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A Movable Fence

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Tltfíra aro pancy growii . re-occup;itioii as a poultr with a li , nortb, e ■ ' ter i3 loc ■ built, wil eet. The pioketfl aro six feetby tvo ar.. half inches. Thin stuff for picketa will last longor in proportion to tho vort than inch stulF vrill. The rails aio tinne incbes square. At eaeh end of every ruil thera uro (7-ahaped pieces of thick hogshead hoop-iron, fustcned by acrews go as to form stnplos through whicb posta seven and one-balf iuchos In diameter aro jj:imsed and fized in tho grounrt. Tlio rnilg aro fusti'Ut'd at different distances npnrt, in adjoining k-njjths or "sections" of the fonco, so that the stiiplea'shall not interferc, -uhilo fit tho name time the points of tho pickets shiill be in line. Buoh a lenco would soou bosrin to lean, and bo blown over if not stayod by a braoe at tnch post. Thig bntce, placed outside of tbo yarda of courso so that tho birds vaay not n-í! ií n:i a lodder, is by sawing a rail stick in tvvo, and furnishing each end vit!i a stnplo fítítened upon it at an obtuso angic, and niado at tho top of the right length to inclope the post, and at tho bottom long ejiouh toadtnit of a snitablo stiike bt'ing driven through it into the earth with the topinoliniug awny from the fenee. Of conrse theendsof the braen must be bevoledtofit tho ground and thopost. To set sufch a fencu to adrantnge, two men are needed, ono at eaoh end of tho section. It ia ono of the advantagvs whieh this fenco possesseg, thiit ben (aken npart it paekw iiat, und muy thereforo be cariied on a wagon or slod, or Btored under oorei when. not iu U2c. -


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