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Miscegenation In New York

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A New York correspondent has made a discovery that is a singular indication of somo notable mental differences between tlio sexos. lio says that in canvassing tho Kight Ward, whero nearly all tho negroes of Srew York live, ho found moro than three thoueand nogro men marriod to white woincn, and bnt ouq white man njarried to a negro woman. Among tlie fomales, many aro claiuied to bo young and handsome, whüo iaoat of tbem are representüd to be contonted end even ehccrful. Tho feorrespondént vb o has madu the discovery eayg lie inquired of the white woman how thoy came to marry negroL-s, and the answer was thi was better to be a black man's wife (han a white man's izare truc, it seums that the allianoes aro jostified inore nu the scoro of moráis than onthat of íosthetics. If thero issuoh a disT)foportionment betweeo white mea and white woiiien, it would alao indícate that the vromen are more susceptible, though tile obstados in the way oc tho ínarriage or tho solf support of women in the lowcr classes of lifo undoubtedly influence them ia tho choioe be tween a colored busband or none at all.


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