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Railways And The Sabbath

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oo also of the regular officers of tbc A my and Navy. All warlike usages r quire that :he power that cotr.ninnds il r forces, sliould also appoint the subord n nates who are to carry out its wil!. e But we know of no good reason vh a Poatmasters should nut be elected bv th s people of the respective towns and citie; q Every man has more or less busines witti the Postmaster where lie reside: t and when an incompetent, dishonest c r lazy incumbent is appointed, it is u ser ' ous loss and annoyance "to the whol . community. J Might not the Revenueand light hous officers be elected by the people of tin respective States? They would of cours give bonds to the General Governmen for the lahMlil performance of theirdu ties. So olso of tbe ü. S. Marshals an Attornies in the severa! States. A citi zen residing in the State is usually ap pointed. Could not the people of thi State as well clcct one of their own cili zens? In Ihis way the'influence of the Ad ministration might be curtailed nearl one half. Some 16,000 public officers now appointed by the Executive, woulc be elected by the people; and themselve; and their 16,000 deputies would no long er be influenced by the fear of officia frowns, or the hopes of still greater offi cial favors. The 128,000 persons whc are constantly seeking these offices woulc


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