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- Wood is wood yet. - Pork comes Ín freely. bnt prbcs are not exíctly Mtlftfactory to producers. - Order yoor BlU-Head, Letter-ireads, Cards, C'lrcula-s, etc., at the Abóos office. Wcather has been cold slnce onr last report, bnt thls dav- Thursday- Is milder. D. ]. Smitii, of the Clifton House, Whitmore Lake, has Issued cards for a New Ymh' liiill. Look carefully over the advertlslna colntnn of tlie Arocs before you parchas your holidav gooila. - The recent Fair of the ladlcs of Sr. Thomas Church. Chathollc, netted $1,50475. A decided and ratifylng success. - $1,545: that's the amount of money pald Into Jthe City Treasury for licenses luce the decisión of the Supreme Court. - More cisterns and wells are dry, and thocryfor water Increases. Water carts are mskiug a raid on the Hurón, and have not yet been enjoined. Pro!. D'Ooge delivered hls "Month Id Athens" In Grand Rapids on Saturday evenlng lnst, nnd l8 compllmented in very flattering terms bv the Vernoemt. - Mrs. C. D. Htiss desires otir music loving citizens to remember her concert next Wednwday evenlnjt, at the Opera Honaejta which Prof. Mazurette and Pof. LtTDKRKB take leaditiR parts. _ President Wíiitr, yleldtns to urgent Jnvlutlon, oocupled the hour of Prof. Arams nn Monday ftcrnoon, and gave hls lecturejoii "The Cathedral Bullders," to the great deüght of all who w'ere privileged to hear lum. - Sevcral of the saloon keepnrs have retlrcd from business SinCfl the llcensc ordltiance Wtt held valid by the Supreme Court; ïind prosecutions liave been commenced acainst a nnmber for non-payment of 11tense fees overdue. - In auother column n-ill be found an article from the Adrián Times QrglDg the J,e;!slature to nuike liberal approprlations in ald of the universlty. thó KalamazoD HeUgraph and East Saginaw Enterprise hcartily lndorse the Timí' article. - The YpsiWntl Smiinel says that a company with a capital of $100,000 Is to bnlld a paper mlll at the "Lowell power": the fourth paper mili In the viclulty of Ypsllantl. AVhy can't Ann Arbor have a paper mlll at the "Buukcr power" bfelow the city? - .T. A. Watsok of Victory, Tixas, ad vfertkfl that any person related to Ivey Bootfi can learu his fate by addresslng as above. lïuoilt is said to lmve lived near Ann Arbor. going to Texas In lSr,0oH861. Who was he, and has he frlends in thls vlcinity? _ In the Circuit Court the jury cases trere diaposcd of on Wcdnesday und the ju.y dlscharged. Judge Higut adjourncü tht Court y( sterday until Saturday inoriüns ot which time he expects to finish up tht business ol tlie terra and hls labors herë as Judge. - ÜKonoE MacDonald Is slck and unable t meet his engagement before the Students' Lecture Asociatlon thls evenjng. Next on the list is Ebmwd Yates, Tor W'filmsday evtning heit; December 18th. Slr Yates Is gencrally known to the American rcading public by his novéis. _ The Uiscourse of Rev. Dr. Bkighau, on Sunday morning Íh!Í, upon "Lessons of the Life of IIokace," was an ex ceüent one, Wh In manner and matter, and ouaht to have been heard by Ihose bitter parttana who can not speak well ol the (le;id, becanse of a dtflerence of opinión and actibn H life. - Dr. SavBI and TaiUlly wnrft in town yi sterday, e n route for Brooklyn, where the Dr. i to take up hl resldence and enter upon the 'llscharge of hls duties as Secretary of the Methodist General Conference. Hls host of western frieud regret his removal, but wlsh 'iim aöunJaot success in hls new 6tld of labor, a brtnd and honorable field. - A young lady who was present at ï recent lecture by Prof. Ford, and heard his txposition of the heart and lts fuuctlons, illustrated and enforced bj a fresh and lusty specimen, remarked that it took all the romance out o( that organ, and that she didn't care. to hear any more about lts be Ing love'g headquarters : or something to that effect. - A large audlencc grecttd Prcsldc-it White on Saturday evenlng last, and hls Ucture was receivcd wltli favor. "The Battle Fields of Science" which he psssed in review inchided tbc Eurtli's rotundity, the Antipodes, the EartU'8 mo tion, the oite f the Esrth, the u.iity of the races, etc, In which he proved that the relifiiou zcalots opposlng science had al ways been worsted. He held that there was no warfare betweeu Science and Relición, and that one was the fcü worker f the other. _ We are Inclincd to the opinión that a goodly number of Sophomores are preparing for a musical campulgn, hopin?;, probably. to rival Ole Buil, Blind lom, the Ptak Family, and Barnam's Automaton Bell Kingers. A recent mldnlght concert In Uic vicinlty of the campus proveí! them noisy if not skilled and artistlc performers on var'.ous instrumenta, including Un-hurns, tin-pans, cow-beüs, horse flddles, gongs, etc. But, tlien, there is no telling what wonderful musical powers may be devel oped by a close stmly of Qreek, I.atin, modern languases, Uterature, the liiglier mathematica and kln.lred branches, or how such studies do suddenly metamorphose boys lnto men and flt them to make the lawsand assume the discipline of a unlverslty ; to show contempt forchapel exerclsei or tdmlntotei rebuke to recalcitrant Prcsidents and Professors. It's a conundrum w give up. Services wil! bc held on the nest Punclay In the nialn nudience room of the Unitarlnn Chwcli, at 10:30 A. M. and 7 r. m. In the afternoon, nt 2:45, a lecture wlH le glven In Ihc basement room on the " Uaees of PalMtlM. In the evCntUR vri'.l be glven the lecture on "Ahanasins and hls Ir.flueiioc," postponed from Dcc. lst. The flrnt qnwteriy meeting of the present conference yenr will be held in the Methodist, Episcopal Ohnreh in thls city, on Hnnday neXt, the 15th lnst. Lovr Feat At 0 K. M.: ftt 10:80 A. 5t ; iftcra meatof the Lort's Öuppet at the close of the (Uoconrsc. Tho services will be conducted by th; PceaNHaj KUer, Rcv. L. U. Fisk. i in "TlTïï ïte Ye:ir ís ut hand and our cred ltors are not yct all patd. Öeason : enndry mibscribcr, alvertlsers and job patrón have torgotten to cali mid coinply wlth Mie Script mal injiinction, "pay whut thou owest.' We hope thatuo funher réui'nder wUl be Dccossaiy.