid oounty, dateaaed, and that nll oediton of norquindtejrewnt Urab clnima to mid Probnte Uourt, uttho l'isbute OtKce, in theCityof Ana Asbob for KaninnAian and allowanos, on or ' Fora the elevanth dny of Jonenext, and'Üiat suoh ' ■l.iiins win ba henvd before ; t i i Probate Coart,on ' Saturday the eiffhth dar of Man:!i, ;uj.i un ' luy, tlie olOTenth dny of June nexf, ut ten o'elock in ' be forenoon oLeacb of tboaediwa. t Dutcd, Aim Arlior, DcoeinUr lHli, A. D 1S7' l HIRAM.F. BEAKÉ8, HMwV iudgmtt rrobüio. rpiIE LARGEST ! Most Elegant! MUCIÏ THE CHEAPEST Stock of First-Clasa Superb Black and Colors, EVER EXHIBITED IN THIS MARKET IS AT MACK & SCHMID'S, liipSÏ' PIANOS HAVE TAKEN TTÏE HKSÏ PB& MIÜM OVER ALLCOMPE. TITION IN AMERICA, ENGLAND, FRANCE, ThesD Standard Instruments Are ncrw offered at Redueed Eatesofi Tlie One-Price System. E413OOOj 01' THESE Standard Piano Fortes Havo been mdo and aoïd sincè 182Í, And Eighty-Onc First Premiums lve been riwarded tffour Firnr OVKR ALI, COJI' PETIT1ON. These Puim.s re stülreRmiedaiuiniii. venuüly conceded lo bc TUK STANDAlilt XSTRCMUSÍS OF Tl f F, WORLU, and re so pronounwf by all the great artista Dr. Franz Liszt saya : I consider tïie Chiftenov Piane nnterior xn any made in EuropeoT America, aci am'fully convincea thut thy %?ere juotty entillait the l'iret Prize. ChickeriDfi & Sons Mámmoth ManiN factory IsitioTethitnaiM-DliTd lntir-r thin my otüer PinJ l'orto Maimfaetory in the World, and is, in ctíry re I i t. the raovt OOttplete as reaitl1 macljintry (irid tbï tacilities i'or dóing the ivry 5r.i 'ia?) rt vork. Mespri, ( '. & Som have, ainoe the i'stablisliment oí theii I ;■ neaa in 1833, made and sold -H.oOO-PinnOü, ilthiK Standard Instruments are now o&ftdut rwluci-a rato Hon tho " One Price Sysleni'," free InKB U Ji(junu and commissiuns ; and they nre, beyond allrefutatios the féry bïH and very cheapi-st firt-lam Tisuoi 19 offered. A Ö A. H Ö. 'ÍV'o cali especial attention to our ÜP1UGHT PÍANOS Whích nrb, íq evèry pnrtículnr, the finöst instnimentí of thoir cluss m:inufiotnrci, and Rocoud unlyio thtf Qnud l'iano, for wliicli thejr are a good subblitute. Every Viano warranted forüve years. CEICKESING & SONS,. 12 E. Uth Sf., Xew York. 354 Wasliinton S. Boston. 140to3 Ko Penan can tnke these BUferl actw ttig to directiona, and remain longunwell, prow their boaea are not destroycd Uy mineral pol"" other rocans, and vital orgaos wasied beiooauw point of repair. . „ ... „,,. Oyspppslj or fntl?Mlon, nola'w;,? In the ênoulders, Coagha, Tichtness or ttie CMft Dizziness. Sonr Kructatlons of the stomaW. M Tasto In tho Mouth. HHlous Attarks, I'aliita.loo 01 tho Heart, Innammation nfthc I.unfrs, I'ainli) in región of tlie Kiilneys, aml a linodred oiMr painm aymptoms, are the off-spriDRS of IlyppeP1-., bottle wlll prove a better guarantee oí m ra than a lenethv ailvertlsemcnt. ,r Por eon.p4nliU, in jonns ;or "A married or simile, at the dawn o( womannoM, " tlie turn of lile, these Tonic Hittere J'9Plaf5 decitlèO ah hinuence that lmprovement la w perceptible. , _,,. Por Iiiflninnmtory nel Chronlc nn iiisitism and Gout, Bllloos, Kt-mittcni ma 1 mittent Kevers. Dlseascs of the Bloml, „j, ncys and Kladder, these Bitter have nj "l"1 Such Uiscascs aro caused hy Vltisteil B'ooa. They are a entte PilrR.llve " w' , a Tonlc, possussiDK rhe ment of aciroK " powerfnl agent in rcllcving Congestión er inra" matlon of the Lívcr and Visceral Organs, anJ Biuoiis Diseases. c. I'or Skin lilR, Emptlons, Te ter, Si Rhenm, Blotches, SpoW, Pimjilcs, PMWl "T Carlmncles, Ring-wortns, Scald-Heail. hore e. Krysipela, ItcU, Scurft, D'scolorationH orm" Flumore and Dmcasesof theSklnof wlio.eiernjj or nature, are literally lug ap and rarir iu of the aystem ia a Bhort time by tlie use " Bitters. ,. .--.nBir Orateful Thnnsand proclaim 'f"l„d TRR3 the most wonderful Inrigorani ui iustuint'il tho slnklDg BTStem. n. ir. .ticimai,0 ■ r"? r. t Bmgglsta and Gen. Agts., San Franciswjr ""' oor. of Washington and Charlton SM., . FKa TAMKS McMAHON, Justicc of the Peace, Office ia new block, Torth of Court Hoos Money collected and prompllr I"1 r' INSURANCK , Trhimph, assets, hs,'"-'1 Nortn Missouri, " ssu.W0'11 Iliburniil, RKAL KSTATï,y I have 31 acres "f hn,! u lito ''oíet. mita, Uncí y locutod i'or friiil r ü.-irden i)il Aleo 40 acres. AtWifl Alsri 10 acres, with h"n nOn(.n" Btrmmof waterrunniBírthíMiíbthebar?1 60 acres, milE oal. . 1 will sel) .iny or aJl'thc abOTC cheap. r If forci.yproperty. JAMESJfcMAHOA. A KN ARBOR ANDLODl PLANK R0AD COMPON?' , The anniml mfctinp of the stockhoM-w ú ' iitbor and Lodi rianí H""''"!"" h I ,f Director for the ra; WT2' 11 X, K.1 m may proierly come beforcr r ht vil! be held nt Ihe oHire oí the lompuns , oj Tuflj bor store, in the city of. Ann A M.of s he 7th diiy of Janunry, 1873, at 2 o clocü r hl' NU.S0NP.C0IE,Trf November ilth, 1872.


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