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The Old, Old Home

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Wheo I long ft sain'ted memoria, Like tingel truoi they ooxae, Ji I fold nay KiuiH to ponder On lite uld, old homo Th" l,o. iï t hu mnny passages Xbroutfb frblcb the fcflinHroain, But ita middle Atole ir na uceu To tho thuught. of old, old home. Where Infnncy was sheltered, Iiko rowbuda trpm the bhist ; Whero girihood'H briei elyHum In joyouaneu waa p ■ To Ibat swoet spot forovert to Km httUowtd d'niic. Ufe'a pilgrim bonds hor viaion- 'Tis Uur oltl, ulU home. A f'iihtTsnt, how proudlyi Bythftt benrthstone1 ruye, Ami be toid hi obildren lories 01 biaeAily nuwihood'Bduyii; And oiic son ■■ wm beaming, Krom ohüd toobild 'twould ronm, Thai ii mothez counta hex txeanaxe, Xn the old, oïd homo. T! ■ birUtd&y rifts and fL-stiviilu, Th lended vesper !; n . (Someone who was sweiling it la -. i;!i 1 1 o Seraphim) Tin.' fond "good ojght " at bed limo, Huw quiet sleep would ooma, And fold " uil to;ctlttT In t lic old, olUbumo. like i wreath otscented flowers Close ntertvriued eacb beart ; litif timo Hud cliHiie in croacert Huvfl blown tbö wrentb uiart, But d;ir and saintid memoiien Lffce nngelfl oveitsowp, If T fold Tiiy anzu und poaaer Uu il uhl. tiid hnme.


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