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Reception Of The Recalcitrants

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The Washington correspondent of tho Boaton Pont, in. the oourae of soms li1 gossip about the reassombling of Conof the marnier in whioh i Liberal Senator werc fecoivcd : "A good deal of curiosity was evi: to seo and talk with some of the BO-Cé recalcitrante or anti-odministration publicans in lioth IIousos. Mr. Sui ■ I to bc a special mark for 1 ! cnrious persons, whoso des;: what would be hia course in t'1 was only partially gratified before tho bcgun, up to which tin appearcd to be in good favor, as o ttiaong Republican Senators genei as the Democratie memberg. He reeted by ncarly every nun' nate, and the ui t in was espacial] j i Mr. Sumner went to Morton, at . : ji's place, and citch rei cordial reception and shake of {hè . then Mr. Sunmex keaned orwt who, i:: -;ce of iii lames of course, sitting, and thoy entered ipto an earnest conversation in whisp i counter.anccs indicating scriousnus apparontly animated by i spirit öfforgiveness. Quite the opposite of Me. Bi tator Sohnrz' recoption bj fellow-membors. He was, of 00,1 warmïy greeted by such men ns Fèi Tipton, Kioe, Sumner and a few otl ling Wilson, who sits 011 Sr! left, but he w.-is sevoroly lot almnearly uil t.ho rost of tho li'iul-i V3. Feuton and IUc ::-r cold, indifferent reception, ■ Mr. Tipton, who is familiarly o "Tippy," evon by grave and reyi be recipiënt of 1 ironical, though good-naturcd thrugi whioh In1 had a cutting and alwaya 1 Seuntor Truiiibull did not 1 bis (Ippearoñce in thu Senate at a I . MissMarthaKnight, ofChicopee, M has invênted a successful machino for making of paper bags. Tho patent oials in Washington uay if is the ft ' feot invention by vromoo. She su; 1 its uso in Hassaohusotts facl' explains, when asked, that iti could not play with ctolls with a chip and a jaok-knife, and v. .. cordingly pronouuoed a touiboy.


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