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Tblt Cut Cluatrates tho mwnwref Utlng ËÊ í JDH. PISRCE'3 : Focntaia Nasal Injector.' '$'h oe ■■' '._ y te ■ --x TfcianistTtmioiitisoij&ci&Uy UalL2d fbt ft poricta.ppiction of Df?. CATARRH REMEDY. Iti8 tho only forra of instrument yet Inventad trltb TTh'fC-h fiuhl macliCioe eau b) cnrriftu AfaJk wo f.nrl vcrfet'Jy ap-plUd io i'.l prrts of tho af.ïctea Höi:u passagM, hiuI thncli.'.rTiljeraorcaviilftacomtnmilcjU:n t!pren ith, in wUch Borrs aud ulcera ■i:lJy cïiat, and from vMch tho eotnrrhal titschaigo gcneiftily prtMAttcte 'l'lo wïit of stio cem in trcuting cstarrh heretnforo haa-ariarn ■ f:r.:n ilio lmpf'sihLty of ftppljrinjf remedie to thefw eTltiea anl cnamhera by any of tho orillnary melbodj. Thm obutaclo lu the ry of eifecUAg eniea ia eotlrcly overeóme by tho íiíVfnlíuis n f tii IDoufhe. la uaiag thio inatiuUitíDt, the Fii;:d il cariid by U own weight (no cnufiinff, rere! g er pwnping bflng required,) up ono notru it & fall iceorty :".híuL tream to tha higbest portion et' thO nssal pMMigc paasc. into and tlkojoaghlr cleaimea r.U tüe tulwa ud ciiainbers uu thttvtwith, and fiows out of tne o&pc&'tc BOSlriU It3 utu ia plenitaot and no tiüiVi tiiHt a ciïild c&v u rule rst aud it. fc'wil AimI oXpUctftdii i ii'ouflccünipa:iyechinatrar;c::t. V Lea use A 'vriïh ti:is instriun?nt Dr. Bue'i Cfttarrh Bemeár enrea recnt atrAcics ui' ■C1I fcü ii.j lUaél" ty a few applications. 'r;ti'.Viiuí fcST 'Rtaixk. Trqust headtc.:r, ihttL-hn';: f&ning iuto tïuoai, iüinotiraea profuae, wIfiy, tBuk uncí, yrn?fnt, offea{;v, .Sc. lu iibrró i drjnt-M, dry, wait ry. wk or lnfiamed ct, Stopplsg up r obötructioa of BAMl pafcWffes, rÍBffbiiii i-r, It ;ruei, hattting Mid Don . ■ btioofl, soabji from oí ; a ang, oÁnsive -..t tu. il itpriTAkioM of r.cuatí of mfU uí. tot#, cliziftcaA, ra ntol di presftlon, loea (-■.;■'-- oot i ü "--■ .': ftíw ot' tti a Ai( lit i, . u v CIMA at One tiuie. !!■# s.;.;-k i iti-vi i J ■ . . : naecl Hfcb Di PIavco Kaaal lottcbotwid accompftnittAwltík tho cocBtitutional fenataeat vhich u raooiaciWLÖvd Lo tho poco] blet that rapa ?nt'a botUe v. ■- . . - asd tbc pmprictof oii KfcOt ■■" I tlt tO ■ Dg uo fet:oi ot coitio druga or ..--ií:i. . rtU bz&ailed bj ( ropj Latorou íocoiptof ücuí.l R. I . E, l, !., -, BUl'i'ALü. K. "E". J Q. A. SESSIOrSS' 1ISÜBAICE AGENCY. THE OI.D HEtlABT.X piIGENIX INSURANCE CO., HARTFORD, C05N. Boston Io?e9 flo not eicccd $50fl 000, which wiU be promptlj paíd, as at Chicago. Net cash assoia, OXE AXD A HALF MILLIOXS. CcoBOMn, Noy. 11,11:15 V. H., 1379. The Phoenix of Hiirlfurrt wfll pay its Boston losaes prumptiy, as it dld at Chicago, hikI coutiuuo to servo the public faithlully and wll. 11. M. MAGILL, Gcn'l Agent. T IVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE Li IHSUBANC'E C03IPA3Y. cniCAOO, Noy. 13tb, 1S72. .J. Q. A. SKS9IONS, Eíq., iRcnt. The loses of tbis Compsny by thc Orcr.t Fire tn i-n íin. ccVered br policios Ênonntlng to ti w:ll be píiM immoíiiatclv nndin l':ill ty Araft orí tho Liverpool Office, the Asaetu now iu tlió Uuiicd States (♦3,600,00 } y■i rtm:iin untotictieú. Yours very trnly, WM . WARREN", Gen. Agent. Policlea IbsuciI at my office at No. 11, East Uuroa Street, Ana Arbor. J. Q. A. SESSIONS, Agent. l-ÍOOtf. ■ FIRE ! FIRE ! ■ARE YOU IXSÜKED? ■ Don't. w.iit for a Fire. but Feeure ?zvi ction by procuruit: ii IV.i. y ín one of the t'ollowiua i'irst Cl.uu (.'omiwnieí ; Home Ins. Co., New York, ASSETS, - - - $5,000,000. i Continental Ins. Co. New York, . ASSETSy ... $2,C00,0OO. Girard Ins. Cío. rhiíadelphia, ASSETS, - - - $650,000. ! Grient Ins. Co. Hartford, ASSETS, - - $800,000. These Companic nnd pay losMa promptly. C. II. ÍuUiEK, Tío. 4, S. HJaln St., ANH AJBBOB, MICU. 1392- mS LOVEJOY, TOBAC0OMÏST ! Deals in both FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Snuff, !Pipes, &c, AT SO. 7 EAST III ROX STKEET, Xexí to tlie Express Oíñce, AXX ARJJOll, JIICH. 1345tf YyHITflORE LAKE. Havinrecentiy refitted and fnrnifhcdtho CLIFTON HOUSE! lam iiowpropariul to reccive and entertain pla. iiï pnrties, f.tone ofth" nttractive, pleasant ananealtbT wutcriii" places Ín theW. Mylioais aronow, larfft; diirt cimmodions, and wcll adapted for the use ol p! tasttre ■ ki rs. Anglers nrlll liml u full an J complete equlpmant alw:iv 4in hand. Special attentlon (rjven to the wants and comfort orttaoíewho ii-ii to apeada tow veeka Ín recreatión dnrlng the warm tammer inonthH No ualna wln be apard to tnaka WHITHORG ".Aüi:, in the futuro aalalhepact, afnTuriu-sumincr retiuii. D. F. SMItlI. T1IE BRIGHT SIDE AND FA5ÍILY CIRCLE irfllbepu w in 1878, botter and prettier Ihriin-v. r, a( only I LOO tatiful ! 'hinino, "'riic Calla Lilled1 avíii be giren t i wanted everywhete. Llbeial ' ■as. bplendid PremiumB. Ku: ietopaelob. BilOHT 8IDE CO., " . ISDOwl Ubioigo, Ulinoú. í iSlbi NEW GUU&& IN" MARKBT, AT FSNLEY LEWIS' THE Finest, Largest and Most Complete Stock of Fine Ooods for Ladies, Misscs and Cliildren, at FINLEY and LEWIS' Burt's Fine Calf Üoots at Finley & Lcwis, and at NO OTHEit Placo in Town. The Best Kip and Stoga lioot in Town at FIHLET & LEWIS'. The Best Boys' Boots tFISLET & EEW. The Stock which isboviphtfor C AHI cr.n bc old at botter prices tban thosc bousbt ON T IHB. Finley & Lewis BCY FOR CA8H! and cansell thcirgooúa t lASItl'UICES, "bTgïdley, Sacce58or to CÖLOROVE 4 SOS. m ljpiiCfilST AND CHEIST IN COOK'S NEW HOTEL, No. 12 E. ÏÏÜÏÏON STEEET, DEALER IN BRHiS, HEDKIXE8, WUICll nSTRtBElTS, fdbe wnm isa iiroRs, tFGIÏ MEDICAL PÜRPOSES OSLT.) Fancy Gooíls, Perhunery, paitíts, oii,r, V.fc.iN'ISIIES, GI.ASfl AS3 Pl'TTT, pbysmass' numnmi Cnrefally componnöed st all honrs. I FBOFOSE KOT TO BS UHDESSOLD EY ANY FIRM ITT ÏHE CITY WIIOFÜRKISH AS GOOD AN AílTICLE. E. B. CI9I.KV, 136tf ÍS KCÍf READYIOI TES FALL TftADS Diviag ReceTda LnrgeStockof QOODS, 1NCLÜDING 0LOTH8, OA8SIMERE8, VESTINÖ8, &C. cf the EEST 8TYLE3 and GUALITIES, WniOH EK WILI. on tcrms to aalt. Also a fall line of BEADY-MADE 0LOTH2NG ANO Gents' FÜKNISHIM Qoods. AT.SO LADIKS' AND GE'T9' MOROCCO SATCHEL8 No. 21 South Maia Street,- E8tSlde: OALL AND SEE THEM. TIÏ.I IAM WAGNIB. Aon 4.1-bor, Octobcr Ut, 1S72. "OOTTLED LAGEB, ALE AND PORTER, Put up io Pinís and Quarts for Faniily ose. ALSO BY THE KEG. 17 Orders left at )citer &■ C.'s Drca; Store nlll be proiuplly filled. HILL & CIIAPIN. AnnArlor,MRT28, 3872. ISTGtf 1T7ANTED. 500 Cords of Hickory Wood, 500 Cords of Hard Maple. 500 Gords of White Oak. Httlfsensoneil and half green, for which cash willbe paid on deliw 17. luqulro 111 tlie V. ooil Vard, Córner of Ilurcn and I'ittU Street. Ann Albor, Octobcr 30th, 1872. 13J8tf A. n. HOLMES. HURRY ÜP ! IJAinriKS wlíhinp Wnll Paper, Cloth A aiul Paper Shade. Hollando, Winrlow Fixtnros, Cok!, &c nll New ■ nt Sotluíactorj Prlccs.byJ. II. VIistcr4;:o., Bjoktílorc, near thc ! Bxpre Office. X X I I WK VOU SEEN TIIOSB N1CE DRESS GOODS Jt,l nt tho Farmers' Store? If uot go and aoe necn


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