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Heaves Or Broken Wind

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Cleikigaïïrg BroUcn wind is a disease that pito a vory great ertent b of this country, and although not of a f character, it groatly impairs t!; ness of un animal, and materially depreciaos his mai ilue. As regareis the nathology or truo n.ituro of this oomplaint, a numbor of theoriea liavo been brought forword, and unphyBoma ot' the 1 long been looked upon as the origin of the distressing symtoms, but the roal causo or nature of this disuase we believo is impaired nerroos influonce. The luugs and stomach arelargely Riipplied with nervons iniluonco by meana of a great nurvo, (pneumogastivo), wliich is liberally distributed to these purts, and vrhon the greftt center of digestión becomes affected througli injudicióua feeding, it nece8sarily impairs tho uervous force. The great oxciting cnuso theroforo of broken-wiud ia purtial or impaired digestión. - ■ In farm horses how often do we seo it follow tho continued usü of dusty clover hay, chopppd food etc., whieh abnormally lustende tho stomach and bowela, and affeets tho nervous power. We have ofton known of young horsos heathy in cvery lespeet, turned into the barnyard for the Winter uionths, and fed on interior h&j, pea slraiv, t'lc,, and in the Spring wero found to be suffering froin broken-wind, yethad ncvcrcxhibitcd any oppearances of organio diseaso of tho lungs. It occasionally, ho wever, resul ts f rom other causes, as a sequel of severe cases of etrangles, or follows a prolongod attack of inllamraation of the lungs. The troublesome oomplaint would bc of less frequent occurronce i f proper caro ■was oxeroised in the feeding of horses ; by giving nutritious food in moderate quantities, and at regular intervals, und by not subjecting horses to rapid exoroiso when tlio the stouwen is too mucli distended. Brokcn-wind is rarely soon ia cavalry, hunting bornes, cfc, and their freodom from it is duo entirely to tho regular and careful mode of feeding. Brokon-wiuil is an affection that is usually easily detected, and tho distressing symptonis are inureasod by euddeu changes of temperatura. The heaving or quick lifting of the flynks is roadily noticed after sharp oxercise, the inspiratory movement is quiokly porformed wkilc respiratory takea place slowly. Another oharacteristic symptom is a prolongad and hacking cough, oasily excited by pressurc on tho larynx, or suelden chauges of food or temporaturc ; when the disease Í3 confirmed it becomos altogothor incurablo, but tho very worst of cuses can bo benefited, and tho distressing symptoms relioved by proper attentiün to feeding, regular oxerciso, with an oocasional dosí of iaxiatvo medicine. There are oertain medicines, as various kinds sf sedativos, which tomporarily relieve the breathing, but 'all poworful drugs must be used with caution. The iodino of potassium, or bicarbonato of potash in drachm doses, morning and night, will frequontly give great relief. Hoesíís afiêoted with hoaves aro sometimos severely drngged for the purpose of deception whon oxposcd for sale ; where such is Buspected tu be tho case, tho horso ehould bo given a good drink of water, or allowod to eat a few pounds of hay, and then subjected to rapid exercise, when the truc nature of his complaint may bu easüy


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