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Execution Of A Sailor

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tensive scale asystem lbr running oflfneg roes f (tMr. Do Bonneville and lady have been trying to enlighfen the chivnlry of Richmond, Va., respecting the wondcrs of Animal Mognetism. Some of the unbelievers present at one of lus lectures pronounced it a humbug, and broke up the meeting in a riot. The frrends of the acience havesince held a public meeting, and have determined to stand by the Professor. The riotoua proceedings are attributed to the instigation of certain Professors of the Richmond Medical College. 05a We hnve received ihe official canvass of Ingham Co., but too late for thla week.- Felcii received 4o4 volei, Vickery 325. Bi rney 86. Tbc vote fur Birnoy Jast year tvns Vj. (t? Several Communications ore crowded out ihis wcefc.ELECTIOÑ RETURNS, r The following table shows the reporto i majoriiies. Felch's majority is estimatei - at about 3,000. i Felch. Vickery Wayne, 250 Sí. Clair, 45 " Da k land, 450 ' M on roe, 625 Macomb, 200 Lena wee, 85 , Jackson, 90 Hillsdale, 250 1 Ingham, 60 Genesee, 100 i St. Joseph, 110 r Van 3uren, 100 Caihoun, 150 B ranch, 400 Washlenaw, 275 ' Kalamazoty, 230 . 3015 503 ; Six Wlwg Representativos are electec r from Waehtenaw, 2 from Lenawee, ] ( from Jackson, 2 from Kalamazoo, 1 froir Livingston, 2 from Macomb, 1 from Gen . esee, 1 from Lapeer: - in all 16. There , may be one or two more, being just a'boul one-third of the House. Not a single . Whig Senator was elected. The sia Whig Representatives from Washtenaw . were elected by the help of several hun iired Democratie votes. This is here conceded by most persons. The highest Liberly vote of Wayne County was 205. The Liberty vote of Litchfield, Hillsdale Counfy was, 42, Whig 60, Democratic 74. Ín Southfíeld, Oakland County, 195 votes were polled - 80 Democratie, 78 Whig, and 37 Liberty. Last fall 20. In Flinf, the Liberty vote for Governor was 55 - for Represeatative 47. ín Fenton, Genesee County, the Liberty vote for Governor was 20: for Representntives 22: for Senators 27. The vofe for Birney last fall was 16. The Whig Senators had, one 23, the other 26. How silly for Whigs thus to "throw away" their votes! ín Tyrone, Livingston County, the Liberty volé was 7, Whig 11. No Liberty votes were ever cast here before. KENTÜCKY. Á correspondent of the Philanthrnpist says fhat the subscripto!) of the True American hns increased in consequence of the Lexington proceedings. Headds: "Hi.s appeal is genernl'y well received and spoken of 0.9 an indopendent, a ble prodRction. I have no dea that his list of subscribers here would have been in tweh-e monlíis, whnt it now is, iCv had not been for the réhioval ojf h'ís press. "1 have more still to tell you. J ■ , an oíd citizen herp, on the 20th inst., emancipatfcd hís twelve slaves. I understand he hod made provisión by will ' lor their emnncipafion Jong since, bnt lenrning that bis chüdren or lieirs wmrld, after hisdecewse, aflempt fo prove hirnto have been incompetent t mnke a m 11, he said that he could not dio with a cUnr conscience without doin? his duty.


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