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Aokxtr Waxted. - The pnbllslicr of the Melhaditt intend to doublé its clrculatlon and want the services of at least one energetlc, pnsblng man or woman in every town and vlllage n the Union. Very liberal terms wlll bc made uith competent persons hnving flrst ratc reforcnces. We trust that the numerons frionds both in the ministry ami laity, 11 ee that somc Uit aiV person In each loc-Oity takes hold of tiiis work. Aildress The Afelhotlitl, Ne York, lor fnrther nformation. - Tbóogh not a Conference orgnn the Methodist 1b aboiit the "livest" paper of that grent (Icnomhmtlon rtncf deserylni;sup port for lts Independenee of official control' The "Ann Arbor Rfgitler" ís the name ol a new candldnte for popular favor jmt issned from the office of the Anu Arbor Publishlns Cotnpmiy. It s about the Rize of t!ie Arous, printed on entirely new material and typoeraphically presents a fine apppcarance. I'olit.ically it is Republican. Xo editor 's onnounced, but t is understood tliat Jndge LarenCB occupies the poütlcal chalr with a corps of asüistants In other departments. C. Buss & Soks, dealers itl Wntshes, Süver and Platcd Ware, Jewelry, etc, Eist sldeofMain strcct, hnve "taken timo by the foretop" and made rcady for the hollday trado. Thelr stock Is full and attractive, and f you want a Chrlstmas gift for youi wife, daushter, sister, or sorre other fellow's ster you wlH beliard to picase 1 f you can't flnd somcthlng in thelr case to suit. Try it and sec. Itlaynnrtl.- Wt nro now roceivinR the ftnwU purchuscil bv Ml. .7. W. Maynnrd lnnt week. in New York. Atnonpr thom will bc fonnil mnny fretty unióles Tor Christmas and tbo hoUdays. 1404 Tr. I'icliine Burltc will tTcat Cntorrfi of the Uend. Tliront. LllDKS Stomnoh tM, fvr flve dayR nt the Loonard TToiifc, commenclng on Pee. 17th. Tbe Doctora havo jimt come from the fiapinnw V;ilV;y, where 'they had larpr calla- ïi.ny City, 311: Kast Fasinaw "" Pasinnw City, over flve hundred, and all aattsflfidi "Wehave a positivo cure for Catarrh in all its forma, that is tho rennsn we offer oursorvirc-s frnotonll iifi'.otrd. Tícese pive na rail. To tboso wlio ralled on Dr Bnrkc thrco months npo.wc woulrl be glad to hTO ynu cali axnin, ns bcttcr term will he offered to all, in ordr that the remcdy niinll !■ Intro!n'l. It can be had for cost. Pee handbiDs. Como in on the flrt 4ay ( possible, as T)r. l'icking will ho prrwnt. HM Wlicn Drnnh Anlmnl cry ont their ulndnep,- Tvhcn cripples tnko iiji their tK-'la and walk, - when Rlxuinatim is bíinislirrl, - st ifT jointfl made limher, andBwdlin(.' SifBpboaïnl if by maRic, wcll mriy wf. pnquire hito the MOTOta of the wonderful fVnt-inr Linimcnt. Thefehu ncver been anytblng It bus pcrfornicd more cures of llcsh, bono and miisi'le ailmoni "I10" 'ni" "ml beast in the past thtwo month, Hir.n all otlur articlcs have ín thrce h'.indrod years. CHlldren cry- for Pitchei'a Caftorin. It rep;iilitc- iho itomarh, cutok n-indcoüc, onrt rauses ntaraleleop. f t Is ft ênbttltnte for cutOT oll. HO-lwi Mrs. C. M. STONE Ia Rivint; instrurl iüi:s in Oil l'uintin ot ItSonth Fifth Btrct. Any di Miinj? lcsBOnt, .nrc Imilad focnllMid examine lier i'ajnllng. !■


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