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the auvice contained in tlio following paragrauh is froiu an experiunced poultry raiser, who has mado bóth inoneyand rcputalion ly following this branch of domestic industry. Ilis euggestions, if followed, will cnablo those who raise poultry to koop young and profitable fowls, matead of ;i great uumber of old and foeble íowls wbich aro not vrorth tho í'ood they consume : A puILet hatohed early in the spring begin to luy at tlie approach of winter and pullots hatohed late in tho summer begina to lay in tho ensuing spring, umi it is by saviug a ccrtain portion of pulk'is froin tho early and luto broods, thut jou make suru of winter eggs, a few o.irly hatohed chiekcns f'or catchir.g tho highest markets, and a numcrous flock of ehickens in tho warm months, when roaring is least precarious. ïho hen continucs in her primo for two and at most, thrce yoars. - thcrefore savo evcry year pallets cqual to a third of your brood stock, stilling off at a trifling price the sumo numbcr of old hens, or offoring them uj in a stewcd dish or wcll baked pie. Ilowever, I have uo scruple about kooping a heavy, ByinmutricaUy mado.splondidly feathorod "parktt," for four years, for tho Kake of hor stock. Slany farmors grumble about their poultry, fiom not payioc; attention to suoh a simple matter us their not looking over their brood stock once a year, diafting all tho old dames (knowu by tho devoíopod scales on their lees), aad rcs:rving froin tho marktt basket the moíst promising young pullets raised during the season.


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