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The Advance In Insurance

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TJpon tho subject of advancing the ratos of insr.rance, which ia exciting considorablo disoussiün at present, tho Insurance .'!■ ■ :' ■:■ says: A year agu tho comraand all along the lines was to achance the rotes! To-day that coinmand is repoated with redoubled ernphasis ; but a year ago it was met, as it is now met, with tho argument that risks ought not to bo udvanced in onu city beoause another is burned. We tafce isu:i squarely with this position, and proiiouncv 11 rmt only fallacious, but dangerous. l'ollowcd to its logical conclusión, it woiikl estoblish that not only each city, but each risk stood upon its individual merite, und that tho rolations of insaranco to each as though no other risk in the world v,-ne written. Instuad of this being true, wc ho!d that the insuranco business is, in a yery important Bonse, a unit, nnd that it must be niade to pay on tlie whole, if on the wholu it would bo mode safo to the policy holders. The whole incomo should be made to pay tho wholoexponditure. Tho buming of a city is nierely an incident of tho business. We are appalled each time a city burns, nnd we point to Boston, Chicago, l'ortland as exceptional conflagratiüiis ; but evory city on the continent and elsewhere luis witne great conflagrations, and will continue to witness theio. Thcy aro not oxcoptional ; they are incidental to tho busin; insuruncü as a whole must take them into aceount in its calculations, and tho whole basis of rates be advp.nced to meet tho wholo of tho re]uireinents of the business.


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