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Too Much Credit

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Mr. ICoenc, a shrewd and thrifty farínur of Allenborough, owntd u largo üock ■y, and orto autumn, when it carne ïouaiug time.hewasgreatlyannoyod opon g a nui;ibcr oí bis finest muttóns, imong thcm throo or íour wetben wLich ib had misod and í'attoned for hia own tablo. lio waa suro it was not tho work oí dogs, and tho most ho could do wus to await i'urther devolopmenta. On tho fóllowing spring, when his shcep wcre turned out to pasturo, he instituted a carci'ul wateh, and uro loug he deteoted Toni Btiokney, a noighboriu farmer, in ■t of pilfuring sheep ; but lio made no iioíbo about it at tho timo. Btiokney was a unin well to do, and Koeno did not caro to cxijoeo him. Autumn ín, and upon comit íng up his floek Mr. Keene found eipht !':i.siug. Ui' m:idu out a bilí in duo form to Thomaa Btiokney for oight sheeij, and presentad it. Btiokney Chokod and staminered but did not back down. Liko i prudent man hu paid tho bilí and pocketed tho receipt. Anothor Priug time carne and Mr. Kecno's shoep v.-ero again lurnod out. Anotber autumn carne aad the fanner ap'iin took an account of hi etpok, and this tiir.o íiftoen nhncp wero inis.sinjr. As . be made out the bilí to Toui Stickney fbr'the whole number missing; bat this time Tom objected. "It is too muoh of a goodthing," eaid he. "Fifteen ehep f Wby, bless your ton!. 1 havea't liü.d a fifth purt of 'ow." Mr Keene was inexorable. "There is tho bilí," said he, "and 1 have nimio it out in gooi í'aith. I havo made no fues when iny sheep havo heen m becauso 1 deemed your crudit good aud sufficiont." "Well," growlod Tom, with a big pulp. "I suppose I un; i ]■'}'■ but," ho added oally, "we'll close that account from this time. Tou havo giveu uio too much credit altogether, seme otliti . on Btealing on the svreugth of it." - ViUíl u fgh Ch ron ele. The New York World says tbnt sovcral prominent boBÍnen metí have juatsontby the steainer Tyboe tbe moneyfor tho pur of Samana, San Domingo, they navoen satisfled that the parchase which Congress rejected would be a proiitablo onc, havo renewcd tho bargaiu with Baez i ou thoií own aucount.


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