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■. . _■■'■,;■ '- ■■■'' Ór Tóatela , Conccntrated, Root and ' AsstiBlItonsGran 'im ■ CIArtT" CATHABTIC, or Mui. Su r.'iiTo Pliylc. C Tho noreltj of modern Xcdlial, Chrnnlc PluinnrtCoütii.-Ql Ecioncf. Ho sti ot' sny l tki!:-C ïdtj la . ei udo, (uut 1 ■ nt. trheawecau bycrofol pplicstiou of c!.' tct all tlio eunïarlic uit othér I Stast proportie from tbo j fsjuid hcr'uj, aad coticentrata Ihoiu Into njinfcta ;rr.:iuls, BE;rc:iy larner Üian a mnniard ffuod, ih.Ht can bo rcAüy swuliowd ïy tlioe oi t!io mostaenaitiro atomocna tud fujtidií.us íatc3. lio l'urca(0 Fellct rcprtíer.í?, in aoat concentrotoil fonu, ai rmich cathar:tc power os is nbodiad In tr.y of i'.ij tareo pilla foacJ for F.ila D tho dra ; thuH. rim tllvir wor.iirfclov ttiartic jï!", in pronorUon to tinir f :.tï, pia who havu nut tricil tdoru aio t to f nrpoje tii thcy aro hir.-U or dn-tio i:i elite:, bnt mei H not fit all tho cmo, tiio different active medicina! prtaciplc!) of wWx'.x tlicy firo composed being o hirmonixcd aaJ üWulud, one bï the othtrs, a.) Lo pnxlucQ i rnit üorwrlilníí aud tïior 115S1, jpet goutly aml KludSy oprailB(J caunarllc iüi',0 BvarI I.i);cicly offcred by t'ua proprictor of theso Pollctft. to ai y cheiai-t wboT upon auAivsi, y.":ll fiiut in them auy Caiomel er othcr lbruis cf lucreury or auy otüer uiú'eral poisoa. iBoinffentlrcIy vc!;ctttblc,noj)artLViü;ir cate is Kqnlred v-hitü Duing tl.em. Tbey opt-1rate without óÍ8turb:i:CG V-j tïio conütltatioa, dict, er oocupttloa. I'orJfBimdlco, Ileadarhp, Coustii""" Iiupuro Klood, Palu Iit tho fiïau!ilors, 'ï'ir;Ei(ii? of the Oicït, JUízzlueBs, Suiír UrnctaliOB ol tito Stotnacti, liad taaie in inontti, Bilio;ia nttachn, Val-a. In rcffioit ol Klfiiioff, ïtitrrnal Ferer, liloated fcc'ints alecit Mnmarta, Küsïj of ISluod to I leca, ÏSisli Coloroa 5,'ria:1, l'iiNoeiubiiiiy and Cloom; ï'orelo;ïnsi, take Br. Piorcu' rioa'..-iut l'uriatlvc Pellot. In explana' iou of tha remodiarpower of my Purfitivo Fellcta over co pv;at a yaricty of diseifes, wlshto&sy that Ibrlr action npon tbe ti.-iUial econoniy I snlvrrial, nol a Tlauit or tissue escupí ug thelr sanativo lni!rcs. A;e does not impair them; thcir coitinst 8Dd being onclosed in glasa bottles p:üíervetb.elTTirtaea uniínpaired fbr any icngth of time, in Lr,y cliosstr, 30 ttlatthey are alfrftTs freph and rliabla, vhich is uot the cao with tho pilla fonud in the druü stores, put cp in clieap wood or p.-iste-bo;ir(i boxes. KccoUcct that forfill dide'icj wherti a Lnxntlvt'j Altera tivO or BuJjativo 13 inüicated, thotB littlo Pellets will clvc thu uiobt perfect tatiefactioji to 11 wbo uso tueia. TUey are eold by all cntorprlsíng Drugtjtstt at iá coutM a bottlo. Do not allow flny drngtiwt to indaco yon to tako anythinc; lie tlmt lie muy say is just as good aa uiy Pcllcln because he makes a lardee proflt on that which lic roconunends If youf oriiííí-'ist cannot tupply thum, cnclcso 25 ceutfl and recelve thom by return mail from -, Jï. Y. riEUCJE, M. D,, rrop'r, BÜFi'ALO, N. Y. J Q. A. SE8SIOWS INSURANCE AGSKCY. T5IE Of,!í REUABLG pHCKNIX INSURANCE CO., HARTFOKD, CONN. Boston loseea flo not excerd 9300 000, which will be promytly pa'd, as at Chicago. Not cash:; 1 ONE A SI) A II A LF TIL ZI0N8. CV ciNNMTl, Nov. 11, 11:15 P. 51., 18T. Tho Phocnix of Hartford will pay lts Bostcm Iokb;4s promptly, as it di-1 at ChicagOi and continuo to ïorve the public faithfuliy and wt-il. II. M. MAQ1LI,, Gcu'l Agent. T IVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE Ju INSCBAXCE C03ÍPASY. CniCAGO, Nov. 13th, 1S72. J. Q. A. 8ESSIONS, Esq., Agent. The Iophos of this Company by the Oreat Firn iii Bo tont ccvered by pollciea amoaotíng to $1,1 mU be pald [mmealately And io !';ill by draft on the now in the United Statci ; will remaiü untouciied. Yours vcry tvnly, WM . WARIiEX, Gen. Agent. Policies issned at my office at No. 11, Eastlluron Street, Aun Albor. J. Q. A. SESSIOXS, Agent. 14C0tf. FI11E ! FIRE ! ARE YOU INSÜÏIED? Don't wait for a Fire, bilt segure protrction by ■ne of tho followju i' Ciid.-i Corapuuiea : Home Ins. Co., New York, A38ET3, - - - $.",000,000. Continental Ins. Co. New York, i ASSSETS, - - - $2,000,000. Girard Ins. Co. Plriladelphia, ASSETS, - - - $650,000. Oriënt Ins. Co. Hartford, ASSETS, - - - $690,000, Thcae Companks adjust aud pay loeses Ipromptly , C. II. .HILLKN, So, 4, S. TTIain Kt., lilCU. LOVEJOY, TOBACCONIST ! Deals iu botk FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO. Snuif, 3?ipes, &c, AT JÍO. 7 EAST IIUSOX STREET, Ncxt to tlie Exjiress Oiïïcc, ANN ARBOR, IttlClT. i::!',tf TTIIÍTMOBE LAKE. Havlng recently refitted and fnrnlibed the CLIFTON HOUSE! I nra now prpared to receiva nnd estertali blug aml danclDg parties, at no of tho moei attractivc, plousaut uud healthy waterin g placea ii Ulü WöBt. ' Oats nre now, lare ni)d cnmmodious, atic Augfcra will find'n full anti complctucquipmen1 lal aUentlon giren to the wants aad rum fort of those who wi-hto ipesda few weekt h teercation darlns thv vaiin sumtocr monthB. nrlllbe Bpared to make WHITMORl AKK, in tUo future Minthopat ftfavoril iiiür rcöorL. D. F. BMITH. AGENT WAKTEÜ FOR BOOKS IMEEDED BY ALL FARMERS. The best booka pobllahedOD the Sfforsc nnd tlu Oou'a I,íIh:íl1 t T!ií ■ 'lij )y Afiit sol Mn febese bookn. fitnd for cÍtcu lars, PORTERA COATES, rüELiBHMi.PhlladeïphU, Pa Eb L :;.: i :::::,: z:n:? IN MARE AT THB Fiiiest, Largest aml ?Iost Complete Stock of Fine GooíIs for tadíeSj M-isses and CM I tl ren, at FIN LEY and LEWIS' IJurt's Fine Calf Boots af Finley & Lewis, and at NO 0T1UBR Placo in Town. The Best Kip and Stoga Boots in Town at FIXLKY & LEWIS'. The Best Boys' Boot dt FiSLEY & LEWIS'. rtc St,ck which Is honghtfor CAfBcPfl fee eokl at butler prbes thnn those bomjht ON TIMI2. Finley & Lewis BOT POE CASH ! and cansell tholrgooda ut FAIHPRICES. ISXStt. p B. GÍÜLEY, Snccessor to COLGltOVE A 303. : ' ! DBÜG6IST AND IH IN COOK'S NEW HOTEL, No. 12 E. HURÓN STEEET, DEALER 1 DR! -fiS, nRDfCrXES, PIBE WWE8 .13 LIQrOílS, tFOR MEDICAL PURPO9ES OïfLY.) Fancy Goods, Perinmery, TAINXS, OÏIS, VAÍS.-VE3IIL'S, GI.AS ANJD PCT'JTY, PBÏSICL4SS1 PPCBIPTIOSS Cnrofally componndetl al all honrs. I PB0P0?E NOT TO BB UHDEHSOLD BY AKY FIRM IN THS CITY WHOFURKISH AS GGOD AN AKTICLE. E. B. GIOLEÏ. ïsertf &p. WACNEk IS NOW IUSADY FOR TI1E FAI1 TRADB Ilaving Kecelvcd Lnrge Stock of FALL & WIITER G-OODS, 1KCLUDIN6 OLOTHB, 0A8SIMEÏIE8, VESTÏNG8, &C. of the BEST STYLE8 and GÜALITIES, WHIOH UE W1LI. MikN U F ACTURB on terms to suit: Also a full liuc of READY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FUBHISHmö Goods. ALSO LADIES' AND GKTS' MOROCCO SATCHELS No.21 Sunth Main Htrcet,- EastSidc: OALL AND SEE THEM. WHJ.UH D'ACKIS. Ann Irbor, Oco6er)it,18I8. THFLIGHTRUNHIHG"ft_A 'QMESTIC"rj '7 ri. M. Aíífuls : tV ff ■ _ . it lon't, pay you ■ jv ' i, já i ' ; ' l. t Jg BwMBHL HjHHH ii4'. 1 ' i E j v i- fBJL m Ha- the ' ! ■ . i . ! . -" Addict W- 'Domestic" S, M. Co , 96 Chambeia St. N. Y., or 214 Jefferson Ave. Detiolt, in8 Tl GÜÖDÏ1AR FAR1 FOR SALE. . RTGOXJDTEAB,of slmvon, li: rtytoua for tho benefit of hia creditois opdrtyfor sale in parcela to suk pure];;. none 1 (_■ 1 1 ' ■ : ■ Tt , ■ and acres of inaproTedlaiid biiyingcana of the purchaM inonoy. All having daima :,l Gtoadjeai mu' cequested ti pMaent tliem to the aulgn lm., d, Beptenum S6t&. 172. II. 8. BMITH. ■ . c.M.KIN'. 1393 [oMAHOK. HURRY UP ! "DAK-XIES wtohlDg Wall Papr, OJbth ■ and Paper ShadoSi Hoitauds, Window Fixtui'cs, C)i(s, TmbsIa, Ac, ft!l New i, nt BatiBfactoo PrlCM.DyJT. R. WolNtt-r & Co., lïouk tton-, near the Bzproftfl ülRcc. X


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