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WISHAET'S JPINE TREE NATURE'S OEEAT REJIKDY FOB THE THUOAT AWJ LCN6& Ir h LTatifyin to n? to lii'oim tho pnblie that Dr (.f. WinharVaPia Tiee TarCorglal, fot nnd LQBg Plwmii lifï tittined kii ctivinblu reputatioa írcra the Atlantic to the Facifle cciwt, ar.d frora the net to scrao ofihaflrat families of JSnrop, nut throngh the ftetfl aloe, bat by perdona through" out tho 9t.'ite9öc:nlly bfneflted and curcd ht bis oDce. While he pnbltebes lesa, bo -ayour rtrpor. ter?, hfl I i.ii ible to (?u[pty tiií dcai.ii..!. í Ai;d hola ï ta reputación - Tint. Jïot by topp'ng cotlgh, bat ly loosentag ar ueleltng nature tu thfow off the au matter coitected obout thettiroalftudbroiithlitl lqIh whfrA t'rtíüt'í i.' i ■■■ i . Sceond. Itreraovc tho ainses of Irritatíon fwhich ]■:. : ' ó COUbJ of tho mucoio membraoe ai:d ïtronciiï;ii tubf.i, atrista tho lunge tu net and ttirowoff tïi? noheaUhy Mexetlona, and purifleathe bloot!, Third. Il U free fr m Bqufllsi lobella, ipicuc nn;I opium, oí whlch rcodt thr. ..; ;.-.. :,..:; rúñenles are compotft'd. whinh allay ti.uj;h ouly, and dlsoi the atoaaCh. It bas a BOOthlog cfiett en the stomach, acts on tho lívi'raud kiu(s, ind iym pftthic fnrl in-rviJiw fti'oiis, tbafl t ttthiiiij to fvtiy pnrtof tho eyatcm, Hud iu ita Invfgoratlog and ptfr illng effeeUSt hai gaioed arepatatioa whkh it muyt hoMftbove aü others ia tl. e m-.rl. :. HOT ICE. THE PWE TREE TARCOfIDIAL, GtliTAifBRICAN DISPEPSIA FILL3. Ar í WOEM SÜÖAB BaO?3 Belng hdiIct mj ImmrtiMte diriction, thfy shull Dot loost' tl.tlr ci:r?:tiro qua!uH9 bj the nao of che:ip aud idüre articies, IIEJÍRY E. WISHART, PiïOH HIKTOE. FiEE OF CHARGE! Dr. I,. Q. O. Wlrtnrft OBc Pnrlors ro open on Mni;ii:iT--, ru.-'iliya ñi Wefinrstlnys fromBA. M. to 5 P. M., for cun-iiüntlcin hjr Dr. Vm.T. Mngc. ith him :ire assnciatecl two conüitlting phvaiciana of acknowledi'i'il hiüty. TkH opportnnity is no o!TiTeil bj any uther iQetitntion in the city. All letter muiltenddiesHd to L. Q. WÍSÍÍA.RT, M. I)v No. f232 r. eeond 8t., PHILADELPHIA. Etnte of Luick Minors. O At n ■ hfl Probate ConrtfortheConni f of WmhteQftw, holden at the Probate Offlce, in the City of Ann Arbor. on Wédceida; the ei'hteenih f':-.y oí Dl k. r.'i; r, ha U;t: f;lr onc iini;iiiíl íüi'ht -nt. Hlram J, Beafees, Jtnígídf ProbRte. Tn t{ie m-iiter of the rétate oftaMarj ttïick, Emaaatl Lalck, Amella Lníck, nnd Lydla Ltrick, ml non. On roadinv and flling thé peütton, daly ronfled, of Auyustus Uotml, (jtiHidiim, 7 ryli 9 that he mny be linreal estáte beloning to n;d day of JaRoaiy mxt, at ten o' be awigned furtJie heari I .ndtbat kis of Ba d niii &tb, ui it uil oth; ■ -. wvoi . . 1 to be hol n, L'robite Üíliqp, iu ÜIOCÍÍJ :',-r. and I .■.. r .r the . : And ii i-s furthe .. aaid petitioc a -, oi : ■ ■ ■■ ndQcy o ilion, and the hearing thca 1 . bj copy e; hed in the .- I ■;;■ : pi i:.i. ■ trad 1 1 1 ulnt ■ l . (lux-e jBiMce3T weeks previous to id day o llCttJ K;A true copj-.ï HIRAM J. BBAKES, J-ioj Jndssoi Probate. Estáte of Ocorge E. öoorling. 0 TATEOF :.i ECfl tOAN, County of ir&ahteaa.w,sfl k At .-. ■ 1 knuxt; of W.iatitt'ii 1 .■,, Ue fïobftteOi&ce.mthoCit; nï Anti Arbor, on Üondtiy, Ine sixteentï lay o December, in tJ e yeai one I hmu tndeight hncdredant ut IlirumJ. Beivkes, Judffe of IV r of the es-tateof George L. Goodinff Onread Dg and AllncthepetUiocdniy verifledo Aud1bB.I1 GnodlngKxccutrlx, proj ing that h( raay be llcenaed to gelj Uto real estaftd whof ii d dled Hiiud. Thereopon it in ordered,thAt Mondaytb twrnilatl day of Janaary nxt, nt tf-n oVIoc'k in the fore noon boaesignea for the hearing of taW petH!0a&n that the letcatees. dertsesflaad helri íit nw o suïd ticcci&ed, and nll other -persons in treted ín saldeiftate, ar? reaolrod to appear ataMaalon i suM Conrt. tiicn (o Iw; holden, ut the Probate Office ín tho City öf Ann Arbor, and Bhov caass, if Min therebe, why the prayer of the petfttonershonli nol be granted: And r i furrïier urdcred. that aïi'u petHionerglTonotlceto tho penone Intorested ii Bald estáte, ol the pendency ofaid petiííon nnt' the hearing thereof. iv canfliDgacopy of thle ordei tobepabliehedln the UHekigitn Argui n aewvpaper prlnl ed and clrcolaUng i: mv.ü Coonty, foor ai ïve weeks virovioiiá to sald rlay f' hearlns (AtraecopyO HIRÁIS J. BEaKSS, 1W3 Judüe oi Probate. Chancery Notico. TYMIK CIEC1 LI CüUliTfoptheCoomtyei WhX ten a ir : In Obancery. John 0. Mnndy, ComplMoant, vs. MelrUle L Rni&aey, Avtry H. Runuey, Lrfonucl Poster, Uenry D Ünnutt, Bedgewiok Oe.m. t'ï;, er, Tho ureh of .tlii iroor, and Scnooi District onmber uno of tho tity of A&n Arbor, I u tatiaftiotoi-ilT appearinji to thi Cmirt by the afflduvtt of II. E. Frazer, on? liitorsof the ooaplaioañt, thnt tl ■ ■ oamed defonúantSt Ildtlville L Rozóte] ■ t, UumBOy, U not tü ---- Utate oi Michigan: but tliat they both reaide in the County oí Licke, and stiito of Indiana, aad th( ■ wn da bon btcn d:tl-y tra of and onder tho mi-;i! (; thia Court dixvcU 'i to (he défesdflnts sbbtonumëd but iï.;i! the anme eoula not beaetred apon the -. .:(!■:■■ [,. Rum tey ;m;l Avory iï. Kumw ;-■. in oaase they ooald not be fotuid iu tíiití boilitrièk j th I Lawrei cc ani Prazor, Soiicitors foi tl. ia ordered thai the defi adanttf, MolTiIïe ],. Rnmsey nnd Avery Ü. Bal nee in ■il wi;ï:m three mor.ih.- f mm tho ditteof thia order; and ín eas&of thrtr njipoaranoe they and eaoh of theni canae hu or their tiotwörot anvwerato i1" ooaaplainant'H biU to be i!''-'l nnd n oopy tbereof tol iBcrved on Lawroncc & tVaüertne ■ practieea of thia Court, and in defnult tbereof , that tbe sïii'l bil] ■ taken ftfl confosaed bythersiiid defandanU, Bíeivitle T. íínaiI vtryit. Runwey. ndil Is farther orderédi ttiut tho nal 1 ctfmplAlnnnt wïthin twenty dnj . .f thia 'E'-ii-r 10 te pul lishi 1 tn the '. : . .:■! liirttthosaid pttblicfttion ontinne i ek, or thnt Üie ittid eomplainant cióse n ■■-,■ of 11 to be personaDy fe rvtd on the defendasta, Melvillel . ■- and Avtry Ü. Rumaer, at Icnhi twenty da] b hetuueabove ptaacribéd fur hit or thrir appearani v. Dec. 18, 1 r. R. BEABA If. i-ív,h(í Circuit Conri Conï., Wantenav Co. Mieh. EetetD of Daniel 8. lünli. STATE OF M ECHIOAN, County Waabtona-tt'.'as. Not-ui-u, thai by an arder of the y of Wnabtenaw, n 1 hteent-h ;:■ of Novombwi A. I'. 1 s 7 J , hix i.uewt'ie allowed forcredi nat tho entnte of Daniel .-. r. .-■ h, Kt1 of sftid coi :-, d en 1), and that uil ■ 1 nsed ato r ■ [uin d to Olfioe, ín the City of Ann Arbor, for exanvinnti nllowna fore the ninetwnth day ■ in 1 . ■■.:, : ■ Inu will be bc ■ 1 boforc . : rttfa day of Kebfuary, nuf on Monday, the nineteenth duy of May nea%, .t lOe'oIook in the forenooïi of cich Dutea, Ann Arbor NovMDbei L8Ü1. i. B. 1872, HIBAM J. BEAKE8, MOÜiH Judge of o. CotínnissíoiterB' Xtice. STAT ■ : ;.'.i'.":'i:y of Wahtenaw,i b. . been ai pointed by the ii) re . inda ti [i vrard, maed, hereby rrive notiee that dlxmontbBfTom date - by order o Probate Court, I ■ their rliiiin affainet I ■ ;i!l! thai they ül wvli', in the city Ol Ann irday. the Bftecnth layof Febraryand ■ urtfenth dfcy f May, next, a1 ten o'Woolt a. h. oí each of said daye, to reoeiTO, oxaraim;, nnd adjusi said claims, tated, December Hö, a. D. 187 ;VVVí 1,UKE C0TLÍ!, .jj Comiaisiioncif. Mayores Proelamatfon. At a meeting of the Common Councll of the city of Ann Axbor, held on the 2?3il ilay of November, 1872, the following resolu ttons were adopted : L Tbnt the Mayor be and is horeby requestBd and directcd tO culi il meeting of Uie electors ui' the city of Au.'i ïrbor at a enrly a day aa ia practicable, at which a vote ahall be taken by ballot on tl.' tion of the tatué of thoböndaox tin. city, payable in twt-iii y at: .1 per oen 1 interesi , for aaum not (o 0 .fort hu erection au i building of Water Works und the purchftN t ui uccessary roal and nrater power For the same, for the solo purptne of Bayplyiiig the eily aad ti-; inhal of. with . ■ w ei)1 upoii the foUuwing con. . ■ ulations, and 1 - otii db, Iz: Che I ommon Connoil vhall Havo autbority tO .i Board ut Water l ■ n Hppointeo by the Council, the bondi of ■ foi anani iaat aot loeeding Lghty tl ad fot the parpóse spcciüed :. ■ llatiOD ■■ coipt. Por the expenditnre of the pTooeed of nid ton.U in the erection of Water VVorka and theirsubOquent control und operation the Cnnirnon Councilfthall tvppoint ftvfl VVutei CuraraiaeioneE), who Bhal] hold : o flve years, iïa iho Council may . thereuftor, annually 00 tl IXouday in fauuaiy inench year, or asaoonthcri i ■ ■■ as snuif] e, appoint ono Commissioner to HU the ui:iii(-y ut th Conunissi u-i mof borvice ahuil expire, who shall hold hi&offtce fïïï the {■■■liu.l of ïiru eura. 'l'hu CuiniuLísíoners shull receive no pay Í. Water Commlwiouers appointcd by the CouduH shall have aote uud exclusive control of the onda, and al fundd derivad rrum water rated exceptas .-vin axpressed Vhej shaü have power to prescribe the wat. r ratea and col- it,.... and pti Tibe all needtoJ regulationsfor the prottction oi property inüieir charge. 00 r ae fira) dn u report to the i 'i;iii(il of uü rcooipte and nndof i.i:.-t-r[i of the property ia their charge. i aih-r pnyinguie . ! workt [rom the he vmu r ntt -■. ti ■ 1; Ut. The payment of the interest on the lnda. 2d. To on ol 1 tinklog fundtobe ■ Mf of the prmeip&l as it matutea. ld tt(; .-itirpl'm Water taKs, aft r pityiuff ■: pairtf, ba hunifllt :■ al '■ pny the mtereatoT principal 't the bond . ■ ■. the 'omiiiissioiiers, shall ram- -i tix to be !''vii il and oulfeeted on afi prop ri'.f titu ■ re Es in di Utuce mm the wali r pip? or streel main si'JJlcieul to puy miU ■ All thoM (Fho uro iu favor of the i.fsiie of ; ■ ■ of the bonda of ihe ei i y for the parposes abovö prescribid, shali voto " Ven." AH dppoted, " Nay.w Nuw, tberefbre, in obeilleuco' to the Instractlona contalned in the fóregolu resobloiui, I bereby direct and appulut ' c!í.-ction to bc held at the Coiirt House in the city of Ann Arbor, on Mondaj, the 28d da or Deeember, 1872, at wbfch the quesUod ol the Issoe of etghty thousaad dolara ot' the bondfl f the city Tot t!t;; obyecta aml apon the Éerma ar.! contíltíooa expresseel In the foregoiug n bo lu tl ons, shall be aabmUted to n rote of the electora In the manner rut !6rth in satd resointtoDft. l al o direct the opent ug oí the polls at & o'cloék X. m., and closiii at -1 o'clocfe y. m. Aun Arbor, Dec. 2, 1872. SILA.8 H. DOÜGLASy Mayor. lOrTQ THE WOBLD. jOnq A now iiliíícnl era is opening before the country The Dero-cyota of oor politics h: rounúed to lm eoochtsioD throngb civil wir, Bodftl Holenco, Iiidostrta] disorder, aml haa efided in glvlng freedom to fi)r mlllioofl of tho nero race, fiml tiie ballot to kg adolt males. KTn0 ulü orüer chiiBeth, yieldiug plftce to the new." The politie of thla new erft v:ll como homo to eflBiyman'fl biuinesa and bosoni as never ocforc, being vital io private pr flrlty and the maintenanoe of n Demooratto Repablic. For not on ly are ttio manlföïd encroachments o Federal npon State powera aii3: of butli upou tho hirge liberty of American fipeemeo now as ftlwaya U be repelleil with ceaeeloaa viiUnce; not ouly is h"me rulo or loc:ilself-governmer.t now as alwnys tobe mfliutfaiuid for the bestguarantee of civil lib erty and ofnatioaai greatnew, to tfrbeeldea, the vlc tories of peace which aro to glve Bplendor to the new politica) erd must be won agatnst evory advantage vrbich evoa ooemlca o! frea hutUoÜonfl couid d-bireor possesu. A gígantíc Dcbk, whlclWhe hoBOÍ of tho country is pledged tO pay encumbersall uur industrie with its oppre8lvQ borden, .N rerthelcsfl our v sterns o Uanlclpaland J?tutj Taxation are crude, anequal and defraud the poor to rele tse the rich. Nevcrtliclenoar flystemof PedcralTaxatlOD is toch an In famooa maaterpiece of Ignorance und inceparity,put tothevile uaea of monopoliata and favoritas iüu and thioveSj :xs never :ui where hae dligl%Cd mod ern civiiaation siucc Lcui XIV-, with híá mithods oftaxftlloii rathei than lta amoant. paraiyxed the industries of France, And aloi.g with the Tarifl Vrbich prohibí: the csport of our manufacture? ab idge the uutnber of our indUBirfedj cuta down taUODfl ,ir.d mines; abolís hes our ihlpplDg l'roiu ft t ):: ln;;h soa, and tl lelies 55 froni the p40plea pocki ta erery Urne it pota $1 lato the U. S. Treasury,- alnng with this euiue of oppiesaioni Btopidlty and fraudgot'sa ctirrem-y of SnctnaUafl v-.l to ai the meaauxe of "m erèry act of domes tic ezcbAoge Whatfver partiefl mny arise or fall, whattver thtir tlt fofttfl or triomphs, and whatever thcir nanu ■, Tin Vv'oKi.r now aud alwaya wilt rera:iin the anJttnchlng champlou of a al rROoSBsatVi,:a'-v, whereof Fretdom,defeii(lf(! anddt'fii.ed by Justice, ia tLe polar atar. As a VchicleofNevctm WoRtD v.ül apare noexpenae, do onergy, ío maiutí'.iu and advante irs placo c tticrtr.-t rank of metropolita n joarnals. lts l'ruah, ahuudaut, viirions and acen Ale news, comprling tho tvhole drcle ofenrrent iuceUigcaceaiid kteracore will be dbcuased aa becom' ia Ti wrtky urgan oj Opinión, with caudor, witfi até&dy deyotiou toeoond public and privóte moráis, with ppeclal kcowledge for special tlunic, and wiihvaiíous and widu reachLog appreheoaiQO of the manifold LntereU of men ritti women iu their homes, thelr market -places, tlu'ír workatiop, and their farawi XSIIi WUSKLY WOESLS) iw onrrcut edition (Wedaesday) Tur tho oonntry.-- U contabis: 1. Tm I.ATfs-r ftuon Ctcleraphed rom al) the markets of the EínUed States) of Live 8 'och, COBQtry Produce. OeBeral Prodofee of every ml of Honey.Stockaa umi Preighta In Ñew York and Uoropc. 2. The Farmers1 Page, with all 'tbedoin irmeraCInb of the American ln stl tuto, letters frocapnictical farmers, ;i"'l wlentiflc ü aadto&a on profitablq farmlng. S. A Vi for the Family Clrclo of Hvely and pure readiug. 4. AH tliu newa tu concUc !unimiry, N. Min. e-v Paici onk PassuiTK i i i UOlMi-9 V KAR COLUCOT B0 -i-; ! v'BEGiNNINQ FOIt WSJULY WuKLD. . ANÜ DAT, 1 % 2 ïi 7 [World Almanac O ia Weckty ttotíd, i i r, ío Lo Weekij World, i var. M" 5O 3emi-weekly Morid, 1 year, 100 100 LMi'y U"or;l'l, i yoar. 1XTHA PBXM1 i'i.; 1250 9 ."". '■- ■:■■( n to the zontl on (rom whom wc recelTe prsrions o tee 3Jrt of ■ ;ir''íi aext Iha moueyatoar club ratee ibr (be largeat uumber fnol leas ibaa B.v hiindrodof eifbecrlberfl for one yc;ir to :h" '■", i bkLI U'o: LD. (2 J ; 1 -'i toi íbH ncxr l.-irtst md club list of not if.-s ihan two húodred :i;l öfl C3.) ,-jiT " :ifïi for the Uve nt-xt largcsl paúl club Hati of net lew than on huadred Ánd ftfiy coi lea eacn. f i.; u eacb for the ten neart Latiese pald ctab Hst of oot lesa [íi blu one tiundred cuptl a i (5.J 2fr each for the twenty oeit hirgeirt pald club list of aot lesa ihao i'Ucy coplea each. the sEai-vr:?:KiJv oontnlna (Taeaday and Ii lday all the coutecís or the Weekly and the creara of the Daily. R Oi' i'lilCK fiSt 1'SEMiüM TO ClIiH . c .iIIWO YO SttWUQO.1 WOHLT. ■II) ANV UAV, I __ 2 L World Almanar. 10 Semt-Weekly World, 1 yr. &ít $i,u patlj World, i year, The Dah.tWoeid - Piice for one eopy for one yi-.'ir. tt, Ctncluding usdsy Bdltlon, WÍJ, bcglaI ( da; ; iiiil at íi;c t;iuie ratu per nioiith for iny parí of a year. The World Almanac fcrl-TS fready aboat .'anuary 1, 173)- One copys post-paidi S5 cento i íive copies, póat-paldi íi, -Addltlone to ( lúh may be made at anj líüi Ín i!h' yéar at tbe above Clon ratos. Clnn ■ s niade only on repaeat ol persous r ■'■■■r ;jl' Clttb packa!ea. ataling date ofsnbscrli Uon( Kltlon, poet offlee and BLitetowhtbh it aaa ptevlüuriv been sent, TKRM8 -Cash In advance Scnl post-otVtco money-órdeTi bauh dralt, or regtatered letter liills si ut by ui.iil will be at tho i ■ l We have no travellng afrenta. 8páclrnn copie?, , 4c, se.nt free of ctuu irer and wheneTerdeaircd. Addroas all urder and letters to THE WORLD, 35 Furk llow New Vork. IOTICE TO THE PUBLIC ! I WÍ11 een on M0NDAY cext, DECK3IBER löth, my eatise ütock of Dry GcodsjMillinery '■ Uotions ly Xcw Vin'; Coat. Bftd MUM gooda belbw. ' . it oppoxtunity for thoae wiahing to purodfl in my line for the Eolidays, us there is na Erambug, Call and Se e for Yourselves Wietbor I do ns I advcrliae: CHARLES FANTLB. An:i Arbor, Doeomlxr 12, 1872. 14ri4wl X"ÖIICE! : TIip nnïin-ll mpeiintr of tho atocklioldors of the ■ NATIONAL UANKof Ann Arbor, f or tho ti Director?, will bc huid at the Bnnkingr . .m TuPMiay, the Htli úay of Jnnnnry, 1873. rolls.for tleotion wi'il bc opn b. twten 10 nnd 12 O !ll '■! liv oidi r C flir luinrd. .r. v. KNÍI.UT, 11 hier. Am .ii - ,; o . i , it:. ia


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